Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 31

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editors: Fire, Wise

Chapter 31: Why Do I Need To Answer To You?

“Son, how do you know those people?” Once the people from Hong Clan left, Shui Xiaolian anxiously pulled Yan Huang’s hand and asked him worriedly.

“They feel that I’m a genius. They are afraid of my capabilities and want to become like me,” Yan Huang replied calmly.

“Huh?” Shui Xiaolian was confused.

“Mother, I’m going to tell you something. Prepare yourself!” Yan Huang made a decision in his heart as he looked at Shui Xiaolian.

Yan Huang wanted to wait for a better time before telling his parents the truth, but after experiencing what happened today, he wanted to start changing his parent’s life as soon as possible. He wanted them to lead a good life from today onwards. Hence, he decided to tell his mother the truth now.


At 6 pm, Shui Xiaolian closed the Hundred Herbs House and brought Yan Huang to the Yan family steel business in the Northside of Jiangning city.

The Yan family consisted of three generations. Even though every one of them had their own family, they still gathered together to have a meal together.

At 6:30 pm, Yan Huang entered a traditional house with three halls. The Yan family steel business was situated here. The moment he entered, he could smell the smoke in the air. The room was extremely hot.

At the backyard of the Yan family steel business, there was a huge, round table. The 14 members of the Yan family had their dinner here. However, today, Yan Huang’s cousins, Yan Pengfei and Yan Yuxuan didn’t come. Thus, there were only 12 people.

“Yan Huang, you are back?” Yan Haoren was sitting at the seat facing the main door. His hair was white and his face was slightly red. This was Yan Huang’s grandfather.

“Yes, Grandfather,” Yan Huang replied softly. He sat down beside his father. The other people took their seats too.

“Yan Huang, you are back today. Is the food in Jiangnan city better or do you like the food here in Jiangning city?” Yan Huang’s Fourth Aunt, Wang Nannan, was the one who asked this question. She was a plump lady.

Fourth Uncle, Yan Mingzu, was sitting beside Yan Haoren. Yan Huang’s grandmother, Xiao Xinlan, was sitting beside Yan Mingzu.

A traditional big family like Yan Huang’s placed much importance on manners. The head of the family, Yan Haoren and Xiao Xinlan, sat at the two seats facing the main door. The people sitting on the left side of the head of the family had a higher status than the people who sat on the right side. The further away they sat from the head of the family, the lower their status was.

His Fourth Aunt and Fourth Uncle sat on the right side of the head of the family. That meant that they were only slightly lower in terms of status when compared with his oldest uncle, Yan Mingguang.

His oldest uncle was the person in charge of the Yan family steel business. Hence, his position in the family was irreplaceable. However, his fourth uncle was able to have such a high status because his grandmother favored them.

In the Yan family, Xiao Xinlan loved her youngest son the most.

As someone who had lived for more than 5000 years, Yan Huang immediately understood why his aunt said this when he saw Yan Xiaowu sitting beside her.

Yan Huang sat on his seat and slowly ate the food. There were no emotions on his face.

Wang Nannan was a scheming woman.

She didn’t feel angry when she got ignored by Yan Huang. She gave a slight smile and answered her own question, “The Jiangnan city is a prosperous city. There must be much good food over there. The food there has to be nicer. Yan Huang, how much does it cost to have a meal at Jiangnan city? Is it expensive? When are you going to bring Yan Xiaowu over? He wants to try the food there too.”

The entire family knew that Yan Huang’s father, Yan Mingyao, and Shui Xiaolian spent a huge sum of money to send Yan Huang to Jiangnan city to study. Most of Yan Huang’s school fees were given by the family.

If Yan Huang’s results were as good as Yan Pengfei, they were fine with paying the school fees. However, everyone knew that Yan Huang’s results were bad. He was in the top 1000 in his school during the last exam. He had no chance of entering university.

This caused everyone to feel that it was a waste of money to send Yan Huang to study.

Wang Nannan mentioned her son, Yan Xiaowu, because she wanted to send him to Jiangnan First High too. Her son would be entering high school next year and his results were not that bad.

Hence, Wang Nannan purposely mentioned about how expensive Jiangnan city was. As expected, Xiao Xinlan said unhappily, “Yan Huang, the food outside is not healthy. Don’t eat too much of it.”

Yan Huang sneered in his heart. I stay in the dormitory by myself. If I don’t order food delivery, what am I supposed to eat? The air? However, he didn’t explain himself. He just smiled coldly at Wang Nannan and Xiao Xinlan.

The longer someone lived, the calmer one was when meeting any situations. Most old people were like this.

Yan Huang had already lived for more than 5000 years. Thus, when he met ‘little children’ who only lived for less than 100 years, he felt like their elder.

Yes. I have been living for more than 5000 years. You all must respect me.

I am the father of the human race. I am the founder of cultivation. I am Emperor Yan Huang who rules over the human race. I am high and mighty. Do I have to explain my actions to you? This is so funny!

In other words, he was saying as he didn’t need to answer to them at all.

Wang Nannan was elated when Xiao Xinlan spoke. She widened her eyes and waited for Yan Huang to make a fool of himself.

Wang Nannan knew that Yan Huang was an honest and dumb person. He was sensitive and weak. Normally, if he was scolded for no reason, he would appear frightened, anxious, and helpless.

Wang Nannan had been using this method for a long time. Actually, her son, Yan Xiaowu, didn’t have good results either. His results were actually even worse than Yan Huang’s. All the things that she said were all bullshit.

What Wang Nannan wanted to do was to leave the impression that Yan Huang was weak and dumb. If someone like Yan Huang could study at Jiangnan First High, why couldn’t her son go there too?

Wang Nannan was curious why Shui Xiaolian didn’t react today. Last time, she jumped up and spoke up for her son whenever someone talked bad about him. Today, she just sat there absent-mindedly.

After some time, Wang Nannan got even more puzzled. Yan Huang didn’t react either. He just remained calm and slowly ate his food after Xiao Xinlan reprimanded him. He looked as though he was enjoying the food today.

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