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Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 38 - Zenith Novels

Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 38

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editors: Fire, Wise

Chapter 38: I Am A Genius Cultivator

Hong Xin and Mo Chongshan walked out of the door. They turned around and bowed to Yan Huang.

“Master Yan, that was an eye-opener. Don’t worry, I’ll settle the things you asked tonight.” Mo Chongshan said excitedly.

“Thank you, Master Yan.”  Hong Xin’s head was lower than Mo Chongshan’s. He was almost giving a 90-degree bow to Yan Huang.

Tonight, this 18 years old young man told him that as long as he changed his character and become a good person, he would teach him the art of cultivation.

When Hong Xin heard this, he had immediately thrown the town mayor to the back of his mind and kneeled down in front of Yan Huang.

“You’re welcome,” Yan Huang replied indifferently.

“See you again, Master Yan!” 

“See you again, Master Yan!” 

Yan Huang’s attitude didn’t affect Mo Chongshan and Hong Xin. Instead, they called his name even more enthusiastically before leaving in their cars.

Mo Chongshan entered a low profile Audi A6 while Hong Xin sat inside a fierce-looking black land rover. The other cars parked outside Yan Huang’s house also left and followed after the two cars.

The street turned quiet again. Only cigarette buds and the members of the Yan family could be seen.

From the moment Hong Xin and Mo Chongshan walked out of the house, these 8 people froze on the spot. They couldn’t understand what was happening.

“Mingzu.” Yan Mingguang frowned and turned around. His eyes were wide. “Didn’t you say that Master Hong was looking for Third Brother?”

“This… this…” Yan Mingzu was dumbfounded too. He regained his senses after a long time. “Should I ask them what is happening?”

“Hmph!” Yan Mingguang sneered.

Chen Ting was a smart person just like her husband. She recalled what happened just now. “Why do I fell that Third Brother didn’t offend Master Hong? Instead, they are Master Hong’s friend?”

“I have that feeling too.” Lu Yuxi agreed. “They seemed to be really good friends.”

Everyone remained silent. Wang Nannan had cold sweat on her forehead. She offended her Third Brother-in-Law’s family tonight, and now, she realized that they were on good terms with Master Hong.

“We have not visited Third Brother-in-Law for a long time.” Wang Nannan suddenly smiled. “Since we are here, why don’t we go in?” Wang Nannan nudged her husband.

“Yes.” Yan Mingzu replied quickly. He smiled and said, “Let’s go in and have a cup of tea. We can ask Third Brother what happened too. Haha.”

Yan Mingguang looked at his youngest brother in contempt. He gave a fake smile. “That’s true. If someone doesn’t use this chance to fix their relationship with Third Brother, they might not be able to sleep today.”

“Let’s go and have a cup of tea with Third Brother.” Yan Mingguang flicked his sleeve and tidied his clothes before walking calmly towards Yan Mingyao’s house.

Yan Mingzu and Wang Nannan looked at each other awkwardly before hurrying after Yan Mingguang.

“Nephew!” Yan Mingguang saw Yan Huang standing at the door and shouted, “Hurry up and welcome…”

“Boom!” Before Yan Mingguang could finish his sentence, he saw Yan Huang glancing at him coldly and then shutting the door with a loud bang.   

The loud bang from the door covered up the last few words in Yan Mingguang’s sentence.

Yan Mingguang’s right hand froze in mid-air awkwardly.

The scene turned quiet again. The spring breeze blew…


“Bastard!”   One minute later, Yan Mingguang finally regained his senses. The word came out of his mouth like a gunshot.

Who am I?

I am a respectable cultivator!

I am a VIP of the various elite families!

My son had enlightened three of his senses at a young age!

There are two cultivators in my family. I’m the new elite of Jiangning city!

A few years later, after me and my son reach the foundation building stage, we would become the elites of the elites.

What was Yan Huang?

He can’t even study properly.

He is a loser.

He is a normal human.

How dare he look down on me?

How dare he slams the door in my face!

Yan Mingguang was so furious was so furious his beard stood up, he almost went crazy from the anger.

He rushed towards Yan Huang’s house and slammed the door fervently.

“Yan Mingyao, Yan Mingyao, you idiot!” 

“Yan Huang, you bastard. Come out!” 

Towards the end, Yan Mingguang used his vital spirit while shouting. His voice echoed through the air and had reached 180 decibels.

When Yan Huang had closed the door, he had waved his hand and formed a soundproof, anti-vibration, and strengthened the wall barrier around his house.

“Son, did you hear something?” Yan Mingyao walked out of the bedroom.

“No,” Yan Huang replied nonchalantly. His parents finally left those irritating relatives. He didn’t want his parents to go back to them due to a moment of soft-heartedness.

At this moment, Shui Xiaolian walked out of the bathroom. She looked younger than before. The wrinkles on her face were gone and her skin looked whiter and softer.

“Son…” Shui Xiaolian felt the change in her body. She quickly grabbed Yan Huang’s hand. “Look at me…”

“Yes, mother. You became prettier.” Yan Huang knew what his mother wanted to say, so he helped her finished her sentence.

Yan Mingyao also felt that his body became younger after he had eaten the simple version Strengthening Dan.

His change was even more obvious. He stayed up late at night many times so after eating the simple version of the Strengthening Dan, he felt more energetic and his skin became whiter too.

“Son, are you really a cultivator?” Even after experiencing so many things today, Shui Xiaolian still felt that everything was unreal.

“Yes, son…” Yan Mingyao stuttered. He felt that everything had become… much better.

Yan Huang looked at them and said seriously, “Father, mother, I’m not a cultivator.”

“Huh?” The two of them were shocked.

“I am a genius cultivator!”

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