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Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 28 - Zenith Novels

Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 28

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editors: Fire, Wise

Chapter 28: My Cousin Works Under Brother Tie

In the storeroom, the image on Xie Jinwen’s cellphone changed. The word ‘Fail’ appeared on his screen.

“F**k, stupid bitch!” Xie Jinwen furiously stuffed his cellphone in his pocket. He angrily walked out of the storeroom and stared at Shui Xiaolian unhappily. “I’m just playing a game. Why do you have to talk nonstop?”

“You distracted me and I didn’t notice that my crystal got stolen. Unlucky bitch.” Xie Jinwen vented his frustration at Shui Xiaolian.

If she had not come and disturb him just now, he would have not lost his focus.

Xie Jinwen ignored the customers in the store and walked towards the cashier. He used the phone at the cashier to order Macdonalds and a Starbucks coffee. Then, he started attending to the customers half-heartedly.

When he had ordered his food, he talked really loudly. Everyone in the shop knew what he ordered.

The three of them worked until 3:15 pm before the number of customers started to reduce. Shui Xiaolian hurriedly pulled Yan Huang aside and asked him to have lunch first. If not, when more customers would come, they would once more be unable to eat.

The food had been laid outside for more than two hours, so it was already cold. Shui Xiaolian sighed. There was no microwave oven in the shop. She couldn’t heat up the food.

“Yan Huang…” Shui Xiaolian pulled Yan Huang’s hand. Tears formed in her eyes. She felt apologetic to her son. “I’m sorry. You came to find me to have lunch but ended up working.”

“It’s fine.” Yan Huang patted his mother’s hand. He consoled her. “Wait for a moment. I will bring the food down and ask the shop below to heat it up for us.”

“Will they be willing to help?” Shui Xiaolian was hesitant.

“They will,” Yan Huang replied.

Yan Huang took the two lunch boxes and walked out of the shop. He reached the staircase. When no one was looking, he used his lava vital spirit to heat up the food.

Yan Huang was able to control his vital spirit very well. The lava vital spirit only heated up the food but didn’t melt the plastic box.

“That’s fast. You only went out for a minute,” Shui Xiaolian exclaimed when she saw Yan Huang walking back.

“There was no customer in the shop so the boss immediately heated up the food for me.”

Shui Xiaolian saw the hot food and didn’t suspect anything. The two of them sat behind the counter and started eating.

Xie Jinwen’s Macdonalds and Starbucks coffee were delivered too. He proudly took over the delivery. When he walked past Shui Xiaolian and Yan Huang, he saw what they were eating. He looked at it with contempt. “What the hell are you eating? Poor people.”

There were no customers in the shop so it was really quiet. Xie Jinwen didn’t lower his voice purposely, so the entire sentence could be heard.

“Boom!” Yan Huang slammed his chopsticks on the table furiously. A loud collision occurred.

Shui Xiaolian widened her eyes. The two chopsticks stabbed into the wooden table due to the force.

Yan Huang stood up and wanted to teach Xie Jinwen a lesson. However, before he could do anything, a pair of gentle hands pressed his shoulder. It was Shui Xiaolian.

“Mother?” Yan Huang frowned. “Why are you stopping me?”

Shui Xiaolian looked at her son’s angry face in surprise. She couldn’t understand why he got so furious today. She pulled him back onto the chair.

Yan Huang didn’t know what she was doing. This was the second time she stopped him.

“Son, I should be the one asking you that. What are you trying to do?” Shui Xiaolian said in shock. “This is my job?”

“What job?” Yan Huang’s frown got deeper. He was puzzled.

“I’m doing this for you,” Shui Xiaolian patted Yan Huang’s head and said bitterly.

Then, she squeezed another forced smile and apologized to Xie Jinwen. “Manager Xie, you know the situation in our family. Sorry about it. You have worked hard today. Hurry up and have some food. If not, your food will turn cold.”

“Hmph, why do I need your concern? I can tell what kind of person you are just by looking at the food you eat,” Xie Jinwen said with disdain.

He glared at Yan Huang. “What were you trying to do just now? You gave me such a huge fright! If you are unhappy, get out of this place. Don’t dirty my shop.”

“Hmph, you eat so much food. I pay you so much money but you don’t work as hard.” Xie Jinwen started to get overboard as he continued speaking. His eyes were filled with contempt as he looked at them.

“Look at how stupid you are. You can’t even handle a few customers. I have to serve them myself.”

“Shui Xiaolian, if you hadn’t been working here for so many years, I would have fired you. Who do you think you are? How dare you ask your son to shout at me. If you have the guts, ask him to shout at me again…”


Before Xie Jinwen could finish his sentence, Yan Huang roared in anger.

“Boom! Bang!” Yan Huang didn’t do anything but the wooden table in front of him broke into pieces. Wood shards flew everywhere.

Yan Huang couldn’t bear it anymore. He broke free from his mother’s grip and rushed in front of Xie Jinwen.

“What… what do you want? Ah!” Xie Jinwen looked Yan Huang in fear. He couldn’t continue his sentence anymore.

Yan Huang grabbed his throat. His entire body was lifted up with one hand.

Yan Huang looked at him coldly. Fire was burning in his eyes. He controlled his anger until now because of his mother but they got mocked even more as a result.

This was the first time Yan Huang felt so furious ever since he came to earth. He wanted to kill this nobody immediately.

As the manager of the shop, Xie Jinwen didn’t help out when there was a lack of manpower. He only knew how to hide in the storeroom and play with his cellphone.

Now, he was mocking and insulting his mother.

Yan Huang didn’t want to imagine how this person treated his mother when he wasn’t around. Killing intent formed in Yan Huang’s heart.

“Yan Huang, Yan Huang.” Shui Xiaolian was stunned for a moment before she regained her senses. Her son had lifted Xie Jinwen up by his throat. When did he become so strong?

“Son, let him go!” Shui Xiaolian shouted in terror. She kept hitting Yan Huang’s arm. However, Yan Huang didn’t move at all.

Within a few seconds, Xie Jinwen’s face turned red. Veins appeared on his forehead and he started groaning in pain.

“Son, let him go!”

At this moment, Shui Xiaolian started to cry. She had never cried even when she was bullied and exploited by Xie Jinwen. She never cried after so many years of hardships and poverty. However, now, when her son was going to kill someone in a fit of anger, she cried.

“Son, don’t make a mistake. This is against the law. Let him go!”

“Mother… why… are you… crying?” Yan Huang’s heart started to waver when he saw his mother crying.

He released his grip and Xie Jinwen fell on the ground like a dead fish. His eyes popped out and he frantically struggled on the ground.

“Bang! Bang!”

Xie Jinwen scurried back quickly. He took a while to regain his breath.

He looked at Yan Huang with fear and anger. He wanted to kill this young man. He didn’t expect this lean young man to be so strong.

When he grabbed his throat just now, Xie Jinwen felt as though he was held by a pair of metal claws. If Yan Huang had exerted a little more force, his neck would have broken into half.

Xie Jinwen climbed up from the ground. He kept his distance from Yan Huang while taking out his cellphone.

“You little brat. Just wait!” Xie Jinwen shouted with a hideous expression. “Hello! Cousin, cousin, I was hit by someone in my shop. It’s really bad. Hurry up and help me take care of this person!”

“You are dead!” Xie Jinwen hung up. He was frightened but excited at the same time. “Little brat, I’m not going to let you off so easily! My cousin works under Master Hong and Brother Tie. You are dead! You are dead!

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