Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 30

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editors: Fire, Wise

Chapter 30: Don’t Beat Him To Death. Beat Him Till He Is Half-Dead

“Mister Yan, Mister Yan!” Hong Tie reached Yan Huang and lowered his body respectfully.

“Mister Yan, why are you here today? It is our honor to have you visit our shopping center. Our shopping center will definitely do well after your visit…”

The moment the fierce-looking Hong Tie saw Yan Huang, he curried favor with him. He looked extremely funny. He was almost two meters tall while Yan Huang was only 1.7 meters. However, he was trying his best to make Yan Huang happy.

While speaking, Hong Tie realized that something was wrong. The Hundred Herbs House was in a mess. There was a woman who was crying behind Yan Huang too.

Hong Tie stopped talking and looked at the woman. Then, he looked at Xie Jinwen.

“Xie Jinwen,” Hong Tie took a deep breath. He thought about the worse scenario and stuttered, “You… did you… provoke Mister Yan?”

Xie Jinwen was astounded. When Hong Tie ran over calling Yan Huang’s name, he was already dumbfounded. He froze on the spot. His face was pale.

Shui Xiaolian was surprised too. She covered her mouth with her hands. She stared at Yang Huang with wide eyes.

She looked back and forth between her son and Brother Tie in disbelief. The famous hooligan of the shopping mall, Brother Tie, was… was so respectful towards her son. He even seemed to fear him.

Oh my god!

Shui Xiaolian felt lost.

What on earth is happening?

Yan Huang calmed himself and closed his eyes. He let out a huge sigh. He grabbed his mother even tighter.

“Don’t let me see this person again.” Yan Huang glared at Xie Jinwen and waved his hand.

“Drag him out!” The moment Yan Huang finished speaking, Hong Tie shouted anxiously.

After yesterday’s fight, Hong Tie was extremely terrified of Yan Huang.

What kind of monsters is he? How can he fracture my arm with a single punch?

Hong Tie thought that this young man was a martial arts expert. His internal energy must have reached an exceptionally high level.

This thought had been etched in his mind. He knew that Master Hong kept a revolving pistol around him because he had many enemies.

However, even with all these precautions, Yan Huang had still been able to enter Master Hong’s room and subdue him.

Hong Tie had seen the empty pistol and confirmed his thoughts.

This young man had reached the dark state of internal energy! Only people who reached this state could dodge the bullets from a revolving pistol.

In the martial arts circle, there were three different stages of internal energy: Open state, dark state, and invisible state.

The open state of internal energy was the first state. It was the foundation of all states. People who reached this state would have a direct and strong internal energy.

The dark state was the next stage of internal energy. People who reached this state were able to turn their direct internal energy into a soft flow and let it flow through their bodies. They would have better control over their internal energy, and their internal energy was much more powerful.

The invisible state was the highest stage. The internal energy of a person at this state could be entirely controlled by him. He was able to use his mind to release his internal energy throughout his body.

Hong Tie had been practicing for more than 20 years. However, he was only at the peak of the open state of internal energy. He was only one step behind the dark state but this one step caused a huge difference in power.

People at the open state were strong but it was just brutal force. Their body was well-built. However, when they reached the dark state, the internal energy would merge with the strength in their muscles, and they could release the energy whenever they wanted to. People in this state could react quickly and were very agile.

If you met someone in this state, he would be able to run to you and give you a fatal blow before you could aim your gun at him.

“Brother Tie, Brother Tie, please spare me!” Xie Jinwen shouted. The two men in black suit continued to drag him away mercilessly.

Xie Jinwen’s cousin was worried for him but he couldn’t do anything. He saw how polite Hong Tie was towards Yan Huang. He could only pray for Xie Jinwen.

Very soon, the sound of beating and Xie Jinwen’s groans came from the staircase.

“Is this Mister Yan’s mother?” Although he had taught Xie Jinwen a lesson, Hong Tie continued to remain cautious around Yan Huang. People who reached the dark state of internal energy were able to start their own sects. They had a high social status too. Wealthy and powerful families treated them as honored guests.

Hong Tie finally understood why Yan Huang didn’t seem flustered when he had been surrounded by more than a hundred bodyguards at the Imperial Flourish Hotel. He wasn’t afraid of them at all.

In other words, none of them were able to win against him, even if they had attacked together.

Jiangning city was too small for an expert like Yan Huang.

“Yes.” Yan Huang held Shui Xiaolian’s hand. “This person cursed at my mother.”

“What? This person cursed at your mother?” Hong Tie turned to the staircase and shouted, “Slap him! Slap him till his mouth is ruined! F**k, I hate people who curse.”

“Yan Huang,” Shui Xiaolian was a gentle and kind person. She got anxious when she heard what Hong Tie said. “Will he die from the beating? This is against the law.”

“No, he won’t. They are just teaching him a lesson because he offended you.” Before Yan Huang could reply, Hong Tie hurriedly answered for him. He even smiled amiably at Shui Xiaolian.

“From today onwards, the Hong Clan will be law-abiding. Look, I came here today because Master Hong said that the shop owners here do not need to pay protection fees anymore.”

Hong Tie looked at Yan Huang cautiously as he said this.

“What?” Shui Xiaolian covered her mouth again in shock. There were close to 100 merchants at the Leda Shopping Centre. Everyone had to give a few hundred or a few thousand dollars worth of protection fees every month. If Master Hong stopped collecting protection fees, it meant that he would lose five figures worth of income.

“Good.” Yan Huang nodded. He was satisfied with this action.

Hong Tie heaved a sigh of relief. He wiped the cold sweat off his forehead. It seemed like Yan Huang was still a benevolent and reasonable person.

Yan Huang continued, “Don’t beat him to death. Hit him until he is half-dead.”

“Huh?” Hong Tie took a while to understand what he said. He immediately turned his head and shouted, “Did you hear Mister Yan? Don’t beat him to death. Hit him till he is half-dead!”

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“F**k, I hate people who curse.”
But you just cursed…

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