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Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 40 - Zenith Novels

Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 40

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editors: Fire, Wise

Chapter 40: Who Are They To Let Me Complain Against Them

After teaching the Green Lotus Longevity scripture to his parents, Yan Huang reminded them to eat another simple version of the Strengthening Dan before going to sleep. Then, he went back to his room and started cultivating.

The simple version of the Strengthening Dan was most suitable for Yan Mingyao, Shui Xiaolian, and Hong Xin. They had not cultivated before, so they needed something that was gentle to their bodies. However, to Yan Huang, the effects were almost negligent. This was why he didn’t take any of the 10 Dan medicine he had made.

Mo Chongshan and Hong Xin had received two Dan medicine each. The remaining six were left for Shui Xiaolian and Yan Mingyao. While Mo Chongshan and Hong Xin had readily agreed with this decision. They had even thanked Yan Huang profusely.

Cultivators were proud people. No one would easily teach other people the skills of cultivation. Every cultivator was like this. Yan Mingguang was not an exception. However, he treated even his family the same way. This behavior was quite heartless.

The country would teach the art of cultivation only tho those who managed to enter one of the eight elite universities and they were among the top students in the school. Their families needed to be clean and their political stand had to be correct.

Only a certain number of people could receive this teaching. Among the thousands of students, only around a hundred of them could learn cultivation.

Hence, Yan Huang’s cousin, Yan Pengfei, was really an outstanding person. He was a famous youth in Jiangning city.

Yan Huang had asked Hong Xin to come today because he wanted to control Hong Xin entirely. Or rather, he wanted to control the entire Hong Clan.

Firstly, he needed faith energy. He could use the Hong Clan to take over other clans.

Secondly, he needed ample resources for cultivation. Money, location, scripture, companion. These four things were necessities when cultivating.

During his 5000 years of cultivation, Yan Huang had managed to gain powerful scriptures, different Dan medicine recipes, ways of making various magic instruments, and the drawings of different talismans. However, he didn’t have the resources.

He had to personally find the various herbs to make the simple version Strengthening Dan. He couldn’t do anything without resources.

If he had the resources, he could have made the Spirit Enforcing Agent which needed to be taken when he reached the foundation building state. His cultivation level would have been much higher.

A large amount of time and effort were required to find these resources. Some could only be obtained with the right network and power. Hence, Yan Huang needed to build his own power and faction.

The first mission Yan Huang gave Mo Chongshan and Hong Xin was to collect the ingredients needed to make the Spirit Enforcing Agent. With the help of both the government and the mafia, it would be easier for him to collect all the ingredients.

Besides this, the two of them also had to collect various precious stones and rare items which could be used to form arrays and make talismans.

Yan Huang couldn’t do everything personally. There were too many ingredients. He had no choice but to let the two of them handle it.

Yan Huang cultivated till midnight. Then, he went to sleep.


The next morning, just as dawn breaks, a figure snuck out of the bedroom. This was a tall person with dark skin. His joints bulged out due to his years of experience as a blacksmith. His hands were filled with calluses. This person was Yan Huang’s father, Yan Mingyao.

Yan Mingyao didn’t see anyone in the living room. It was quiet. Shui Xiaolian was sleeping soundly in the bedroom. Yan Mingyao wore his clothes and walked quietly towards the door.

Just as Yan Mingyao was about the touch the doorknob, a calm voice appeared behind him.

“Father, where are you going?”

“Ah!” Yan Mingyao screamed in shock. He turned around and noticed that Yan Huang was sitting on the sofa. He was looking at him with an intent gaze.

“Son… you…. when did you… come here?”

Yan Mingyao was not good at talking. After he realized that his son was a well-respected cultivator yesterday night, he stuttered even more when talking to him.

“I guessed that you will be going out today so I waited here for you,” Yan Huang replied nonchalantly.

“Huh?” Yan Mingyao started stammering even more.

“Why… are you… you… waiting… for me?”

“Are you planning to teach them the Green Lotus Longevity scripture?”

Yan Huang was referring to his uncles and aunts.

The sky was not entirely lit up. Among the dim light, Yan Mingyao felt that his son’s bright eyes looked exceptionally frightening.

Yan Mingyao’s heart started pounding furiously. He felt that it was almost coming out of his mouth.

Yan Mingyao gave up after attempting to maintain his composure for a while. He sat on the sofa opposite his son. He was depressed.

“Son, do you hate your uncles?” Yan Mingyao asked Yan Huang after some time. Now that he was exposed, Yan Mingyao stopped stuttering.

“No,” Yan Huang replied calmly as he looked at his father.

“Believing in violence and not benevolence. Bullying the weak and fearing the strong. Flattering the powerful and trampling the weak. These are all deeply-rooted bad habits of the human race. People who have these bad habits are unable to understand certain things. They can’t overcome their weaknesses so they will never be able to become a successful person.”

Yan Huang looked into Yan Mingyao’s eyes with an indifferent gaze. “Who are they to let me complain against them? They are just a pile of rubbish.”

Yan Mingyao’s heart started palpitating furiously again.

He froze on the spot. He didn’t know what to say.

Yan Huang understood his father’s intention.

His father was different from the other people in the family. To him, his family was very important. He was an honest and humble person. He was caring, responsible, and filial.

All in all, he was a good man.

Yan Huang sighed in his heart and thought to himself.

Unfortunately, your brothers are not good people.

“Father, I understand your personality. I’m not here to stop you from teaching them the Green Lotus Longevity scripture. I just want to give you some advice,” Yan Huang said seriously.

“Son… say it.” Yan Mingyao felt tears in his eyes. His eyes turned red.

“Kindness without a bottom line is foolishness.”

Yan Mingyao trembled. His eyes turned redder.

“I know that you want the best for your brothers and the family. I’m glad that I have you as my father. You touched me. However, you shouldn’t be kind to some people. Humans are greedy. You must learn the art of interacting with people.”

Yan Mingyao couldn’t control himself anymore. Tears fell down furiously.

He had been sacrificing himself for the Yan family steel business and the Yan family all these years. Looking back, he felt only sorrow in his heart.

Three years ago, his oldest brother turned arrogant and heartless after he started cultivating. He wanted to test him for five years before imparting the art of cultivation to him.

His second brother became stingy. All he did was urged him to make more steel blooms.

His youngest brother was even worse. He lazed around all day and passed all his work to him and his father.

What did he get in return?


The Yan family steel business could make more than 10 low-level magic instruments each month. It earned more than a million every month but all the money either went to his oldest brother for him to buy rare ingredients or to his second brother as he needed it to attend to his clients.

His fourth brother was able to get some money from his mother. On the other hand, he seemed to have been forgotten.

He was not the most important member of the family but he was definitely the one who sacrificed the most.

Yet, yesterday night, his sister-in-law wanted to pull his son down! That time, none of his family spoke up for him.

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