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Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 44 - Zenith Novels

Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 44

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editors: Fire, Wise

Chapter 44: I Would Sacrifice My Life For You

There were a total of 50,000 Strengthening Dan. Mo Chongshan called a big truck over, and it took a few men and a few hours to individually pack the Dan medicine into each jade container and each jade bottle carefully.


The jade containers were the best containers for sealing the spiritual power of the Dan medicine. In order to transfer so many jade containers over, Mo Chongshan had made a lot of effort and invested a lot of money.

When the jade containers arrived, Mo Chongshan and Luo Wu immediately went and stood on the side of the hall, their eyes opened wider than duck eggs, carefully watching their men so that no one will steal, hide or break any of the Dan medicine.


The two had no choice but to be cautious because, in their eyes, every inconspicuous looking piece of Dan medicine was worth a million dollars, or even two million dollars. This was the most important treasure to help with their cultivation. Even if a single piece was carelessly broken, they would be heartbroken for a long time.

At the start, the workers did not take much notice of the pile of black Dan medicine on the ground, but looking at Mo Chongshan’s expression, cautiously guarding the hall as if he wanted to eat people up, the workers became afraid and worried.

Of course, Yan Huang ignored these trivial things and walked down the mountain to the shores of Jiulong lake to practice cultivation.

When the moon rose and the stars in the sky flickered, Yan Huang looked back slightly and saw that Elder Mo and Luo Wu were already standing respectfully behind him. He didn’t know how long they had been waiting.

“Master Yan!” Seeing that Yan Huang had stopped cultivating, Mo Chongshan walked up immediately and said, “50,000 pieces of Dan medicine have been packed and boxed. We have two trucks, when we finish the transfer tomorrow, I will ask the workers to bring all the Dan medicine over.”

“Good.” Yan Huang nodded slightly.

When Luo Wu dropped Yan Huang off at Jiangnan First High, it was already 10:30 at night.

Jiangnan First High was a model high school in the Jiangnan City. The management was relatively strict and the dormitory closed at 11pm. So, at this time the entire school was quiet with only two to three people taking a stroll, but it looked like they were also moving towards the dormitory. 

Only the indoors sports ground, which stood in the center of the school, was still busy at this time. It was only one month away from the city’s sporting event, so all the workers were working overtime to remove the ceiling plates of the old sports ground one by one, replacing them with bright and new metal steel plates.


On the open-air sports ground next to the indoor sports ground, there was a beautiful figure jogging on the red rubber tracks.


She was beautiful, with a romantic, soft aura and long hair tied up in a ponytail that softly moved from left to right behind her. Her legs were particularly long, everyone who was jogging on the sports ground couldn’t help but to look at her.

She was Caixuan’s close friend, An Ya, Jiangnan First High’s school belle.

Although An Ya was only 18 years old, she had already acted in a few TV series. With her beautiful face, pure looks and a cold temperament, she had become popular very quickly. Even the media had named her as one of the four most popular young Chinese female actresses.


An Ya’s dream was to become a famous celebrity, so she would jog each night on the school’s sports ground to exercise.

“An Ya, you must be thirsty, come and take a sip of water.” When An Ya was preparing to return to the dormitory, a tall and handsome, impressive looking boy walked up, and opened the cap of a bottle of mineral water for her.

A few other boys who looked like they were jogging but were actually looking at An Ya the entire time, saw this and their faces became pale. “Oh my god, this is the son from the Wang family!” A boy yelled out.

“Yes, it is Wang Tiancong from Jiangnan’s famous Wang family! The Wang family of the Jiangnan city is so rich and powerful that they can just use one hand and the sky would be covered!”

“Oh my god, my school belle An, wah, us lowly ordinary people are no competition to a rich boy with such a background!”

Suddenly the entire sports ground was filled with complaints. Many girls who watched this were also stunned and angry, their eyes were spitting out fire.

The reason that they jogged here at night was because of Wang Tiancong, but their target had ran off to chase someone else.

Listening to the whispers of others, Wang Tiancong smiled wider and even more confidently.

“It’s ok, thanks for your kindness.” An Ya glanced at the man in front of her, she picked up her Chanel backpack next to the tracks and took out a water bottle. “I have brought one.”

An Ya’s refusal seemed polite, but it carried a coldness that sent people thousands of miles away.

A lot of people knew her schedule and would always attend to her at this time, An Ya was used to this.

Wang Tiancong was not angry about being rejected, he walked to An Ya’s side, still smiling.

He had seen a lot of cold and arrogant girls like An Ya. They would always be polite and reserved at the start, but that was actually a method to increase their worth.

What? 100,000 dollars a night is not enough? Then 500,000 dollars!

What? 500,000 dollars a night is still not enough? Then 1 million dollars!

Wang Tiancong believed that with his sweet words and powerful wealth as weapons, An Ya would definitely open her legs for him. He had countless examples like this.

“Big school belle An,” Wang Tiancong still showed his handsome, impeccable smile, “Next week within the Wang family’s Chunman building, we will hold the city’s largest rare stone and jade exhibition. I don’t know if a beauty like you would be interested to visit with me?”

“A rare stone and jade exhibition?” An Ya stopped drinking water and paused for a second, she had heard that there will be a huge exhibition in Jiangnan city and a lot of celebrity seniors would also be there, but she never found the invitation letter, and now the boy in front of her was actually the official organizer.

An Ya’s face slowly changed.

“Yes!” Wang Tianrong’s smile was even brighter.

Sure enough, how can there be a woman who does not like jewelry? Unless if she was a man, a shemale!

Oh, maybe a shemale will also like it!

“If big school belle An is interested, then let’s visit together. Of course, I have five to six invitation letters, so you can also invite your close friends to come!”

If she only heard the first sentence, An Ya would still be unsure, but after hearing that she could invite her friends too, An Ya had finally put her guard down.

I will invite Zeng Caixuan and Ruo Nan to go too. If there are so many people, then it will not be possible for Wang Tianrong to fool around?


Looking at An Ya’s expression, Wang Tiancong knew that she was interested. He did not hurry and instead said, “An Ya, I believe that a beautiful girl like you coming to the exhibition would add glory to the event! Well, let’s exchange our phone numbers and I’ll contact you then.”


“Ok.” Seeing that Wang Tiancong was not forcing her to say yes at this point, An Ya nodded and relaxed. This Wang Tiancong had a sense of decorum.

Wang Tiancong felt even more proud now. Humph! No matter how cold you are, you still can’t escape from the palm of my hands! He then took down An Ya’s mobile number.

With the rare stone and jade exhibition as an excuse, even if An Ya was cold, she could not ignore Wang Tiancong. With a pair of smart-ass lips, Wang Tiancong took this opportunity to send sugar-coated words her way.

“An Ya, do you know?” Wang Tiancong stretched out his hands and exclaimed with exaggeration, like he was a poet who was reciting. “You are like an ivory carved sculpture of a beautiful goddess. Generous, dignified, gentle and quiet, with everything that will make a man worship you deeply!”

“Er…” An Ya lowered her head and touched the hair next to her ears awkwardly, she suddenly regretted paying attention to the embarrassing Wang Tiancong.

“Really, An Ya, don’t doubt it.” Wang Tiancong put his left hand on his chest and stretched his right hand out and looked at An Ya with deep affection, “Boys would do anything for a beautiful girl like you, they would sacrifice anything to be with you, there will be no regrets even if it is their lives to sacrifice…”

The two continued to talk as they walked along the indoors sports ground, which was being renovated, back towards the female dormitory.

“Sacrificing themselves, even their lives?” As An Ya heard this sentence, she suddenly saw a boy slowly walking towards her. It was Yan Huang.

An Ya’s body trembled as she remembered that two days ago, Yan Huang sacrificed himself to save four people, including herself and her sisters.

An Ya’s heart shook, putting her hands tightly together. I still owe him a thank you!

Wang Tiancong looked at An Ya’s blushing face, he was immediately overjoyed with happiness and was ready to continue to praise her. Suddenly, some strange noises and screams could be heard from above Wang Tiancong’s head.

“Be careful!!”

“Get out!!”

“Get out you two!!”

Wang Tiancong raised his head in confusion, and suddenly became so shocked with what he saw that he couldn’t talk.

It was not clear when, but An Ya and himself had already walked to the side of the renovating sports ground, and it was the workers who stood on the scaffold who were loudly shouting out to them.

They were waving madly and screaming at An Ya and Wang Tiancong who were standing below, “Be careful, leave now, get out now!!”

Wang Tiancong was stunned seeing a huge plate of metal steel ceiling hanging above their heads, on the other side of the ceiling plate was a thick iron rope, which was breaking little by little…


“Get out now!!”

“Ahhh!!” Wang Tiancong’s pupils suddenly contracted violently, his sweet words and praises had suddenly became a loud scream for help.

“Save me, mom save me!!” The handsome boy who just said that he could sacrifice his life for the great beauty An Yu was now running off like mad, covering his head, completely ignoring her.

“Mm?” An Ya who had her head lowered just heard Wang Tiancong’s scream, she looked at the escaping Wang Tiancong and then looked up in confusion.

Being stretched to the extreme, the iron rope was now completely broken. The huge metal steel plate was now directly above An Ya’s head and falling straight down in her direction!

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