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Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 23 - Zenith Novels

Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 23

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editors: Fire, Wise

Chapter 23: He Came From The Darkness

The red BMW stopped safely. Yan Huang frowned at the storm. Zeng Caixuan said, “Wait. I remember that there is an umbrella in the car in case it rains.”

After Yan Huang stayed behind and helped them fight against Master Hong, Zeng Caixuan had a better impression of him.

Although she didn’t know how he had managed to walk out unscathed in the end, Zeng Caixuan felt that he would tell her later. She was confident in her looks. Yan Huang had sized her up just now.

“Yes! I found it.”  Zeng Caixuan stretched towards the backseat and shouted happily.

“Good,” Yan Huang said naturally. He took over the folded umbrella from Zeng Caixuan’s hand and opened the car door. Then, he opened the umbrella and walked into his house without any hesitation.

Zeng Caixuan’s hand froze in mid-air. She was stunned.

Wait, Yan Huang. If you leave with the umbrella, what am I suppose to do? I am still in the car. And I am a girl! 

Zeng Caixuan thought for a moment. Yan Huang was a righteous person. He must have felt that the umbrella was too small to protect the two of them against the rain, so he went to take a bigger umbrella.

Hence, Zeng Caixuan waited with anticipation for half an hour. Yan Huang didn’t appear.

Zeng Caixuan started thinking about other possibilities.

Why isn’t Yan Huang coming out?

Is he injured? There were so many people just now and he was alone. It must have been strenuous for him to fight all of them.

Will a quiet person like him be so great?

Zeng Caixuan waited for a while more. Her thoughts ran wild. Finally, she couldn’t stand it anymore and rushed into the house amidst the rain.


Yan Huang came out of the bathroom with wet hair and walked into the warm, bright, and dry living room. He had changed into clean pajamas. He sat down on the sofa and comfortably drank a cup of hot water.

Zeng Caixuan sat on the other side of the sofa. Her hair was wet too… so were her clothes.

“Ah!”  Zeng Caixuan finally understood what happened and started screaming.

“You… you… you snatched my umbrella! Are you a man? Even if you don’t want to squeeze under an umbrella with me, why didn’t you bring another umbrella for me?”

“Do you know that I waited for you for half an hour? Half an hour!” 

Zeng Caixuan glared at Yan Huang furiously. She could feel her anger burning in her heart.

She felt worried for him just now, but he was actually comfortably enjoying a cup of warm water here.

Yan Huang paused for a moment when he heard Zeng Caixuan questioning him. He looked at Zeng Caixuan with his deep, black eyes and said, “I apologize.”

“You… you… ah!” The moment Yan Huang apologized, Zeng Caixuan felt that she was narrow-minded. He risked his life to save her. She shouldn’t argue with him over such a small matter.

Yan Huang continued, “I forgot that you were in the car.”

“What?” Zeng Caixuan exploded in anger.

You snatched my umbrella. You reached your house dry and even went to take a bath. Now, you are drinking a cup of warm water and telling me that you forgot about me? To think that I was worried about you.

Zeng Caixuan couldn’t control the fire in her anymore. She angrily charged towards Yan Huang like a monster.

“Bang!” Yan Huang instantly moved his body to the side. He seemed to have teleported. Zeng Caixuan didn’t catch him and bumped into the sofa.

Yan Huang stood up nonchalantly. He ignored the haggard lady on the floor and walked into his room with his cup of water. Before he closed the door, he turned around and said coldly, “You look ugly when you fall.”

“Oh right, There are only three rooms in my house. They are all drunk, so your parents and my parents occupy a room each. The last room belongs to the person who is more powerful so I will take it. Thus, you will be sleeping in the living room.”

“Bang!” The minute he finished his sentence, he closed the door.

“Yan Huang… you… you will never successfully woo me like this!” 

“Ah!” Zeng Caixuan almost vomited a mouthful of blood when she heard the last sentence.


It was 4 am in the morning. The sky was dark and the moon hung high brightly. Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled. The rain fell heavily.

The rain fell against the window and the wind whistled angrily, making loud noises. It felt as though the window was going to break at any moment.

Yan Huang used his vital spirit to dry his hair. After that, he took out a black shirt and changed into it. He looked around and found a black cap in the corner of the room.

He locked his room and jumped out of the window. He disappeared into the storm.

The entire Jiangning city was engulfed in darkness.

A hole seemed to have formed in the sky. The rain kept pouring and it showed no signs of stopping. Instead, it got heavier.

A black shadow moved across the streets. If anyone went near the shadow, they would have realized in surprise that the rain changed its path when it was one centimeter away from the figure.

This shadow was Yan Huang. He was using the ‘Water Repelling Technique”. No rain fell onto him.

Yan Huang located the vital spirit which he placed on Master Hong. He used the ‘Agility Technique’. His body turned light and he proceeded ahead quickly.

There was a luxurious housing estate in the west of Jiangning city. It was called Jade Dragon Villa.

The Jade Dragon Villa was a top-tier villa district. It was ranked high even in the main Jiangnan city.

The villas inside were all extravagant and luxurious. The price of the villas here had increased from $50,000 per square meter to $100,000 per square meter. This was an expensive place.

However, you might not be able to buy the villas here even if you had the money. You needed a good social network and certain connections.

The security in Jade Dragon Villa was tight. Every important road had a security post and a roadblock. Without a card, no one would be able to enter. There were also securities patrolling the area. It was a safe and comfortable place to live in.

At a three storey villa in the Jade Dragon Villa.

A while after he was caught by the police, Master Hong was released. He was now back in his house.

In a luxuriously decorated room on the third floor.

“Clang! Bang!” The sound of objects breaking sounded in the room continuously. A few men were kneeling down on the ground in fear. They looked at Master Hong who was smashing the ornaments and didn’t dare to make a sound.

“Is this how you all handle issues? Is this what you all can do?” Master Hong was so angry he kept breaking ornaments. “You all don’t even know that the old bastard came to Jiangning city!”

“Please calm down, boss.”

“Old Master Mo came secretly this time. He came to find old Jiang, but no one expected him to come to the Imperial Flourish Hotel suddenly.”

“Useless. Useless!” 

When everything that could be broken was shattered on the ground, Master Hong laid tiredly on the sofa. The hideous scar on his forehead kept moving. He waved his hands irritatedly. The men on the ground immediately left with relief.

Master Hong looked at the storm that was ongoing. He panted heavily.

He managed to find out why Old Master Mo appeared at the Imperial Flourish Hotel. It was because of the call he had with Yan Huang.

Who would have expected this? A normal young man was able to call the Minister of Defense to his help. If he didn’t experience it for himself, he would have not believed it either.

Who is this young man? What background does he have?

Master Hong had sent all his men to investigate Yan Huang but they only found his student identity for now.

Master Hong felt depressed when he thought about what happened today.

He failed at such a simple task!

He offended the Minister of Defense for a normal-looking young man! If the Minister of Defense wanted to teach him a lesson, he would be dead.

He was able to come back because he was the head of the underground world in Jiangning city. His superior also told him to leave Jiangning city and lay low for the time being.

It would be easy for him to leave but difficult for him to come back. The moment he left, people would start taking over his power. Master Hong was not willing to give up his position just like this. He worked hard for so many years before reaching this status. He didn’t want to lose it.

Master Hong clenched his fist firmly. His sharp nails dug into his flesh and blood flowed down his hand. The hideous scar on his head seemed like a living centipede. It kept squirming around.

Master Hong’s eyes were red and his expression was vicious. If Old Master Mo wanted to teach him a lesson, if he was really given up by his superior, he would definitely drag the young man and his family down with him! 


Master Hong noticed something from the corner of his eyes. He looked at the full-length window beside him. There seemed to be something within the darkness.

Lightning lit up the sky. He saw a black figure appearing in front of him. The black figure took a step forward stepping on his balcony, which was made with expensive white marble.

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