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Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 26 - Zenith Novels

Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 26

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editors: Fire, Wise

Chapter 26: Good Deeds Should Be Practiced. Bad Deeds Should Be Forsaken.


Master Hong was shivering and weeping but when he heard what Yan Huang said, he widened his eyes. His eyeballs looked as though they were going to fall out of his eye sockets.

His body jumped uncontrollably before falling back weakly. There was no energy left in his body.

All of his confidence was destroyed.

Yan Huang raised the beautiful lotus flower up. He stared at Hong Xin who was helplessly lying on the floor. He said calmly, “Let me ask you one last time. Do you want to be killed or do you want to submit to me?”

The moment he finished speaking, Hong Xin cried furiously, “Master Yan, I am willing, willing to be your subordinate. I will be your most loyal servant from now on!”

As he said that, Yan Huang noticed a huge amount of faith energy appearing on Hong Xin’s body. More faith energy came out and flowed into Yan Huang’s body.

Yan Huang was surprised. The amount of faith energy he got from Hong Xin was more than the amount he had taken from the 20 people in the alley.

Faith energy was a type of psychological strength. The more experienced a person was, the greater his psychological strength was. It didn’t matter if the mental strength was due to good or bad deeds, the faith energy would increase the same.

Also, the more the amount of respect a person had for Yan Huang, the stronger the faith energy.

Hong Xin became Yan Huang’s most loyal believer without calling him father!

Seemed like Yan Huang’s power scared Hong Xin greatly.

“Fine. Since you became my believer, I will spare you,” Yan Huang looked at Hong Xin and said.

“Thank you, Master Yan. Thank you.” Hong Xin shivered. He kowtowed to Yan Huang. His head hit the floor with a loud thud.

“You may rise.” Yan Huang placed hands behind his back. He glanced at the black sky outside the window. “I have one last thing to tell you.”

“Master Yan, please say it.” Hong Xin lowered his head.

“Good deeds should be practiced. Bad deeds should be forsaken. If I find out that you do anything against the law, I will definitely kill you.”

Yan Huang thought for a moment and told Master Hong to not reveal his identity. After that, he left.


The next day, Yan Huang woke up at 9 am. He only slept for around four hours but he didn’t feel tired.

This was a benefit of cultivation. After the body was cleansed by the spiritual power of the earth, it became stronger. Thus, it needed less rest time.

The storm had stopped. Bright sunlight shone into the room. Sunlight landed on Yan Huang’s white blanket and reflected on the walls. It was a warm and peaceful morning.

He walked out of his room. The house was quiet. He noticed a note on the coffee table.

“Yan Huang, we went for work. Uncle Zeng and Aunt Wu left too. Your favorite century egg and meat porridge is in the pot. Remember to heat it up before eating. Oh right, did something happen between Zen Caixuan and you yesterday?”

Yan Huang threw the note into the bin and walked into the kitchen.

What can happen between that girl and me?

Yan Huang finished his breakfast and started cultivating on his bed.

He managed to safely subdue Hong Xin yesterday, but it also gave him a warning too.

With his ability now, he would be powerless against heavy caliber handguns like the Desert Eagle Pistol or other high-level guns like submachine guns, light machine guns, and sniper rifles. This was why Yan Huang stayed low profile and didn’t want Master Hong to reveal his identity to other people.

With the current technology, the thermal weapons created possessed a huge threat to Yan Huang.

If anyone wanted to target him, they would be able to kill him with a sniper rifle fired a kilometer away. He couldn’t do anything if they held his parents and friends as hostages too.

Yan Huang started practicing. The faith energy in his body started flowing through his meridians. After absorbing the faith energy from Master Hong yesterday, the amount of his faith energy in his body increased in diameter.

Yan Huang felt that his cultivation speed increased a little too. But there was still not enough faith energy.

Yan Huang practiced for three hours. He stopped at around 12 noon.

He didn’t know how to cook so he wanted to visit his mother at her workplace and get some food from her. If not, he would have to remain hungry. He also wanted to look for Han Yi Gen at her Chinese medicine shop and take a look at other herbs too.

Besides the simple version of the Strengthening Dan, Yan Huang also wanted to make other Dan medicine. His cultivation speed was too slow.

Based on his current speed, he needed two to three months to reach the middle-stage of foundation building. This was the best scenario. However, if he used the Spirit Enforcing Agent to help his cultivation, he could shorten the process by one-third of the time. If things went well, the time could even be shortened by half.

Hence, the Spirit Enforcing Agent was important.

The herbs on Earth were different from the herbs in his Pangu World. Hence, He needed to personally ascertain the effects of the herbs before making the agent.

Although there were not many cultivators after the spiritual power had reappeared on earth ten years ago, industries related to cultivation had started becoming popular.

The industries affected the most were the Chinese medicine industry, the steel industry, and talisman products. Shops started appearing everywhere and the competition was huge. Feng Shui Masters, Taoist Masters, and other related masters started popping up too.

Of course, most of these shops didn’t have real materials. They were just riding the wave.

Hundred Herbs House was a Chinese medicine franchise that developed quickly over the past few years. It had opened its first shop 7 years ago and started opening franchises all over the country after that. Now, there were more than 200 franchises around the nation. Its market value was a billion dollars and was planning to get listed soon.

Yan Huang’s mother, Shui Xiaolian, worked at one of the franchises.

Humans were not the only ones that benefited from the revival of spiritual power. Plants and animals benefited too.

Ancient mythical creatures and rare herbs started appearing too.

There were many pieces of news about how adventurers found rare animals and plants in the primeval forest.

This was why Chinese medicine had become more popular than Western medicine in these few days.

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