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Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 25 - Zenith Novels

Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 25

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editors: Fire, Wise

Chapter 25: I’m Not Human. I’m A God

Master Hong started weeping as he sang ‘Zheng Fu’. He laid on the floor and slowly crawled towards Yan Huang. He looked as though he really wanted to turn over a new leaf.

Master Hong glanced at Yan Huang after every sentence he sang. He slowly crawled forward.

Yan Huang frowned. He directed his vital spirit to his eyes.

Just as expected, Hong Xin was being perfunctory. No faith energy congregated above his head at all.

Yan Huang sighed. Since Hong Xin was his descendant, he didn’t want to do it the hard way. He preferred to get the faith energy gently.

After all, he was Emperor Yan Huang. He had the arrogance and dignity of a king. If other people knew that he bullied a nobody, he would be looked down upon.

At this moment, Master Hong crawled forward a little more and hugged Yan Huang’s feet. He cried pitifully, “Master Immortal, I’m at fault.”

Master Hong suddenly pounced forward and went under the table. Yan Huang noticed that he grabbed something. Then, Master Hong stood up confidently.

“Haha!” Master Hong wiped the tears and mucus off his face with his hand. He gave an arrogant, determined, and excited smile.

“Haha!” Master Hong raised the gun and aimed it at Yan Huang. “Do you know why the upright protagonist always die? Because they speak too much.”

Master Hong laughed hysterically. The centipede on his face started moving happily again.

Yan Huang turned around and indifferently looked at Hong Xin. He stared at the revolving pistol in his hand.

“Is this why you aren’t willing to bow down to me?” Yan Huang asked.

“Why are you still acting?!” Master Hong looked at Yan Huang’s calmed face and felt angry for some reason. He felt a fire burning in his heart.

“Let me tell you. Once I pull the trigger, qi… something cultivators like you will explode!”

“No matter what defense skills you have, I have five bullets to fight with you. One bullet might not break your defense but five can definitely take your life.”

“It’s Qi cultivation.” Yan Huang corrected Master Hong’s mistake.

“Yes. Qi cultivation cultivators like you. You can be arrogant but I can still kill you with my gun.”

“You can try.” Yan Huang gave a cold smile as he looked at the agitated Hong Xin.

“Ah!” Why is this stupid kid still pretending to be calm?

“Who do you think you are? Go and die! Bastard, why are you still acting calm?” Master Hong looked at Yan Huang with bloodshot eyes. He instantly pulled the trigger with both of his hands.

“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!” Five gunshots rang through the air consecutively.

Master Hong fired all the five shots immediately. He was probably furious at Yan Huang and wanted to take revenge for the humiliation Yan Huang had given him just now. He might also still be fearful of Yan Huang, so he didn’t hold back when shooting. The huge recoil force caused him to move back and hit the wall behind him.

“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!” As the five gunshots echoed through the third floor, the men standing outside the door, as well as those patrolling the villa, didn’t move. They didn’t seem to have heard anything.

When Yan Huang entered the room, he had formed a soundproof and anti-vibration barrier around the room.


“Bang!” The storm outside grew bigger. Thunder roared and lightning flashed mercilessly across the sky.

The lightning lit up the sky. Master Hong sat on the floor in a daze. He couldn’t be bothered about his wrist which got dislocated from the huge recoil force. All he could do was stare in astonishment at the scene in front of him.

Yan Huang held his left hand in front of him and a bright red liquid that looked like red lava flowed of out his body. The red liquid quickly formed a barrier in front of him.

This was the liquid form of vital spirit which Yan Huang mastered after he advanced to foundation building. It was part of his Yan Huang scripture. It was a fire-element skill. Yan Huang named the red liquid as lava vital spirit.

The five bullets slammed into the lava shield. There was a loud collision. However, no matter how hard the bullets spun and tried to penetrate the shield, the shield remained as firm as a rock.

Within a few seconds, the bullets stopped spinning due to the resistance. Under the high heat of the lava shield, flames appeared on the bullets.

The five bullets started burning. Under the white flames, they turned into a thick metal liquid and slowly dripped down from the lava shield.

“Si!” Steams appeared as the hot liquid touched the surface of the expensive and beautiful marble floor. A huge hole was formed on the floor.

Yan Huang continued wearing his poker face. His gaze turned colder as he looked at Hong Xin.

“You… you… who are you?” Master Hong shrunk into a corner as he looked at what was happening. He was filled with terror.

He was frightened. He was really frightened!

He was already dumbfounded when he realized that Yan Huang was a cultivator.

Now, he was not just any cultivator. He was a cultivator who couldn’t be hurt by bullets.

Was this young man a human or a ghost? What on earth is he?!

Master Hong couldn’t control his tears and mucus as they flowed down his face. He looked extremely ugly now. Master Hong shivered in fear. His mentality was breaking down.

Master Hong stammered, “You… who are you… you…”

Yan Huang raised his hand. The red lava congregated into a beautiful and dangerous-looking lotus.

“Who are you… you… What kind of human are you?” Master Hong questioned the young man in front of him. Was he a devil that climbed out of hell?!

Yan Huang looked at Hong Xin nonchalantly, “I’m not human. I’m a God.”

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