Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 4

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editors: Fire, Wise

Chapter 4: The Power Of Belief

Liu Cuihua’s voice echoed through the small alley. She kneeled in front of Yan Huang and shivered in fear as she looked at him. There were tears in her eyes while singing the song.

A few delinquents saw that the monster Yan Huang was in a better mood and secretly tried to inch their way towards the entrance of the alley. They wanted to escape but before they could move a few steps, Yan Huang’s cold and emotionless voice sounded like a robot behind them.

“Come back. Kneel down and sing the song ‘Conquer’.” Yan Huang looked at them indifferently.

“Huh?” The delinquents stopped in their tracks with a puzzled expression. They all turned to look at Yan Huang. They didn’t know what was he trying to do.

They wanted to resist, but when they saw Yan Huang’s cold eyes staring at them, they shivered in fear. They were panic-stricken.

They looked at Yan Huang helplessly and kneeled down in front of this 17 years old handsome young man. They opened their mouth and started singing along with Liu Cuihua.

“Don’t lie on the floor and pretend to be dead,” Yan Huang glanced at the rest of the people on the ground and said nonchalantly. “I will let the person who sings the song sincerely and nicely leave. As long as I am satisfied, I will let you all leave.”

The ten boys that were on the floor immediately sprung up and started singing along with Liu Cuihua as they kneeled in front of Yan Huang.

Leopard Hua climbed out from the debris too. However, he didn’t kneel like the rest of the people. He was on his all fours and sang the song as Yan Huang sat on his back.

Thus, the singing voices of a choir could be heard coming from the small alley.

The song was repeated over and over again. Everyone’s knees were hurting. Leopard Hua’s limbs were shivering, but he didn’t dare to lie down. He still remembered Yan Huang’s fierce look. The fear was still lingering in him.

The side of his face that got slapped was swollen like a fermented bread. His right eye couldn’t be seen at all. His face hurt every time he moved it.

The bunch of people sang from 5.30 pm all the way till dusk before Yan Huang nodded his head in satisfaction.

Yan Huang activated the vital spirit in his body and let it flow towards his eyes. He scanned the people in front of him. There was indeed a yellow aura on top of their heads.

“Kneel down and call me father. Then, get out of my sight.”


“…” Leopard Hua and his men had been tormented by Yan Huang harshly, so when they heard that he was going to let them off, they heaved a sigh of relief and called him ‘father’ without any hesitation at all.

As for why Yan Huang wanted them to call him father, they all didn’t know and they didn’t want to know either. They were only grateful that Yan Huang was willing to let them off.

They had already sung ‘Conquer’ for him for so many times. What is so difficult about calling him father?

Once they called him father, the yellow aura above their heads flew towards Yan Huang entering his body.

The faith energy that was staying peacefully in his pectoral region instantly rushed towards the yellow aura like a shark that smelt blood.

The faith energy was much smaller in size as compared to the yellow auras, but the yellow auras got destroyed by it the moment they met. The faith energy tore the yellow auras apart and swallowed them viciously.

After swallowing more than 20 yellow auras, the faith energy only grew a little bigger. It flowed around Yan Huang’s body and confirmed that there was nothing left. Then, it lazily flowed back to Yan Huang’s pectoral region and rested there.

This was the ‘faith plunder’.

There were two ways to gain faith energy. People who respected him from their heart were called believers. These believers would willingly provide faith energy for him.

In the past, Yan Huang was the strongest person among the human race. He was the father of the human race and the pioneer of cultivation. He had many believers, so he could get a huge amount of faith energy every day without the need to undergo faith plunder.

The second way was faith plunder. This was what Yan Huang was doing now. He didn’t need to win people by virtue. He just needed to force them into submission and the faith energy would form above their heads. Then, he would use the ‘rule’ to suck in all these energies.

The first kind of faith energy was willingly given by the believers so Yan Huang didn’t need to purposely collect them. The energies would fly towards him directly.

The second type of faith energy was created by force, so he needed to do something to get them. He needed to make them call him father. This was the ‘rule’.

The ‘rule’ was set in his past life. As long as people called him father willingly and admitted that they were his children, they would become his believers.

This was where the story of ‘Descendants of Yan Huang’ came from.

So, what was the faith energy used for?

When cultivating, every mortal would have to go through nine states before they could become an immortal.

After they became an immortal, they would have to undergo another nine states to reach the immortal emperor state. Yan Huang’s experiences in his past made him realized that the immortal emperor state was not enough to resist against the invasion of the devil clan. If he wanted to make the human race stronger and make themselves known in the universe, he needed higher and greater energy.

This energy is faith energy!

What state is after the immortal emperor? How can he make himself stronger? These were the questions Yan Huang thought about in his past life after he reached the immortal emperor state.

He only realized the answer after he found out about the existence of the faith energy. However, the devil clan had already invaded into their crucial cities so Yan Huang didn’t have the time to think about it. After that, the chaos cauldron exploded, and he died along with it too.

This was why Yan Huang was elated when he realized that he had a wisp of faith energy after his rebirth. With this faith energy, he would be able to reach greater heights and it gave him the confidence that he could resist against the invasion of the devil clan.

Yan Huang walked into this small alley because of this reason.

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