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Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 41 - Zenith Novels

Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 41

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editors: Fire, Wise

Chapter 41: Humans Grow Up In An Instant

Yan Huang took some tissue papers and passed them to Yan Mingyao.

Yan Huang would feel happier if there were more people cultivating.

However, this didn’t mean that anyone on the streets could cultivate.

No. He had learned his lesson from his past life. It was a hard lesson.

A long time ago, in his previous life, Yan Huang has passed by a planet in poverty. The environment on the planet was very bad. The spiritual power there was sparse too so humans there had a hard life.

Yan Huang taught them a way of cultivation so that they could have the power to live in this dangerous environment.

Yan Huang stayed on the planet for a few years. He made sure that all the people on the planet had the ability to protect themselves before he left.

A few hundred years later, a frightening devil clan appeared within the human race. This devil clan was made up of people who were once cultivators but they turned bad and entered the devil realm. All the planets they passed by had been annihilated.


When Yan Huang rushed over, he realized that this devil clan was made up of the people from the planet in poverty!

Their reason for going to the dark side was simple. They were scared of being weak. They wanted to become stronger.

Hence, they wiped out the humans in an entire universe. Blood congregated into rivers.

From then on, Yan Huang took much consideration before passing his scriptures to anyone.

“How about this.” Yan Huang sat beside Yan Mingyao.

“You will go to the blacksmith first. Don’t tell anyone that our family is cultivators. Find First Uncle and ask him if he is willing to teach you cultivation and help you make magic instruments. If he agrees, we will go back to the big family and teach everyone the scripture.”

“If he doesn’t agree and still wants to observe you for five years, you will cut ties with them and we will live on our own.”

Yan Mingyao was stunned for a moment. After a while, he gave a huge sigh and nodded. “Okay. I’ll listen to you.”

Yan Mingyao walked out of the house. Shui Xiaolian walked out of the bedroom slowly.

She understood her husband. They had lived together for so long so she woke up the moment Yan Mingyao got up.

Shui Xiaolian sighed. She mocked herself, “I agreed to marry him because of his character. Yet, we are having a hard life now because of his character too.” 

“Mother, you still have me. We will have a good life from now on,” Yan Huang said.

“I know.” Shui Xiaolian smiled. She came over and hugged her son’s face. “You amazed me these few days.”

“Tell me, are you really my son?” Shui Xiaolian rubbed Yan Huang’s face.

“I haven’t seen you for two months and you became so impressive!” Most of the time, Yan Huang stayed in Jiangnan city. He only came back if there was something going on.

“I was enlightened.” Yan Huang was prepared for this question.

“Mother, growing up is not a long process. It happens in an instant.”

“I never talked about the things that happened last time but I know what is going on. Things accumulate and success will come when the conditions are right. Hence, I was enlightened.”

“I know that my son is amazing,” Shui Xiaolian said proudly.

“So, my enlightened son, why don’t you tell me what will happen to your father this time?”

“What else could happen?” Yan Huang laughed softly. “That sly fox Yan Mingguang will never agree to such a demanding request.”

“I hope so. I had enough of them. They ordered your father around all the time. Only your father is able to put up with it,” Shui Xiaolian said angrily.

Just as Yan Huang said, within half an hour, Yan Mingyao came back with a blackface

“What did First Brother-in-law said?” Shui Xiaolian walked out of the kitchen when she heard the sound. Yan Huang sat on the sofa and waited for him to talk.

“Big…” Yan Mingyao swallowed his words and changed them.

“Yan Mingguang said that I’m asking for more than I should. He said that even if I know Master Hong, I will still have to serve him for five years before I get to learn any cultivation skills.”

Yan Huang was calmed. He flamed the fire. “What about the magic instrument?”

Yan Mingyao glanced at Yan Huang. He stuttered, “This…”

“Just say it!” Shui Xiaolian urged him.

Yan Huang remembered how he ignored Yan Mingguang yesterday night and shut the door in his face. He couldn’t help but smile. “Father, does it have something to do with me?”

“Son… son, how do you know that?” Yan Mingyao exclaimed in surprise.

“Everyone knows that your oldest brother is selfish and bears grudges,” Yan Huang continued talking bad about his father’s family.

“Mingyao, tell me what Yan Mingguang said!” Shui Xiaolian was protective of her son. After she found out that her son was a cultivator, this feeling got even stronger.

Hence, when she heard that her First Brother-in-law talked bad about her son again, she fumed.

“He said…” Yan Mingyao hesitated and looked at his son carefully. “Son, will you do this when you are angry?” He pretended to slit his throat with his hands.

“Father, I said that I will not get angry at a pile of rubbish,” Yan Huang replied calmly.

Even so, Yan Mingyao was still cautious about what he said. “Okay, he said that you… must kneel and beg him for forgiveness for three days and three nights… before he is willing to help us make the magic instrument.”

“Bastard!” Before Yan Huang could say anything, Shui Xiaolian shouted furiously like an angry lioness.

“Yan Mingyao, how did you reply to him? Tell me how you reply to him!” Shui Xiaolian screamed as she rushed over and grabbed Yan Mingyao’s neck.

“I… I…”

“What about you? Did you still act like a coward when other people humiliate your son?”

“No, I didn’t.” Yan Mingyao explained himself hurriedly. “I argued with him.”

“Fine. What did you say then? Tell me!”


Yan Huang shook his head when he saw the two of them arguing with each other again.

Today was Sunday. He needed to go to class tomorrow so Yan Huang had to leave his house and take a bus after lunch.

Shui Xiaolian packed Yan Huang’s luggage in the afternoon.

“Mother, I’ll make some arrangements in Jiangnan city and bring father and you over soon.”

“Sure. Even if your father doesn’t want to go, I’ll drag him along.” After what happened yesterday, Shui Xiaolian had decided to break all ties with the Yan family.

“It’s okay. Just tell him that if he doesn’t want to come, he wouldn’t have any more Dan medicine,” Yan Huang said nonchalantly.

Shui Xiaolian laughed heartily. “That is a good idea!”

“It’s good for us to go to Jiangnan city too. My sister and her daughter are there. Oh right, did your female cousin come and look for you?” Shui Xiaolian asked. 

“Female cousin?” Yan Huang thought for a moment before he remembered who his female cousin was. Her name was Zhang Menghan. She was around six years older than Yan Huang and was the female head of the police force of the Jiangnan city. She was not only pretty, but her‌ crime-solving rate‌ ‌was high too. She came to look for Yan Huang last month.

“I didn’t see her recently,” Yan Huang replied.

“Okay. Go to school then. Your cousin is a workaholic. I guess there must be more cases now,” Shui Xiaolian said.


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