Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 3

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editors: Fire, Wise

Chapter 3: Do You Still Want To Resist? So stupidly cute!

In a small alley, Yan Huang was surrounded.

The boys around him were smoking cigarettes and carried bats in their hands. There were around 20 boys with dyed their hair in bright colors.

The leader of the group was standing right in the center with the class belle, Liu Cuihua, beside him.

Liu Cuihua had changed her attire. She was wearing heavy makeup, had earrings and a nose ring. She also changed her uniform into a short dress and a low-cut shirt. Overall, she changed from a pure and beautiful bitch into just a bitch.

Her dress was so short you could see her pink underwear without needing to squat down. Similarly, her low-cut top blatantly revealed her black bra.

Liu Cuihua was hugged by a boy who was wearing a black suit without any shirt under. The boy’s hair was yellow, and it stretched towards the sky like a broom. He was smoking his cigarette with one hand while the other hand moved over Liu Cuihua’s body. Liu Cuihua moaned seductively.

“Brother Leopard, don’t be so irritating!” Liu Cuihua whined.

“Brother Leopard, that is the person that bullies me all the time. You must do something for me!”

Leopard Hua was smoking and glanced at Yan Huang. He clicked his tongue. “Why are you so annoying? I just beat you up this morning. Do you want another beating?”

Chen Biao hid behind the wall at the entrance of the small alley and peaked inside carefully. He was really excited. To him, it didn’t matter who taught Yan Huang a lesson.

Yan Huang scanned the people that surrounded him. His expression didn’t change at all as he said coldly, “Mortals, if you want to leave now, there is still a chance for you to escape.”

“What?” Leopard Hua thought he misheard what Yan Huang just said. He widened his eyes and looked at his men. “What did this bastard say?”

“Brother Leopard, he said… that we still have a chance to escape if we leave now. Haha,” One of his men replied and started laughing when he finished his sentence. The rest of the people started laughing too.

Even Leopard Hua couldn’t help but laugh out loud. He pointed at Yan Huang and said to Liu Cuihua, “Cuihua, is your classmate stupid? Why is he so funny?”


“Hahaha, so funny.”

“The sun will not burn for dust. The dragon will not get angry at ants.” Yan Huang continued speaking with an indifferent face, “You all still have 3 seconds.”

“Haha, oh my god, is this little bastard saying he will hit us if we don’t leave now?” Leopard Hua still laughed at Yan Huang as if he was an idiot.

“Yes, boss. I have never seen someone be so funny. I am dying from laughter.”

“Come on then.” Leopard Hua let go of Liu Cuihua and sniggered as he walked towards Yan Huang. He leaned his face towards Yan Huang giving an arrogant expression.

“Come on, hit me. I will give you the chance to hit me today. Hit me if you have the guts to.”

“As you wish.” Yan Huang raised his right hand and slapped Leopard Hua on his face.

“Boom!” When Yan Huang moved his right hand, a strong wind blew in the alley. Everyone watched in astonishment how Leopard Hua suddenly flew out as if he got hit by a car. Leopard Hua slammed violently into the wall.

A huge sound arose and dust flew in the air.

The wall of the alley cracked and collapsed Leopard Hua was buried under all the bricks.

There was dead silence in the small alley.

Then, people started gasping in surprise.

Foundation building was the basic level of cultivation. Once you managed to reach this level, the strength and speed of your body would increase by many times. You would be more powerful compared to a normal human.

Yan Huang didn’t use all his strength to hit Leopard Hua. If he did, Leopard Hua’s head would be gone.

Leopard Hua was lucky that he was a descendant of Yan Huang. No matter how useless his sons and grandsons were, Yan Huang still treated them as his descendants.

“Kill… kill him!” After a while, a hand appeared from the ruins and Leopard Hua’s voice came out from it.

Yan Huang was slightly shocked. Leopard Hua seemed to be quite strong physically.

“Kill him!” Leopard Hua was furious.

“That’s right. He is alone. There is no use even if he is so powerful.”

“Let’s attack together and take revenge for brother Leopard!”

“Kill him, kill him!”

“Let him know how powerful we are.”


The 20 people in the alley rushed towards Yan Huang with bats and knives in their hands.

“You want to go against me? That is so stupid and cute.” Yan Huang smiled coldly.

Yan Huang didn’t retreat. Instead, he sprung towards the crowd with the speed of lightning.

The bunch of ruffians had no time to react at all. Yan Huang was already in front of them. Yan Huang clenched his right hand and punched one of the delinquents. The delinquent got hit by a huge force and his body flew backward. He slammed into a few of his friends before stopping.

The other delinquent immediately ran up and swung his galvanized steel tube at Yan Huang. Yan Huang tilted his body and the steel tube brushed passed his body.

The delinquent was shocked. Before he could regain his senses, his body was lifted in the air. Yan Huang grabbed his shoulder and the delinquent got thrown out, slamming into the other boys.

Yan Huang continued advancing. He waved his way around the alley. The alley was only one meter wide but no one managed to hit him.

Instead, Yan Huang knocked down a few people each time with his punches and kicks, and within a few seconds, all the 20 delinquents were groaning and lying on the ground, injured.

When Leopard Hua crawled out of the ruins, he saw this frightening and eerie scene. His legs shivered and he quietly went back into the hole he came from. He even took a few bricks and covered the entrance of the hole.

Liu Cuihua was also shaking in fear.

Yan Huang walked towards Liu Cuihua after he settled the delinquents. The girl fell onto the ground as her legs gave way. A pungent yellow liquid appeared between her legs.

Liu Cuihua started to cry pathetically. Before Yan Huang could go over, she crawled towards him.

“Brother Yan! I am in the wrong.” Liu Cuihua shouted hysterically. “I know my mistake. I will not dare to do it again. Please forgive me. Don’t hit me. Even if you want to hit me, don’t hit my face. Sob…”

Liu Cuihua wanted to grab Yan Huang’s legs but Yan Huang slightly moved his body and dodged it.

He looked at the yellow liquid under her body with disdain. “Don’t touch me.”

“Sure, sure,” Liu Cuihua answered embarrassingly. Yan Huang was too frightening just now. When she saw him walking towards her, she suddenly felt like peeing.

She hurriedly wiped her tears and tidied her hair. Then, she looked at Yan Huang cutely.

“Brother Yan.” Liu Cuihua squeezed a seductive smile on her face and said sweetly while alluringly blinking at Yan Huang, “Didn’t you write a love letter to me this afternoon? Actually, I really like you too. I am willing to do anything for you—”

“Kneel down and sing the song, ‘Zheng Fu’.” Before Liu Cuihua could finish her sentence, Yan Huang interrupted her coldly.

“Huh?” Liu Cuihua was stunned. She looked confused.

“Are you going to sing it?” Yan Huang asked her.

“Yes, yes, yes.” Although Liu Cuihua didn’t know what was happening, she knew that Yan Huang was angry at her. Therefore, she furiously nodded and started singing the song.

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