Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 32

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editors: Fire, Wise

Chapter 32: Big Pot Rice

Not only was Wang Nannan shocked, Yan Huang’s Second Uncle, Yan Mingzong, was surprised too. Yan Huang was too calm today.

He glanced at Yan Huang and then looked at the person in green Taoist robe with a long beard sitting beside him. This was Yan Mingguang.

After Yan Mingguang started cultivating under the guidance of his son, Yan Pengfei, he started to appear more sage-like.

Yan Mingguang was a genius too. He was already close to 50 years old but after his son taught him about cultivation, he managed to catch up with his son within three years. He already reached qi cultivation and had enlightened two of his senses.

On the other hand, his son had enlightened three of his senses.

In terms of speed, Yan Mingguang could be considered a prodigy. His son was only 26 years old but he was half a century old!

Yan Mingzong said to Yan Mingguang, “Brother, there is half a month left. Have you finished making the 5 magic instruments? The customer is rushing us.” 

Yan Mingzong was a skinny man with shaved hair. His skin was dark. He looked like a scrawny monkey. His eyes showed his shrewdness.

Although Yan Mingguang was in charge of making the magic instruments, Yan Mingzong was the one in charge of getting orders, following orders, packaging of orders and the sales.


The biggest order, that the Yan family steel business had, was brought in by Yan Mingzong too.

Hence, Yan Mingzong’s position in the family was high too. He was the person who controlled the business along with Yan Haoren.

Yan Huang’s father, Yan Mingyao, was in an awkward position. Yan Mingguang held the technique of making magic instruments. Yan Mingzong controlled the operation of the business. Yan Mingyao and Yan Mingzu, on the other hand, could only do all the hard work in the steel shop.

However, Yan Mingzu had someone pampering him. Yan Huang’s grandmother loved her youngest son the most. Thus, Yan Mingzu became a lazy person under the pampering of his mother. Most of the time, he just wasted his time away.

Thus, although Yan Mingyao appeared to have a good life in front of other people, in reality, he had a hard time. People only knew that his family was a cultivation family and the Yan family steel business got better over the years.

However, they didn’t know that Yan Mingyao didn’t benefit from his family at all.

He was the one who did all the hard work in the shop along with Yan Haoren. The business earned a huge profit, but he only had a few thousand dollars worth of salary given to him each month.

He did all the tough and dirty work but his pay was only a little higher than the salary he could earn outside. He couldn’t even afford Yan Huang’s school fees after he paid for his rent and daily necessities. 

Yan Mingguang frowned when he heard Yan Mingzong questioning him. He turned and looked at his wife, Lu Yuxi.

Lu Yuxi was from a wealthy family. She was dressed elegantly. She cleared her throat and said, “Your brother is about to have a breakthrough soon. Hence, he needs more time to cultivate. However, don’t worry. He will finish the 5 low-level magic instruments by the end of the month.

Yan Mingguang nodded in satisfaction. “Yes, this is what I mean.”

Just like now, Yan Mingguang usually didn’t want to talk. He would let his wife speak for him most of the time. After she finished, he would stroke his beard and say, “Yes, that’s what I mean.”

Yan Huang frowned. This person’s cultivation level was much lower than his, but his arrogance was higher. 

However, if he would act like this in front of his family, this meant that he was a person who didn’t care about his family.

Yan Mingzong frowned. His brother’s efficiency dropped again.

As for the breakthrough that Lu Yuxi talked about, Yan Mingzong felt that it was bullshit. He had been saying that he was going to achieve a breakthrough for the past few months but nothing happened.

“Please try to hurry up. The customer is rushing us. It’s fine to make more now. There will be more orders next time.” Yan Mingzong didn’t dare to offend his brother although he was angry. 

Only Yan Mingguang knew how to make magic instruments. 

Lu Yuxi looked at her husband’s expression and nodded. She cleared her throat and appeared as though she was announcing an imperial decree. “Okay. He will give up some of his cultivation time to make more instruments.”

“Yes, that’s what I wanted to say.” Yan Mingguang touched his beard.

Yan Haoren looked at his two sons. “Mingguang, you need to work harder for these few days. The customer keeps rushing us. We are worried too.”

“Right, Older Brother,” Yan Mingyao interrupted hurriedly when he heard everyone talking about the magic instrument, “I have something to ask you.”

“Yes?” Yan Mingguang looked at his wife and said.

“Erm…” Yan Mingyao felt embarrassed when he saw everyone looking at him. The steel shop was very busy recently but he still had to bother his oldest brother.

However, Zeng Shuwei had made more than 10 calls to him, so he had no choice but to buck up his courage and say, “I have an old classmate who wants to have a magic instrument…”

“What?” Yan Mingguang’s face turned dark when he heard that he needed to make another magic instrument. His wife, Lu Yuxi, complained, “Mingyao, your brother had been working hard to complete the current orders. He doesn’t even have the time to cultivate now. Why are you giving him more orders to do?”

Yan Mingzong jumped up when he heard that Yan Mingyao took orders by himself. He had always been in charge of taking orders. “Third Brother, there are many swindlers outside. Did you investigate the other person’s background when you took the order? Why does he want the magic instrument for? If he uses the magic instrument to harm people or do anything against the law, what will you do?”

“No…” Yan Mingyao didn’t know how to explain himself. He just said one sentence. Why was their reaction so huge?

“No, Big Brother, Second Brother, listen to me, I…” Yan Mingyao tried to explain.

“Don’t say anything.” Yan Mingguang didn’t wait for his wife to speak this time. He said, “I have been working day and night recently. I don’t even have the time to sleep well. Why will I have to time to make another magic instrument? You have to wait.” 

To Yan Mingguang, cultivation was the most important. His steel business was just a side business to him. He couldn’t give up cultivation for his side business. Also, if he agreed to Yan Mingyao’s request, his other brothers might start accepting orders by themselves too.

“Yes.” Yan Mingzong’s eyes were shining as he said to Yan Mingyao seriously, “We are so busy recently. Just focus on making more steel blooms. Stop thinking about other useless things.”

Yan Mingyao wanted to say something but his brothers alreadystarted eating their food. They ignored him completely.

Shui Xiaolian remained quiet the entire time. She looked at her husband’s brothers and sighed softly, “Just like what Yan Huang said.”

“But I promised…” Yan Mingyao’s face turned red. He wanted to continue but a pair of hands gently grabbed him. It belonged to Shui Xiaolian. Shui Xiaolian shook her head and stopped him from saying anything.

There was silence for a moment. Yan Haoren glanced at Yan Mingzu who remained quiet and said unhappily, “Mingzu, what happen to you? Why didn’t you come to the shop today?”

Yan Huang’s Fourth Uncle, Yan Mingzu, was easily recognizable. Everyone in the Yan family had slightly red and rough skin. Their joints were bulging and there were many calluses on their hands. This was due to their work as a blacksmith.

However, Yan Mingzu broke this tradition. He was almost 40 years old but his skin was smooth and fair. When he stood beside Yan Mingyao, no one would think that they were brothers. Some people even suspected that Yan Mingzu was Yan Mingyao’s son.

“Father!” Before Yan Mingzu could say anything, Wang Nannan replied loudly, “Mingzu exerted too much force yesterday when he was working and twisted his waist. Thus, he laid in the hospital for an entire day.”

“Twisted your waist again?” Yan Haoren widened his eyes. “This is the third time you twist your waist this month!”

“Haha…” Wang Nannan laughed weakly. She scolded her husband, “Did you hear what your father said? I told you to be more careful when you’re working. Why didn’t you listen to me?”


Xiao Xinlan glared at her husband. “Why are you talking so much during a meal?”

“Mingzu, have a drumstick.” Xiao Xinlan personally took a drumstick for her youngest son.

“You pampered him too much.” Yan Haoren stared at her, “Mingyao always works with me. He wakes up early in the morning and ends work late every day. Why didn’t he get injured?”

“They can’t be compared like this.” Wang Nannan hurriedly explained, “Mingyao had been a blacksmith for more than 10 years. Mingzu is just starting out.” Wang Nannan nudged Mingzu hurriedly.

Yan Mingzu reacted in time and smiled at Yan Haoren and Xiao Xinlan. “Yes, I’m studying hard recently.”

Yan Huang’s Second Aunt, Chen Ting, was a smart woman just like her husband. She glanced at Yan Mingshu and said to Yan Haoren and Xiao Xinlan, “Father, Fourth Uncle hasn’t been coming recently so there is not enough iron bloom.”

“Not enough again?” Yan Haoren frowned. He looked at Yan Mingzu who was sitting lazily in his chair. The words didn’t come out of his mouth.

He sighed and turned to Yan Huang’s father, “Mingyao, I can’t rely on Mingzu. Let’s work overtime tonight and make more iron bloom.”

Yan Mingyao felt his energy being sucked away when he heard what his father said. The chopsticks in his hand fell on the floor.

On the other side, Yan Mingzu and Wang Nannan felt elated. 

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