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Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 24 - Zenith Novels

Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 24

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editors: Fire, Wise

Chapter 24: Master Hong, Do You Know Your Crime

Master Hong narrowed his eyes.

The man in black that appeared before him was Yan Huang!

Master Hong frowned. The security in Jade Dragon Villa was extremely tight. Besides the main gate, the other areas were surrounded by an electric wall a few meters high. 

Does this young man know how to fly? How did he come in?

How is he able to walk on the air?

“Clang!” As Master Hong was feeling puzzled, he saw Yan Huang touching the beautiful and elegant full-length window. The window suddenly shattered into pieces. It was as though a huge force was pushing against the window from the outside. The two panes of window turned into broken shards of glass and wood.

Splinters of broken glass and wood flew towards Master Hong. One piece of glass headed directly toward his face.

The piece of glass slashed his left cheek. Blood slowly sipped out of his wound.

However, Master Hong didn’t feel the pain. He was stupified. 

“You… you…” Master Hong suddenly remembered something frightening.

“You… are a…. cultiva…” He fell down from his chair. Cold sweat filled his forehead and his back. Within a few seconds, the white shirt he was wearing was drenched with perspiration. He looked as though he came out of a river.

To him, cultivators were people from a different world.

They were like black technologies in movies and television. Black holes, spaceships, etc. Such things always appear on television and news, but not many people had actually seen them personally.

Cultivators were just like these black technologies.

Although he saw many pieces of news about them, normal people like him were not able to interact with them. No matter how powerful Master Hong was in Jiangning city, his power was only relevant in Jiangning city. Even with his identity, status, and reputation, he could never personally see a cultivator.

Master Hong looked at Yan Huang’s cold eyes. He felt as though he was struck by lightning. He made a huge mistake!

If he offended the honorable Minister of Defense, he could still escape. He just needed to start from the beginning once more.

However, provoking this young man meant that he was dead.

Master Hong managed to understand why Mo Chongshan respected Yan Huang. It was not because of his background. It was because of his cultivation.  He was a cultivator!

He made a mistake right from the start. He made a serious mistake.

Master Hong’s face turned pale. He quickly crawled towards the wall behind him. The fear of death caused him to lose his leader demeanor. He looked like a nobody now.

No matter how high his position was, no matter how wealthy he was, Yan Huang can just kill him like slaughtering a dog.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” 

Master Hong furiously banged the door behind him. However, his men couldn’t hear him.

“Thud, thud…”

Yan Huang walked over from the balcony. Although it was a heavy storm outside, Yan Huang was dry. There was not even a drop of water on him.

“Master Immortal, please forgive me. I’m in the wrong… I won’t dare to do it again…” Master Hong pleaded.

Yan Huang remained emotionless. He coldly looked at Master Hong and said, “I have the responsibility of pushing forward the development of the human race. I need to ensure that the human race flourishes and prospers.”

“Anyone who helps with the development of the human race will be commended and rewarded.”

“Those that threaten and destroy the advancement of the human race will be prosecuted and killed.”

“Now, as the father of the human race, I will prosecute you. Hong Xin, do you know your crime?”

Yan Huang widened his eyes as he spoke. A domineering aura exuded from his small frame. The entire room was filled with a malicious presence. 

“Yes!” Master Hong felt chills on his body. He furiously kowtowed to Yan Huang. His head hit the floor loudly.

“Very well.” Yan Huang’s expression softened when he saw Hong Xin pleading guilty. “If you are willing to use your tainted life to do something good for the human race, I will spare your useless life.”

“Yes. I’m willing!” Master Hong didn’t know what Yan Huang was saying but he just nodded.

“Good. Now kneel down and sing ‘Zheng Fu’.”

“Huh?” Master Hong was frightened by Yan Huang’s overbearing aura and was lying on the ground with tears in his eyes. He was waiting for death. When he heard what Yan Huang said, he was stunned. He looked at the young man with a confused look.

What is this?

“Are you going to sing or not?” Yan Huang frowned. He released his domineering aura again.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Master Hong immediately replied after he saw Yan Huang’s cold gaze. He recalled the song for a while before finally remembering the main chorus.


He started singing. After he sang the first line of the chorus, he couldn’t remember what the next lyrics were.

However, he didn’t dare to stop. Under Yan Huang’s piercing gaze, he repeated the same lyrics and used it to sing the entire song.

At the start, Master Hong felt worried. After a while, he noticed that Yan Huang didn’t mind him using the same lyrics over and over again, so he started singing more confidently. He even added some of his own creativity in the song.

This powerful person has a weird habit. He likes to listen to people telling him that they were conquered by him. Master Hong thought to himself.

Master Hong felt more relaxed after he noticed that Yan Huang didn’t have the intention to kill him.

He scanned the room as he was singing. He remembered that he hid a revolving pistol in the drawer. However, he threw everything on the ground just now so the floor was in a mess. He couldn’t find where the revolving pistol was.

Master Hong’s eyes lit up. He remembered something. He felt hopeful. If he could find the revolving pistol, he might be able to live.

The world was split into two groups based on their opinion of cultivation.

One group supported cultivation while the other supported technology.

In the Immortal dragon nation, based on the cultivation relics that were dug out, the experiments and researches that were done on the current cultivators, the technology supporters had invented a weapon against the cultivators.

Master Hong remembered a few years ago when the God of Ninja issue occurred, the media had discussed about what should civilians do when they met cultivators.

Master Hong didn’t remember the details but he remembered the main points.

Cultivators had all kinds of mysterious magic skills and magic instruments. But, when they were at the Qi cultivation level, their skills and magic instruments were not very powerful. A small-caliber revolving pistol was enough to break through their defense.

Also, a cultivator who reached Qi cultivation was not able to use their magic skills instantly. If they were attacked suddenly, the probability of success was almost 100%.

Master Hong was not sure about what the Qi cultivation level was, but he remembered that 99% of the cultivators in the Immortal dragon nation were at this level.

The person in front of him was just a young man. Even if he was extremely talented and started cultivating when he was in his mother’s womb, he would be part of the 99%, right?

Whatever the case was, there was only one conclusion; No matter how powerful a cultivator was, a bullet could handle everything. 

Master Hong got more confident as he thought about this. He started singing the song loudly. He started to become less fearful of Yan Huang. I just need to find my revolving pistol. I can turn the situation around when I find it.

At this moment, Master Hong narrowed his eyes. He saw a familiar silver gun barrel behind Yan Huang. It was hidden under a Mahogany table.

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