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Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 39 - Zenith Novels

Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 39

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editors: Fire, Wise

Chapter 39: Green Lotus Longevity Scripture

The Yan Huang scripture was a difficult scripture to practice. It was difficult to control, and the person who practiced it must have a high level of cultivation.

Shui Xiaolian and Yan Mingyao were not talented in cultivating. You could almost say that they didn’t have any talent in this area. They were not young anymore, so the Yan Huang scripture was not suitable for them. Hence, Yan Huang taught them the Green Lotus Longevity scripture.

The Green Lotus Longevity scripture was a scripture that helped to strengthen one’s body. It was not a powerful scripture, but it had lower requirements. Also, it was a scripture that was beneficial for health and could elongate one’s life.

This was the most important reason why Yan Huang let his parents practice this scripture. He just wanted them to have a good life. As for fighting the devil clan and protecting the earth, he would take care of it.

Yan Huang personally taught his parents how to practice the scripture. While he was teaching, a cellphone rang.

It was Yan Mingyao’s cellphone. The caller was Yan Mingguang.

Yan Huang took the cellphone and turned it off. He took Shui Xiaolian’s cellphone and turned it off too.

“Son…” Yan Mingyao was a soft-hearted person. “Do you think…”

“What about it?” Yan Huang looked at his father.

“We are a family after all…” Yan Mingyao said.

“Oh? A family?” Yan Huang smiled coldly.

“Father, why didn’t First Uncle teach you how to cultivate?” Yan Huang continued staring at his father.

Yan Mingyao looked away. “Brother said that to recognize a master, people normally need to sweep the ground for two years, search tea for two years, and serve the master for another two years. After six years, the master will start teaching the disciple.”

“He said that since we are learning the cultivation of immortality, the requirements must be stricter. Thus, he needed to test us for 10 years.”

“However, since we are brothers, he said that he will just test me for five years. Two years had passed. Three years later, he will teach me how to cultivate…”

“What an arrogant person!” Yan Huang’s gaze turned cold.

He knew that his First Uncle was a selfish person but he didn’t expect him to be so heartless in front of his brothers.

Yan Huang had been curious why all his other uncles were still normal people when his First Uncle was a cultivator. His other uncles hadn’t even enlightened any senses at all.

Yan Huang waved his hand and another barrier appeared at the door. he never wanted to see this bunch of people anymore.

Outside the door, Yan Mingguang was jumping around in anger. However, no sound came from the house.

Yan Mingguang gathered his vital spirit into his hands and punched the door. Nothing happened. He seemed to have punched a huge rock. He cried in pain.

“Fine!” Yan Mingguang’s beard stood up. He was furious. “Yan Mingyao, you think that just because you know Master Hong, you are somebody? How dare you ignore me?”

“Fine, let me tell you,” Yan Mingguang shouted in anger. “I wanted to teach you cultivation three years later, but now, you can forget about it.”

“Let’s go!”

Yan Mingguang flicked his sleeves and turned around.

The other people were stunned. Yan Mingzong frowned at the house. He was shocked and surprised. The Third Brother had changed into a different person entirely.

His Third Brother knew Master Hong and even ignored his family members. No matter how much they shouted outside his house, he never came out. He would never do such things in the past.

Yan Mingzong looked at his wife. Chen Ting was also looking at him with astonishment. She didn’t understand what was happening.

Yan Mingzong didn’t know what to say. He glared at his little brother, Yan Mingzu. Then, he left with his wife.

Yan Mingzong regretted what he did. He didn’t know that Yan Mingyao knew someone like Master Hong. If he had known this, he would have stood up for his Third Brother today and reprimanded Wang Nannan for what she said. Unfortunately, he lost this chance.

Yan Mingzong believed that if Yan Mingyao introduced Master Hong to him, he would be able to get the orders in Master Hong’s hand and opened a bigger market.

Chen Ting was also a smart person. She understood what her husband was thinking. She glared at Yan Mingzu and Wang Nannan coldly before turning to leave.

Yan Mingzu and Wang Nannan felt a chill down their spines.

“Mingyao, Mingyao!” Yan Haoren and Xiao Xinlan knocked on the door a few more times. No reaction came from within.

“Sigh!” Yan Haoren suddenly felt remorse. He knew that his third son cared about him the most. Why didn’t he speak up for him at the dining table just now?

“Seems like Mingyao wants to leave us,” Xiao Xinlan complained as she looked at the closed door.

“Stop talking!” Yan Haoren stopped his wife. “Let’s go home.”

Only Yan Mingzu and Wang Nannan were left outside the house.

Wang Nannan felt extremely awkward.

She forced Shui Xiaolian and Yan Mingyao to leave the dining table and even talked bad about Yan Huang.

However, Yan Mingyao knew Master Hong. Wang Nannan didn’t know what to do now.

Cold sweat appeared on her forehead. If Mingyao and Xiaolian bore grudges against her and talked bad about her in front of Master Hong, she would be in danger.

“Mingzu…” Wang Nannan’s back was drenched with sweat. The clothes on her body stuck to her skin. She said fearfully, “Mingzu, Mingzu, what should we do?”

“We seemed to have offended someone we shouldn’t…”

Yan Mingzu had been trembling since the beginning. He thought that Master Hong was here to find Mingyao for trouble. He even felt a little happy because of this. Who asked him to not work overtime today?

He never expected things to change so quickly. His humble and timid Third Brother actually knew Master Hong. He was in disbelief.

“I don’t know…” Yan Mingzu wanted to cry.

“He must still be angry at us. Why don’t we go back first and bring some fruits over tomorrow to apologize to them?”

“Okay… okay…” Wang Nannan was depressed too. “This is the only thing we can do. Let’s come back tomorrow.”

The two of them sighed and went back. As they walked, they kept turning their heads around. They hoped that Yan Mingyao would open the door for them.

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