Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 34

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editors: Fire, Wise

Chapter 34: They Are Normal But Great

When he reached the main door, Yan Huang stopped. He placed his hands behind his back and turned around elegantly. He didn’t look at the people in front of him. Instead, he raised his chin and stared at the sky as though he was admiring how beautiful the moon was.

Yan Huang said slowly, “Some kinships are like a malignant tumor. It sucks the nutrient away from your blood. If you don’t remove it, you will have have the illusion that everything is fine. If you remove it, you will feel excruciating pain.”

“I was still thinking about how I should persuade my parents to leave this bunch of selfish, greedy, and stupid relatives. I didn’t expect you all to help me so much.”

“Haha, this feels so good!” 

Yan Huang left immediately after he finished speaking. He flicked his sleeve and left with a smile.


The moment Yan Huang left, a huge commotion arose in the courtyard. 

Yan Mingguang slapped the table furiously. He turned to look at his wife with a dark expression.

Lu Yuxi stood up instantly and said, “Insolent! He is too insolent! Who does he think he is? Yan Pengfei? What an arrogant person! He wouldn’t be where he is if we didn’t help him to enter the Jiangnan First High. How dare he say that we are a pile of rubbish?” 


The moment Lu Yuxi finished speaking, Wang Nannan also said, “That’s right. What a hypocritical person.”

“If we didn’t work hard together to set up the steel business, he would not be who he is today. Does he think that he is amazing just because he studied at Jiangnan First High? How dare he scolds his relatives!”

“Hmph.” Yan Mingzong looked at the fair Yan Mingzu and sneered. “That’s right. If someone wasn’t lazy and run away from work half the time, our Yan family steel business will be extremely successful now.”

Yan Mingzong was being sarcastic.

As expected, Yan Mingzu got unhappy when he heard this. “Mingzong, what do you mean?”

Yan Mingzong rolled his eyes. “What else can I mean?”

“Someone always doesn’t come for work and still takes his salary. He passes all the dirty and tiring work to Third Brother so that he can enjoy his life every day! Now, he is even targeting Third Brother’s son. If Yan Huang really came to work at the steel business, you can laze around even more, right?

Yan Haoren was already old. He didn’t have the energy to do some things even if he wanted to. His oldest son, Yan Mingguang, was immersed in cultivation and making magic instruments. He was a cultivator, so he wouldn’t be willing to do all the heavy and dirty works.

His second son, Yan Mingzong, was busy handling customers every day. He had to move around all the time and was as skinny as a monkey. He wouldn’t have the time to do all the hard work too.

His fourth son, Yan Mingzu, was a lazy person. Thus, all the hard work was left for his third son, Yan Mingyao.

Yan Mingzu jumped up in anger when he heard his brother speaking about him like that. “Who is the one enjoying life?”

“Mingzong, you said that you always look for sales but I see you at the Imperial Flourish Hotel all the time.”

“You say that the four of us will work hard together and earn money together. However, you always go to restaurants, hotels, KTVs and have fun. Why must I forge iron then?”

“I’m talking to clients!” Yan Mingzong shouted. “If I don’t treat the powerful and wealthy people to a meal or send them gifts, why will they give us business? You should shut up if you don’t know anything.” 

“Really?” Yan Mingzu scoffed. “What a good excuse to use our business‘ funds.”

“Stop it! We are a family.” Lu Yuxi saw the two of them arguing furiously and said, “Why are you all arguing over this? Second brother-in-law is right. You need to send gifts to people when you meet them. It is not polite to not give them anything.” 

“Hmph.” Yan Mingzu looked at Lu Yuxi and Yan Mingguang. He couldn’t help but laugh. He would not hold back today. “Yes, we are all a family. You live in a wealthy district, but Mingzong lives in a normal civilian house! Oldest brother’s salary is more than 10,000 while Third Brother and I only have a few thousand dollars a month. This is called a family? Why must I forge irons if that is the case?!” 

Yan Mingguang sprung up from his seat and joined the argument. The three brothers and their wives started scolding each other.



That night, the moon hung high in the sky. Stars surrounded it. Moonlight shone down on the planet. It was refreshing.

After Yan Huang left, he saw Yan Mingyao and Shui Xiaolian hugging each other under a telegraph pole which was covered with advertisements. Their silhouettes looked lonely. They were crying.

The orange street lamp shone on them. It made them looked even more pitiful and depressed.

Yan Mingyao was over 40 years old. He gave everything to his family. Hence, when he left, he couldn’t help but cry.

Yan Huang turned around. He couldn’t bear to look at them. Tears started forming in his eyes.

The Yan family steel business was at the industrial estate at the north of Jiangning city. It was around 9 pm now, so almost no one was on the streets. Most of the workers had gone home. The factories in the industrial estate were closed too.

There was a street lamp every few meters on the dark and quiet path. They were the only things that gave warmth and light to the passers-by on the street.

Yan Huang heard a noise behind him and turned around. His parents were walking towards him. They didn’t say anything and just hugged him.

“Son, do you think that I’m useless?” Yan Mingyao hugged his son and started sobbing again.

“It’s okay. I’ll go and find a job tomorrow. You just need to study hard, There is around 100 days before the university entrance examination. Work hard and make us proud. If you manage to get into university, I’ll make sure you can study there even if I have to sell my blood.”


“Father…” Yan Huang was touched. His father knew that his results were not good. he knew that he was a weak and cowardly person. However, he never gave up on him.

Yan Huang was filled with emotions. Out of his entire 5000 years, today was the day he felt the most touched. Although his parents were not immortals or queens this time, they still loved him so much. 

They were willing to believe in him even though he wasn’t smart and capable. They were willing to give everything to him.

They were normal but great.



Yan Huang couldn’t control his tears anymore.

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