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Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 43 - Zenith Novels

Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 43

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editors: Fire, Wise

Chapter 43: Flying Dragon Villa

Putting the Dan medicine into the market was the worst option. Mo Chongshan would not do this. Instead, he would keep all the Dan medicine and sell them slowly or give some of them to other cultivators and wealthy people.

There were many wealthy and old people.

Mo Chongshan believed that those people would be extremely interested in the Strengthening Dan which could improve their health and help them with their cultivation.

Mo Chongshan’s eyes lit up. He trembled in excitement. Spending so much time and effort on Yan Huang was worth it.

Mo Chongshan licked his dry lips. He bowed at Yan Huang respectfully. “Master Yan, the herbs for the Strengthening Dan are all prepared. How many are we making tonight?”

“Close the door,” Yan Huang said calmly.

“Okay. Close the door!” Mo Chongshan turned and asked his men to close the door.

When he turned back, he realized that Yan Huang had already thrown a bright red flame into the pile of herbs.

Boom! The herbs in the hall were submerged in a huge ball of fire.

A heatwave floated over. Mo Chongshan felt that his clothes were going to burn.

However, he couldn’t care about his clothes currently. He rushed over to Yan Huang. He was frightened. “Oh my god, Master Yan, why are all the herbs burning?”

“Is there a problem?” Yan Huang turned around unhappily and looked at Mo Chongshan who was shouting for no reason.

Mo Chongshan didn’t care if he offended Yan Huang now. He looked at the herbs with a heavy heart. “Master Yan, there are 5000 portions of herbs here. It’s not easy collecting them. It’ll be a waste if you burn them like this.”

Yan Huang threw another red lava vital spirit into the pile of herbs. All the herbs slowly withered and melted under his control.

Amazingly, the red flame didn’t affect the furniture and ornaments in the room.

“Waste?” Yan Huang realized that Mo Chongshan misunderstood him.

He looked at the huge flame in front of him and said, “I’m not wasting the herbs. I’m just going to make them into Dan medicine all at once.”

“What?” Mo Chongshan froze on the spot. He looked at the youth in front of his silently. He didn’t know what to say.

Little Luo was dumbfounded too. He felt goosebumps.

He had always been protecting Mo Chongshan, so he had many different experiences too. For instance, he saw how Jiang Chenzi, the Dan making master from Jingning city, made Dan medicine.

When he saw Yan Huang making Dan medicine yesterday night, he felt that Yan Huang was more skilled than Jiang Chenzi in terms of Dan making. Jiang Chenzi needed pieces of equipment like a bronze furnace. On the other hand, Yan Huang just needed his hand.

Yet, now, Yan Huang was planning to make Dan medicine from 5000 portions of herbs at once, with just a flame. What the hell! What kind of Dan medicine skill is this?

Mo Chongshan was in a daze. The most number of Dan medicine someone had made in one go was two. It was by a Dan making master from Dragon city. However, Yan Huang said that he wanted to make Dan medicine from 5000 portions of herbs at once…

Mo Chongshan and Little Luo were astounded.

Ten minutes later, all the herbs turned into black balls. There were a few tens of thousands of Dan medicine. They were the simple version Strengthening Dan. The two onlookers were shocked.

“Mo… Old Master Mo… he… I mean, Master Yan… succeeded!” Little Luo stuttered.

Mo Chongshan rubbed his eyes furiously. He looked as though he saw a ghost.

Yan Huang was not as excited as the other two people. He even shook his head unhappily. “I haven’t done this in quite a while. I’m getting rusty.”

He sighed. Then he walked around the villa slowly.

“I’ll take half it. You can take the remaining 25,000 pieces.” Yan Huang placed his hands behind his back and left. “The bill will be written to Yan Dan Medicine Corporation.”

One portion of herbs could make 10 simple version Strengthening Dan.

Although Mo Chongshan was Yan Huang’s man now, he didn’t have the need to give him all the Strengthening Dan.

This was a pact formed between Yan Huang and Mo Chongshan. The cost price of every simple version Strengthening Dan was 500 thousand. Yan Huang would not care how much Mo Chongshan sold these Strengthening Dan for or what he used it for as long as he didn’t do any evil deeds with it.

Mo Chongshan had no qualms about this price. On the other hand, he was elated.

Even if he priced a Dan medicine at 2 million dollars a pill, many people would fight for it. Hence, this cost price meant that he would definitely earn a huge profit.

A simple version Strengthening Dan cost 500 thousand. Since there were 25,000 given to Mo Chongshan, Yan Huang earned 12.5 billion dollars in 10 minutes!

Yes, he earned 12.5 billion.

12.5 billion!

Mo Chongshan was shocked that Yan Huang managed to earn so much win such a short time.

“Master Yan, Master Yan, I can’t take out so much money instantly,” Master Yan shouted with perspirations on his forehead.

“That is why I asked you to send the bill to the corporation. You can give me the money in batches,” Yan Huang replied calmly. He walked up the stairs in the hall and reached the second floor.

The Flying Dragon villas were the most famous and most expensive villas on Nine Dragon Mountain. Each one cost more than a hundred million.

Yan Huang walked one round around the villa. He nodded his head in satisfaction.

There were three floors. The first floor consisted of a dining hall and the main hall for meeting visitors. The second floor consisted of luxurious bedrooms while the third floor was an outdoor terrace.

If you stood on the edge of the terrace, you could see the beautiful scenery of the entire Nine Dragon Mountain and the Nine Dragon Lake. It was an amazing scene.

The furnishing and the layout of the villas were minor factors. The most important thing was that the amount of spiritual power here was only slightly less than the Nine Dragon Lake.

This was not a problem. Once Mo Chongshan finished collecting all the necessary items, Yan Huang could put some arrays here. For instance, he could put the Spiritual Power Congregation Array and the Spiritual Power Directing Array. That way, the spiritual power in this villa would be stronger than the Nine Dragon Lake.

“Master Yan, what do you think about this house?” Mo Chongshan talked to Yan Huang respectfully after he returned to the first floor.

“It is not bad. The money will be deducted from what I earn from the Dan medicine.” Yan Huang nodded.

“Did you bring your identity card? If you did, we can go to the service center and place the villa under your name.”


Yan Huang was stunned for a moment. He forgot that you need an identity card to buy a house on earth.

“It’s okay.” Mo Chongshan could tell that Yan Huang didn’t bring it. He lowered his head and said, “I will speak to the manager of the Nine Dragon Mountain and asked him to hold the house for us.”

“Fine. We will come again next time,” Yan Huang answered calmly.

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