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Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 35 - Zenith Novels

Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 35

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editors: Fire, Wise

Chapter 35: Third Brother Offended Someone

“We bought a new house because I need to cultivate!” Yan Mingguang had given up on asking his wife to speak for him. He stood up in anger. “The house we had before was small and low. It was noisy and the environment was bad. How am I supposed to cultivate in that place?”

“Why am I taking so much salary? I’m doing it for the Yan family steel business. If I don’t buy Dan medicine and increase my cultivation level, how would I be able to make magic instruments for you all? I did everything for the family business. I did everything for this family!”

Yan Mingguang got louder as he spoke. His anger stimulated his vital spirit and his hair started standing up. His presence emitted an oppressive force..

Yan Mingguang glared at Yan Mingzu. “You want more money and a nicer house? Sure, I can give it to you. However, you will be in charge of making all the magic instruments from now on.”

Yan Mingzu was someone who likes to bully the weak and fear the strong. Hence, when he saw his older brother flaring up, he trembled in fear and cold sweat appeared on his forehead.

However, he saw his parents and bucked up his courage. “I don’t have a choice too. The two of you spent so much money outside and enjoyed your lives while Third Brother and I had to work hard in the blacksmith all day long. Anyone will say that it is unfair.”

“Yes.” Wang Nannan was shivering in fear too, but she still spoke up because she knew that Xiao Xinlan would back her up. “Mingzu wants to work too. He just thinks that the salary is too low.”

After she finished speaking, she looked at Yan Haoren and Xiao Xinlan for help.

“Enough!” Yan Haoren couldn’t stand it anymore and slammed the table.

“Why are you all arguing with your own brothers?”

Yan Mingguang saw his father getting angry, so he glared at Yan Mingzu, scoffed and sat down.

Yan Haoren looked at his three sons. He wanted to say something but didn’t know what to say.

Ever since Yan Mingguang started cultivating and the Yan family steel business started doing very well three years ago, he felt that his family had changed.

Everyone started scheming against each other so that they could get the most benefit. He was losing his status too. No one listened to him now.

Yan Haoren closed his eyes. He clenched his fist and said, “Mingzu, Nannan, go and chase Mingyao and Xiaolian back.”

Yan Mingzu moved his body awkwardly. “Why must I chase them back?”

Wang Nannan gave an awkward smile too. “I didn’t do anything wrong. I wanted Yan Huang to work at the blacksmith because—”

“Are you two going?” Yan Haoren glared at them as he slapped the table again.

“If your Third Brother doesn’t come back today, you will be in charge of all the steel blooms tomorrow!”

Xiao Xinlan immediately said, “Mingzu, hurry up and get your brother back. We are all a family.”

“Yes…” Yan Mingzu and Wang Nannan exchanged glances with one another. Their face turned pale. They immediately rushed out of the house.


“Your Third Brother and his wife is getting more and more temperamental,” Wang Nannan said after she walked out of the door. She didn’t dare to offend the other two brothers because they were important figures in the Yan family steel business, so she vented her anger on Yan Mingyao and Shui Xiaolian.

If they hadn’t had such a huge reaction today, everything would have been fine.

Wang Nannan didn’t think that she had made a mistake. She felt that what she said was right. Based on Yan Huang’s results, he would never be able to get into a university. Why should he waste their money and study at a random university then? He should just help out with the family business.

“Yan Huang is so irritating too.” Wang Nannan got angrier as she spoke. “Does he think that he is somebody just because he studied in Jiangnan City? He called us a pile of rubbish and tumors. What an arrogant fellow.”

“How mighty is he? He is also someone who takes money from the family. Rubbish!”

“Does he think that he is the second Yan Pengfei? What a joke.”

Yan Mingzu felt embarrassed by what Wang Nannan said. “Yes, Third Brother and his wife were too much today.”

“I think that father and mother are worrying too much. If Third Brother doesn’t help out in the family business, where can he work at?” Wang Nannan jeered.

“Just watch me. I will talk to them and make sure that even if they don’t come back today, your third brother will still appear for work tomorrow. If he doesn’t work, his son will have to starve.”

“Hmph!” Wang Nannan scoffed. There was a vicious gaze in her eyes. She continued, “Isn’t he just a blacksmith? What is there to be proud of. When we go back later, we can ask mother to hire two blacksmiths. Let me see if he still dares to not come for work.”

Yan Mingzu’s eyes lit up when he heard what his wife said. “That’s right. Father is getting old. We can hire a few people to help him. Once these people get used to their work, third brother will be useless. If he doesn’t come to work, I can get more bonus at the end of the year. You are so smart.”

“Of course. Those two are still too young to fight with me.” Wang Nannan said with contempt.

The two of them arrived at Yan Mingyao’s house. The moment they reached, they were shocked.

Numerous cars drove towards Yan Mingyao’s house and parked outside Yan Mingyao’s house.

Many men in black suits came down. All of them were muscular and had tattoos all over their body. From their aura, Wang Nannan and Yan Mingzu knew that they were not easy people to deal with.

The men in black suits stood in a row and waited outside Yan Mingyao’s house quietly. They looked like imperial guards guarding the palace.

One of the men walked towards Wang Nannan and Yan Mingzu and shouted, “What are you all doing here in the middle of the night? If you don’t have any business here, move away. This is not where you should be at.”

“Yes, big brother. We will go away immediately.” Yan Mingzu nodded fervently. He never met such a situation before.

The two of them kept turning back as they walked away. They saw a Land Rover driving in. Two men got down.

“Brother Tie, Master Hong!” Yan Mingzu exclaimed in surprise when he saw the two of them. These two people were famous in Jiangning city. They were the kings of the Jiangning city.

Under Yan Mingzu’s astounded gaze, Master Hong rushed into Yan Mingyao’s house with an irritated expression.

“Oh my god, Third Brother is in trouble!” Yan Mingzu was dumbfounded. He felt that Yan Mingyao must have offended Master Hong. If not, Master Hong would not be so ‘angry’!

Wang Nannan was astounded too. She had been living in Jiangning city for a long time so she had heard about Master Hong before. She widened her eyes and said, “No wonder Xiaolian had such a huge temper today. She must have felt that she didn’t have long to live because she offended Master Hong.”

“Brother.” Yan Mingzu smiled obediently at the men in black suits. “What is happening inside.”

The men in black suits heard Yan Mingzu inquiring about their boss and got furious. “What does that have to do with you? If you ask any more questions, I’ll break your leg.”

Yan Mingzu ran away in fear. He pulled his wife along and ran back home. He said with a pale face, “Third Brother really offended someone. Let’s hurry up and ask First Brother to come. If not, Third Brother might die.”

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