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Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 45 - Zenith Novels

Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 45

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editors: Fire, Wise

Chapter 45: Don’t You Ever Think About Hitting On Me

The dormitory of Jiangnan First High was behind the school, so Yan Huang naturally needed to walk past the renovating sports ground at the center of the school.

When Yan Huang walked here, he saw a thick iron rope slowly breaking. With years of use, the metal rope was getting old and no longer so strong, small strands of iron strings within the rope were bursting one by one.


Pah! Pah! The sparkling noise of electrical fire continuously came from the iron rope, breaking the silence of a quiet night with loud, screeching sounds. 

Hong! The suspended metal plate that was slowly rising made a deep, loud sound. It paused and stopped rising, and following the sparkling noise of electrical flames, it suddenly started dropping with speed.

An Ya looked up, shocked by what she saw, but it is too late.

The huge plate of steel was a few meters long and wide, it was too late when she realized that the plate was above her head and already falling.

Her hands trembled, a feeling of death and anxiety came over her body. Like a big invisible hand, it gripped her heart tightly.

An Ya widened her eyes with fear, looking at Wang Tiancong madly running away, she didn’t understand. 

How can a man who a moment ago told me that he will protect me and sacrifice his life for me leave me behind to run away by himself?!


Even if Wang Tiancong was not willing to sacrifice himself, he could have grabbed her hand, or alerted her of this and she could still stay alive.


Why? I am only 18 years of age, why should I die in this way?

With no strength to move, An Yu stood in the same spot and helplessly looked at the silver-colored ceiling plate above her head as it made crashing noise, charging down at her like a huge steel monster.

Just then, from the corner of An Ya’s eyes, she saw a figure.

It was him!

An Ya raised her head in shock, as a silhouette walked towards her from the darkness.

He was clearly not walking very fast, it almost felt like he was just taking a stroll. But with each step, he moved a few meters closer, within a few seconds, An Ya was shocked to find that Yan Huang had “walked” right in front of her.

Looking at the ordinary young man in front of her, An Ya’s heart was stirring and couldn’t say a word.

The saying that ‘when a person is close to death, their mind would run extra fast, as if a second was worth ten years’ was right. An Ya was in this state right now.

An Ya blankly looked at the ordinary boy standing in front of her with her eyes wide open. Her eyes moved so fast they almost jumped out. He…he…he… wants to die with me?

Unable to control it, An Ya’s tears ran down her face as she thought about this.

He was not very tall, should be just above 1.7m. An Ya was confident that if she wore heels, she would be much taller than him.

He was not that handsome either, his eyes were barely average looking eyes, his nose was barely an average looking nose. Compared to so many other men that were chasing after her, he was really tough to look at. When compared with the tall and handsome Wang Tiancong, he would be considered an ugly man for sure!

But does this matter?

Does this matter?

An Ya trembled and she was crying even harder.

Although Yan Huang is average in many ways, although he is very ugly looking, he was there under such adversity, in the face of life and death, and it shows one’s true heart! Sending flowers or being kind when my life is great is never going to compare with saving me when I need it!

An Ya looked at Yan Huang tearfully, her heart was soft and warm. He is willing to die for me and die with me. This is the kind of true love that leaves one dying without regrets!

Isn’t it every woman’s dream to have a sincere and unforgettable relationship?

Besides, it is already very rare for a man to sacrifice his own life to save a woman once.

For the past two days, An Ya had occasionally thought about that night where so many people, so many friends and schoolmates betrayed their group of 4 sisters. 

Yan Huang had been the only person who had stayed to save the four of them. He was willing to sacrifice himself although they only met once. 

Even though the man on the other end was the powerful Master Hong, who could step down with one foot and make the entire Jiangning city shake.

An Ya gave it some more thought. In order to save the four of them, Yan Huang must have paid a huge price right?

And now this man is even willing to die with me!

Oh my god, how earth-moving is this?

Thinking about all of this, An Ya threw herself into Yan Huang’s arms, dropping all her tears onto his chest

My love, my oppa!

Although you are not tall, not handsome and not rich either

I am still willing to have an unforgettable relationship with you, a love that will make people remember us forever, just like the love between Romeo and Juliet!

Even if we are not born on the same date, we can die on the same date. We will die without any regrets.

Yes, even though we will be dead from tonight, our bodies and bones will rot together and we will never be apart, my oppa!

As An Ya continued with her endless, messy thoughts, a clear, cold voice suddenly rose near her ear.

“What are you doing?” Yan Huang asked indifferently.

An Ya lifted herself out of Yan Huang’s arms, her face was bright red. In front of the man who was ready to save her and die with her, she had put down all of her coldness and pride.

Leaving behind the shyness that only a woman who was madly in love would have, An Ya looked at Yan Huang with her bright red face and said in surprise, “Brother Yan, have we arrived in Heaven this soon?”

It was only the second meeting and he had changed from Yan Huang to Brother Yan.

“How did we die so fast that I felt no pain? It must be because I am together with Brother Yan.” An Ya said curiously.

Yan Huang raised an eyebrow, it shook in the wind for a bit, and then a little more, his eyebrow was now a mess.

“We are not in heaven, we are on earth.”

“Mm?” An Ya looked up in confusion. She looked at Yan Huang and then looked around at the familiar surroundings, not knowing how this could happen.

“Ah!!” An Ya screamed loudly when she lifted her head and realized that Yan Huang was lifting the huge plate of metal steel with his right hand.

The steel plate seemed to have no weight, it was floating lightly on top of his hand!

“Ah… Ah… You… You…” An Ya’s eyes had nearly fallen out, she could not finish her sentence.


“Oh my god!!”


The workers who originally stood on the scaffold had shut their eyes in fear. As they didn’t hear the sound of the metal plate crashing, they slowly and carefully opened their eyes, but what they saw below shocked them. It was as if they saw a ghost!

Wang Tiancong and the boys and girls who just walked out from the sports ground were also petrified and stood still, their eyes wide and speechless as they saw Yan Huang was carrying a steel metal plate weighing a few tonnes single-handedly.

“His strength…is great… great strength…”

But Wang Tiancong was more concerned about An Ya sticking herself right against Yan Huang’s body.

Boom! Yan Huang gently pushed the plate with his hand, and the huge piece of steel plate immediately fell onto the empty ground next to him.

An Ya was still looking at Yan Huang with a shy, red face. Although she didn’t understand how Huang Yan did it, this was the second time that he saved her.

It is even better that I am still alive, so I can have an unforgettable relationship with Brother Yan!

Thinking of this, An Yan looked expectedly at Yan Huang. It happens at the end of all the heroes stories when the hero saves a beautiful girl and has to say goodbye, he will always kiss her, right?

Come on, Oppa, I am ready!

At this point, An Ya’s heart was beating fast.

Yan Huang looked at the starry-eyed An Ya, then looked at his chest, which was completely soaked with her tears, he could not help but frown.

“You made my clothes wet,” Yan Huang looked at An Ya with disgust and said. “Silly woman!” 



“Ah Ah!!”

It was like the clear sky had suddenly been struck by lightning, shocking An Ya and leaving her speechless. She even wondered if she had heard wrong!

On the other hand, Yan Huang left immediately, leaving nothing but a dashing figure in sight as he walked away.

After a long while, An Ya could finally react to what had happened, she was fuming and yelled in Yan Huang’s direction, “Ah ah, let me tell you Yan Huang, don’t you ever think about hitting on me!”

“Ah ah, this is driving me mad! It’s driving me mad!”

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