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Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 36 - Zenith Novels

Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 36

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editors: Fire, Wise

Chapter 36: Making Dan Medicine

In fact, that night, besides Master Hong, the Minister of Defense, Mo Chongshan, was also called over by Yan Huang.

At this moment, in the living room, Mo Chongshan and Master Hong sat on the sofa worriedly. They craned their necks as they focused on the scene in front of them.

They didn’t even dare to blink. They were afraid that they would miss something.

At the side, Yan Mingyao and Shui Xiaolian stood together with a dumbfounded expression. They looked at their son in disbelief.

In the middle of the living room, Yan Huang stood up straight and flipped his left hand over so that his palm faced the ceiling. In an instant, a bright red lava lotus flame rose in the air.

The flame was not big. It was only the size of the palm. However, everyone still felt as though they were in a furnace. It was burning hot.

Yan Huang moved his right hand and threw the herbs piled in the living room into the lava vital spirit.

It was quiet in the living room. Everyone held their breath as they watched Yan Huang. No one dared to even breathe heavily. They were afraid that they would disturb Yan Huang.

The herbs got shrunk, withered, melted, and turned into liquids with various colors in the flame. As the number of herbs on the table got lesser, a refreshing fragrance filled the air.

Among everyone, Old Master Mo was the most shocked.

He had looked through all the Dan making methods the country passed down. He even went to Jiangning city to witness the Dan making master, Jiang Chenzi, in action.

But… Yan Huang’s Dan making process widened his perspective!

Jiang Chenzi had to wash, pray to heaven, choose a lucky date, and prepared for many days before he could start making a Dan.

Once the auspicious hour was reached, he would start making the Dan.

He would never be able to make a Dan as skillfully and when he wanted like Yan Huang.

Also, other people had to use all kinds of fires, bronze furnace or gold furnace. Yan Huang just needed his hand.

Old Master Mo had never seen anything like this. It only existed in legends.

Every time Jiang Chenzi made Dan medicine, he would sweat profusely and look as though he was constipated.

Compared to him, Yan Huang was much calmer.

Old Master Mo felt that Yan Huang’s expression never changed throughout the entire Dan making process. It was as though this was nothing to him.

If he hadn’t smelled the fragrance in the air getting stronger, Old Master Mo would have jumped out of his seat.

Hong Xin felt nervous as he sat on the chair. He looked at Yan Huang as if he was a god.

He couldn’t help but feel grateful that he bowed down to Yan Huang yesterday. If not, he might not be able to witness such an amazing scene today.

Shui Xiaolian and Yan Mingyao gasped in surprise too.

Shui Xiaolian could still control her emotions since Yan Huang had told her everything at her work beforehand. However, Yan Mingyao didn’t know anything yet. He kept rubbing his eyes. He wondered if the person standing in front of him was really his son.

As the last herb was placed into the lava vital spirit, the fragrance in the air became stronger.

The four people felt invigorated by the smell entering their nose.

They wanted to take another breath, but Yan Huang sucked all the fragrance in the air into his hand. There was no smell left.

After a flash of light occurred, everyone saw 10 black Dan medicine pills appearing on Yan Huang’s hand. They were the size of a thumb. They were round and smooth. The people could sense the spiritual power inside the Dan medicine.

Everyone looked at the Dan medicine in anticipation.

“It’s… it is a Dan medicine! It really became a Dan medicine!” Old Master Mo screamed in astonishment. Although Old Master Mo believed that Yan Huang could succeed, he still found it amazing when he saw the real thing.

Mo Chongshan looked at the 18 year old young man in surprise. This was someone whose ability was on par with the most famous Dan maker in the Jiangnan city, Jiang Chenzi. He even felt that Yan Huang was more skilled at Dan making than Jiang Chenzi.

Yan Huang glanced at the Dan medicine nonchalantly and threw it on a plate on the table.

“Oh my god!” Mo Chongshan shouted when he saw what happened. “Mister… Master, Master Yan, this is a Dan medicine! A Dan medicine!” He rushed over immediately.

After he saw Yan Huang successfully making the Dan medicine, he started calling him Master Yan. He addressed Yan Huang differently each day.

Mo Chongshan heaved a sigh of relief when he saw the 10 Dan medicine landing accurately on the plate.

Hong Xin, Shui Xiaolian, and Yan Mingyao were astounded when they saw Yan Huang throwing away the 10 Dan medicine casually.

“Be careful!”

“They are Dan medicine!”

“Son, how can you throw such precious things so casually…” Shui Xiaolian and Yan Mingyao couldn’t help but said.

Yan Huang was speechless as he looked at the four people.

“Try it,” Yan Huang said.

“Really?” The four of them widened their eyes. Hong Xin started trembling with excitement. He just offended Yan Huang yesterday but Master Yan gave him such a precious gift today.

Yan Huang nodded. The four people couldn’t contain their emotions. They took a Dan medicine each and popped it in their mouth.

The moment the Dan medicine entered their mouth, it dissolved into a warm flow and entered their stomach. The warmth spread to the other parts of their body.

Everyone felt their body turning hot. They felt like they were in a furnace now. Their pores opened and all their sweat and toxins started diffusing out of their body.


At a corner outside Yan Huang’s house.

Under Yan Mingzu’s lead, the group hurriedly rushed over. Everyone looked at the thugs surrounding Yan Huang’s family and hesitated.

“Big Brother, what do we do now?” Yan Mingzu looked at the numerous men in black suits frighteningly. Although they had eight people, three of them were women and two were old people.

“Mingguang, hurry up and save your Third Brother!” Xiao Xinlan shouted anxiously.

It was normal for parents to be biased in a big family. Parents needed to work and had their own lives too. They had limited time and energy, so they couldn’t take care of all their children carefully.

This was an ethical dilemma. There were many factors affecting this dilemma. For instance, the baby who cries will get the milk.

Yan Mingzu was good at whining while Yan Mingyao was silent. Hence, their parents treated Yan Mingzu better.

As time had gone by, the bias towards Yan Mingzu became a habit. The bias against Yan Mingyao became a habit too.

However, Xiao Xinlan didn’t know that her ignorance towards her third son all these years had become so great. She was like a heartless mother to him.

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