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Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 37 - Zenith Novels

Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 37

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editors: Fire, Wise

Chapter 37: Old Man Yan Haoren

Yan Mingguang looked at the fierce-looking men in black suits and was shocked. His expression changed immediately.

Although his body had become stronger and his strength had increased after he enlightened his eyes and nose, he would not be able to defeat the 50 muscular men in front of him. From their looks, he could tell that they were good at fighting.

If they had been only a few, he could have used his magic skills and subdue them. However, there were 50 of them. He needed time to activate his magic skills. During this moment, he would be beaten to death.

Also, Yan Mingguang mostly spent his days enjoying himself. He had never fought before.

A cultivator who reached qi cultivation didn’t have good combat abilities. They would only be able to gain exceptional strength and speed after the breakthrough into foundation building state.

Enlightenment of the eye allowed cultivators to have better eyesight. They would be able to capture a moving object easily. Enlightenment of nose improved one’s sense of smell.

If Yan Mingguang had reached enlightenment of ears, his sense of hearing would have increased exponentially. Combining it with his improved vision and his vital spirit, he might have a chance against the 50 men in black suits.

Yan Mingguang glared at the men and gritted his teeth. “Why did Mingyao cause such trouble? He should just stay in our shop and do his work properly!”

“Mingguang, hurry up and save your third brother.” Old man Yan Haoren said in agitation. His forehead was already filled with sweat.

“Yes, big brother, hurry up and save Mingyao,” Yan Mingzu agreed.

“Oldest brother-in-law, hurry up. If you don’t go in now, third brother-in-law might be in danger.”

“Oldest brother-in-law!”

“How can I save him?” Yan Mingguang shouted in anger when he noticed everyone pulling his clothes and urging him.

“There are so many people out there. How can I save him? With my head?” Yan Mingguang’s face turned hideous. “I only enlightened two of my senses. You all kept complaining when I buy tonics to improve my cultivation level. Look at what happens now. My cultivation level is so low. How can I fight with them?”

“Mingyao is in the wrong too.” Lu Yuxi took the chance to speak. “He should just do his job properly. Why did he go and offend people?”

“Even if Mingguang is able to defeat these people, nothing would change.” Lu Yuxi shook her head. “Our opponent is Master Hong. He could always call over more men.”

“Yes.” Wang Nannan’s face was pale too. “Third brother-in-law offended Master Hong. We won’t be of help even if we could fight.”

“Why did third brother offend such a person?” Yan Mingzong closed his eyes helplessly. He always mixed around with powerful and wealthy people, so he knew how frightening Master Hong was.

This person was like the king of Jiangning city. Anyone who offended him would be dead.

“Yes, we will not be able to help him even if oldest brother-in-law steps in. ” Chen Ting’s face was pale too. She had also heard about Master Hong. He was the king of Jiangning city. He had shares in many entertainment spots in the city.

“Mingyao was always a humble and prudent person. Why was he so reckless this time?” Yan Mingzu sighed when he saw that his oldest brother couldn’t help Yan Mingyao.

“I don’t know what to say about him anymore,” Wang Nannan added on. She kept shaking her head. “He was prudent for his whole life but made a mistake at such a crucial moment. No wonder his son is so arrogant.”

The topic had changed from ‘how to save Yan Mingyao’ to ‘why did Yan Mingyao offend Master Hong’.

Xiao Xinlan was disappointed when she heard what everyone said.

“Mingguang,” Xiao Xinlan hugged Yan Mingguang’s arm. “Is there really no other options?”

Yan Mingguang shook his head. He took out his cellphone. “Mother, wait for a moment. Let me call my friends and see if there is a way out.”

Yan Mingguang’s family had two cultivators so their reputation started rising. Their status increased and became a VIP of the various powerful and wealthy families.

However, Yan Mingguang was still nervous. If Hong Xin was just a bully, this matter was easy to deal with. The government of Jiangning city could still suppress him. But, Yan Mingguang knew that the government was secretly supporting Hong Xin.

“Hurry up and call then,” Xiao Xinlan said hurriedly.

“Father, I’ll ask around too.” Yan Mingzong took out his cellphone. “Most of our magic instruments were bought by the Ministry of Defense. I have some relationship with the assistant of the Minister of Defense. Let me ask if he has any suggestions.”

“Okay. Hurry!” Yan Haoren urged him too.

“What a troublesome person!” Wang Nannan shouted coldly. He caused them to come out in the middle of the night. Oldest brother-in-law and second brother-in-law had to beg other people for help because of him. “If he had stayed at the shop and made steels today, nothing would have happened.”

Yan Mingguang and Yan Mingzong stood at a corner and called many people. After they each hung up their calls, their expression got worse. After a few minutes, their entire face was dark.

“Mingguang, Mingzong, how is it?” Yan Haoren asked agitatedly.

“My friends said that unless the city mayor comes, no one can help the person who offended Master Hong…” Yan Mingguang looked at the old man timidly.

“The assistant of the Minister of Defense said that too.” Yan Mingzong froze on the spot. He was shocked by what he heard too. “The City Mayor is Master Hong’s support.”

“What!” Yan Haoren felt his head spinning. His legs gave way and he fell backward.



Everyone was shocked. They quickly held onto the old man.

Wang Nannan stomped her feet in agitation. “This is too much. Look at what third brother-in-law did. Not only did he create such a huge trouble, he even implicated father.”

“Help me up…” Yan Haoren stuttered, “You all can leave. I will go.. I am an old man. I have nothing to lose. Let me go and talk to Master Hong.”

“Father!” Yan Mingzu was frightened by what his father said. “Why do you have to do this?”

“Let me go!” Yan Haoren stumbled as he stood up. “He is my son. He is your brother. We are a family. Let me go!”


“Father, why do you have to do this? You are not young anymore.”

At this moment, the door of Yan Mingyao’s house opened. Three people walked out.

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