Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 29

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editors: Fire, Wise

Chapter 29: Mother’s Tears

“Master Hong?” Shui Xiaolian started shivering when she heard the name.

She had heard of Master Hong and his doings before.

Master Hong was the most powerful person in the underground world of Jiangning city. The Hundred Herbs House, which she worked at had, to give protection fees to Master Hong even though it was a listed company. If not, they would be unable to do any business here.

Leda Shopping Centre was built on Master Hong’s land. Hence, if they wanted to open a shop at Leda Shopping Centre, they needed to sign a contract with Master Hong. On the contract, it stated that they had to give protection fees to Master Hong since his men were ‘protecting’ the entire shopping center.

“Yan Huang, Yan Huang, hurry up and leave this place!” Shui Xiaolian pushed his son out of the shop hurriedly. Tears fell down her eyes furiously.

Yan Huang thought that he wasn’t afraid of anything but now, he realized that he was afraid of his mother’s tears.

“Mother… it’s fine. I’m not afraid of Master Hong. He is my believer. Mother, you…” Yan Huang didn’t know what to do.

Even when the three devil kings had surrounded him, he didn’t felt as agitated as he was now. He didn’t do anything wrong, right? Then why was his mother crying?

“Mother, why are you crying? Because I hit him? This kind of people should be taught a lesson,” Yan Huang asked with a puzzled expression. 

“Yan Huang, you stupid child. Hurry up and leave.” Shui Xiaolian kept pushing her son. She was anxious and wanted him to leave immediately.

When she saw Yan Huang’s confused and stubborn look, she had no choice but to explain herself, “You stupid child, if I don’t have this job anymore, how can I earn money for the family?”

“I don’t mind suffering. I’m willing to do it as long as you are able to grow up healthily and properly.”

“Hurry up and leave. If those bad guys arrive, you will be dead.”




Shui Xiaolian’s words struck Yan Huang’s heart like lightning. He felt his heart hurting for some reason.

Yan Huang finally understood his mother’s actions. He knew why she bore with Xie Jinwen’s mocking. She needed the job. 

She was not a powerful empress or a wealthy lady. She was just a normal woman.

She needed to work so that her family could survive.

She needed to work so that her son could study.

She needed to work so that she could give her son an allowance.

Jiangnan city was a prosperous city. The living cost was high. If she and her husband didn’t work hard enough, they would be unable to let their son continue his studies.

If her son was smart and worked hard enough to get into university, they would need to pay even higher school fees next year.

When her son would have a girlfriend, he would need extra money too. 

The huge pressure made Shui Xiaolian a cautious person. She knew that Xie Jinwen was not a good boss and wanted to beat him up sometimes too.

But, what could she do? This job was the highest paying job she could find. If she quit, her family would have no more food to eat. 

Would she let her son quit school to work? Would she let her son pick up rubbish to sell?

Her life didn’t allow her to have the luxury to resist. 

Yan Huang was dumbfounded. An unfamiliar feeling came to his heart. He felt his heart palpitating quickly. 


At this moment, Xie Jinwen jumped up from the ground and cheerfully rushed outside the shop.

A few men wearing black suits appeared outside the Hundred Herbs House. The leader was a muscular man who was almost two meters tall. His muscles bulged out like rocks on his arm. He was Master Hong’s closest bodyguard, Brother Tie.

The bunch of people looked very fierce and frightening.

Brother Tie was injured. His right hand was in a cast.

“Yan Huang!” Shui Xiaolian turned pale when she saw that Xie Jinwen really called people over. She stood in front of Yan Huang tried to shield him with her arms. She would protect him no matter what.

“Cousin!” Xie Jinwen looked at the fat man standing beside Brother Tie and rushed towards him. While running, he looked back and pointed at Yan Huang. “Cousin, this is the bastard who hit me.” 

Before Xie Jinwen could reach them, Hong Tie charged at Xie Jinwen’s direction as though he saw something terrifying. As he ran, his weight caused the floor to vibrate.

“Brother Tie…” Xie Jinwen turned humble when he saw Brother Tie running at him. But, Brother Tie just ignored him and even pushed him away.

Hong Tie thought he recognized the wrong person, so he took a closer look. He was right. This person was Yan Huang.

This was the young man who had sent him flying and broke his hand.

This morning, Master Hong called Hong Tie to his room. The moment Hong Tie went in, he was astounded. The room was in a mess! All the furniture was broken. There was even a huge hole in the middle of the room. He could see the metal bars inside the hole.

Hong Xin had shrunk in a corner in fear. He told Hong Tie that from today onwards, the Hong Clan would be under Mister Yan. Yan Huang’s words carried the same weight as his.

Hong Tie had spent an entire day digesting the information. He came here because he was tasked to inform the shop owners in this shopping mall that they wouldn’t need to pay any protection fees anymore. This mall would be taken over by a proper property management company.

Hong Tie knew that Master Hong did all this because of Yan Huang.

Hence, when he saw Yan Huang today, he immediately rushed towards him.

“What are you doing?” Shui Xiaolian shouted in fear when she saw the scary-looking man running at them. However, she still stood in front of Yan Huang.

“Mother, it’s fine.” Yan Huang gently pulled Shui Xiaolian behind him.

Xie Jinwen was in a daze after he was pushed by Hong Tie. He regained his senses after a while and saw Hong Tie dashing towards Yan Huang ‘furiously’. He turned excited.

“Haha. As expected of an idiot. How dare you offend Brother Tie! You are dead.”

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