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Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 42 - Zenith Novels

Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 42

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editors: Fire, Wise

Chapter 42: Rare Stone And Jade Exhibition

When Yan Huang returned to Jiangnan First High, it was around 5 pm. Yan Huang entered his dormitory. Zhang Ziyun jumped up from his bed.

“Old Huang, you’re finally back!” Zhang Ziyun was elated. Yan Huang was Zhang Ziyun’s only friend in high school.

“Yes,” Yan Huang replied casually.

“What are you saying yes for?” Zhang Ziyun shouted. Then, he lowered his voice and whispered into Yan Huang’s ear, “Do you know that Chen Biao came to look for you these past two days?”

“Really?” Chen Biao was the person who had sung ‘Zheng Fu’ in front of the entire class.

“He came to return your money.” Zhang Ziyun excitedly took out a roll of money below Yan Huang’s pillow. There was more than a thousand dollars. “He returned my money too!”

“Oh, that’s a good thing.”

Zhang Ziyun pulled his hair furiously when he saw Yan Huang’s indifferent expression.

“Aren’t you curious why a hooligan like Chen Biao suddenly became so kind and returned to us our money?” Zhang Ziyun asked loudly.

“Oh right. Old Huang, tell me the truth. How did you get Chen Biao to kneel down to you and sing ‘Zheng Fu’ on Friday?”

“He recognized me as his father so he had to kneel to me.”

“Ah!” Zhang Ziyun went crazy.

There were four beds in one dormitory. Besides Yan Huang and Zhang Ziyun, there were two other people in the dormitory. One of them was a fair and chubby young man called Wang Tianfu. His family runs a jewellery shop. His family’s assets were worth more than ten million.

The other person was a handsome young man called Duan Feng. His family runs a 4S shop. He was wealthy too.

“Duan Feng, the biggest rare stone and jade exhibition in Jiangnan city will be held next week. I heard that many beauties from Jiangnan First High are going too. Let’s go and take a look.” Wang Tianfu was playing on his laptop when he said this. He gave Yan Huang and Zhang Ziyun a look of contempt.

“Sure.” Duan Feng was playing on his laptop too. Only the two of them had laptops. It was said that they had bribed the higher faculty members to let them install a network cable in the room.

Although the four of them had stayed in the dormitory together for almost a year, their relationship was not good. Yan Huang and Zhang Ziyun belonged to one group, while Wang Tianfu and Duan Feng belonged to another group. They seldom interacted with one another.

Wang Tianfu and Duan Feng didn’t like Yan Huang and Zhang Ziyun, they felt that the two of them were country bumpkins. It was a disgrace to stay with them.

“Yan Huang, Zhang Ziyun, why don’t you two come too?” Duan Feng finished a game. He took down his headset and smiled strangely at Yan Huang and Zhang Ziyun.

“Aiyo, my young master. Stop being kind.” Before Yan Huang and Zhang Ziyun said anything, Wang Tianfu sarcastically replied for them.

“There are requirements for the exhibition. If you are not worth a few million, you can’t go in. Aren’t you worried that you will be embarrassed if you bring the two country bumpkins in?”

“Ah, there are such requirements?” Duan Feng raised his voice as he looked at Yan Huang and Zhang Ziyun with an evil smile.

“Of course!” Wang Tianfu glanced sideways at Yan Huang and Zhang Ziyun. “This is the biggest rare stone and jade exhibition in Jiangnan city. All the items are a few hundred thousand and above. How can anyone be let in to see such expensive items?”

“If random people went in and broke the items accidentally, what would happen?”

This sentence was a direct insult to Yan Huang and Zhang Ziyun.

Zhang Ziyun trembled in anger. His face turned red.

“Haha, let’s go Duan Feng, I’m hungry. Let’s have some food.” Wang Tianfu was happy to see Zhang Ziyun’s angry expression. He laughed loudly and pulled Duan Feng out.

Duan Feng laughed at the two people too. Then, he followed Wang Tianfu out.

“F**k, those bastards.” Zhang Ziyun scolded, “Why are they so proud? They just had more money! Damn it. When I have money, I’ll splash them with notes.”

“Yes.” Yan Huang nodded. “You’ll have the chance to.”

“Let’s go and have some food too.”

When they passed by the indoor sports ground, Yan Huang noticed that it was sealed up. There were heavy machinery everywhere. Workers were working hard in the sports ground. Pieces of sparkling white boards were lifted up to the roof of the indoor sports ground.

There were two sports grounds in Jiangnan First High—an outdoor one and an indoor one.

Zhang Ziyun was an optimist. He soon forgot about the unhappiness that had just happened and said excitedly, “Yan Huang, our school is holding a Jiangnan city sports event next month. All the high school students in Jiangnan city will gather at our school. So, the school decided to renovate the entire sports ground.”

“I see.” Yan Huang glanced at the sports ground before quickly looking away. He was not interested in the battle between adults, much less in the sports competition between a bunch of little children.

After Yan Huang finished his meal with Zhang Ziyun, he walked towards the school gate alone.

When Yan Huang reached the school gate, a Land Rover, which had been waiting at the side of the road, drove over and stopped beside him. Little Luo, who was in casual clothes, came down from the driver’s seat and opened the car door.

“Master Yan, please get in the car.” Little Luo bowed at him.

“Sure.” Yan Huang nodded indifferently as he sat inside.

Little Luo brought Yan Huang to the Nine Dragon Mountain. They drove up the road and arrived at the peak of Nine Dragon Mountain where the Flying Dragon No. 1 villa was located.

The moment Yan Huang got down from the car, Mo Chongshan rushed up to him. He was even more excited than yesterday night.

After eating the two simple versions Strengthening Dan, he finally managed to enlightened his second sense. He had been stuck at this stage for a long time.

When one’s cultivation level increased, the amount of vital spirit in one’s body increased too. At the same time, one’s lifespan increased.

As compared to yesterday, Mo Chongshan appeared much younger. How could he not be excited?

He tried to control his emotions. “Master Yan, I’ve already asked my men to do the things you ordered. The Yan Dan Medicine Corporation and the Yan Magic Instrument Corporation had been registered. Based on your order, the legal person for the Yan Dan Medicine Corporation is Shui Xiaolian while the legal person for the Yan Magic Instrument Corporation is Yan Mingyao.”

“The rare stone and jade exhibition will be held next week. All the jewellery companies in the various satellite cities will be participating in the exhibition.”

“I’ve found half of the herbs you sent me. A few hundred years old herbs will arrive within the next few days. I should be able to collect all the herbs in a few more days.”

Mo Chongshan led Yan Huang the door of the villa as he spoke. When they entered, a luxurious and huge main hall appeared. There were herbs piled up in the main hall. It looked grand.

“Good.” Yan Huang nodded in satisfaction. “Well done.”

“The Yan Dan Medicine Corporation and the Yan Magic Instrument Corporation are solely in charge of production. You will be the agent. The sales of the products will be handled by you.” Yan Huang looked at Mo Chongshan.

“Thank you Master Yan.” Mo Chongshan got even more excited.

He had seen Yan Huang’s Dan making skills. He knew what he could get from this.

The main effect of the Strengthening Dan was to strengthen one’s body. It purged the toxins out of the body so as to cleanse your body and lengthen your lifespan.

For cultivators, the Strengthening Dan could help them to achieve a breakthrough in their cultivation level.

Jiang Chenzi was a Dan making master in Jiangning city. Each Strengthening Dan made by him was worth 5 million. This was the lowest price. If the Dan medicine was sold in an auction, the price would be even higher.

Although the Dan medicine Yan Huang made was the simple version Strengthening Dan, Mo Chongshan believed that it could be sold for at least 2 million dollars. Also, because it was cheaper, it might be even more popular among wealthy people.

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