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Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 46 - Zenith Novels

Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 46

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editors: Fire, Wise

Chapter 46: The Jin Lin Organization and the Brotherhood Clan

“Wow, old Huang!” Zhang Ziyun saw the dormitory door being pushed open and immediately jumped off the bed in excitement.

“I thought you were going to leave me here by myself, it is so lonely!” Zhang Ziyun looked at Yan Huang tearfully.

Yan Huang looked at Zhang Ziyun solemnly and said, “Don’t be too excited, I am not g*y.”

Zhang Ziyun was left speechless, “With your looks, even if I am g*y I wouldn’t hit on you!”


The next morning, the first class was teacher-in-charge Lan Zhirou’s Chinese lesson. Lan Zhirou wore a pair of black stiletto heels and walked in as her shoes made some click-clack sounds. Her long, phoenix-like eyes looked around the classroom, making sure that all of her students were present, then said with satisfaction, “The class starts now!”

Everyone rose, greeted the teacher and called out, “Good day teacher.”

After they were done with the etiquette, Lan Zhirou did not immediately begin the class, but pouted and said, “All of you must know by now that our city has a sporting event next month, and the leaders of the school have asked for each class to participate in at least one program. Through a lottery draw, I got our class into the basketball program, so there will be a basketball match at 1pm. We need to wait until noon, which is when they announce which class we are playing against. All boys from our class must attend, everyone needs to remember this, girls should all go and cheer them on too!”

To Lan Zhirou, the most important thing was studying. There are only about 90 days left until the university entrance examination. It is  stressful enough as it is through the revision period and now the school is asking senior high students to participate in a sporting program. This makes me so angry.

But Lan Zhirou continued, “As we picked this program through the draw and must participate, then we have no excuse to retreat or lose face. So, to all our boys in class 10, gather your courage and motivation and do your best!”

“If you win that will be gratifying, of course, but if you lose… Then just treat it as light entertainment, studying is the most important!”

Just when Lan Zhirou finished talking, everyone in class 10 became excited. Especially the male students who were big and tall, they were even more excited and shouted.

This included Wang Tianfu and Duan Feng, who shared the same dormitory as Yan Huang. Although Wang Tianfu was fat, he was also muscular and around 1.8m in height. If he stood on the basketball court, he would look like a tyrannosaurus. He would be a serious contender for dribbling and rebounding!

Duan Feng was also tall, muscular and handsome too. Maybe it was because there was a Feng character in his name (*which means ‘wind’ in Chinese), his body was especially flexible and fast. He would be amazing at scoring and shooting goals!

Chen Biao was also shouting in excitement.

For the boys, playing basketball was a good opportunity to take the limelight, especially in front of the girls of their class and the girls from the opposing team’s class. They will have the chance to show off their handsome looks and unrestrained movements.

The feeling of scoring a goal, having girls jumping up from their seats and cheering for me will be so exciting and super cool!

Super cool!

Even Zhang Ziyun, who was thin and wore glasses, was looking at Wang Tianfu and Duan Feng with jealousy. He said sourly, “Humph, Wang Tianfu and Duan Feng will show off again.”

“If you can’t shoot the ball into the basket, what good is it for them to show off and for you to be jealous?”

“Old Huang, don’t say it as if you can just randomly throw a ball and it would go into the basket!” Hearing what Yan Huang said, Zhang Ziyun laughed, “With us smaller boys, if we get bumped by anyone, our entire body will probably fracture. How can we play?”

Yan Huang shook his head. “A basketball is so simple, I can shoot it into the basket with a random flick of a single finger.”

Zhang Ziyun’s face looked shocked. He placed his arm around Yan Huang’s shoulder. “Old Huang, when did you become so thick-skinned?”

Yan Huang’s expression was blank. “I am telling the truth.”

Zhang Ziyun nodded. “Mm, what I am saying is the truth too. Old Huang, how did your skin get so thick?”

From the start of senior high, right from last semester, class 10 had been taking practice tests and revising continuously under Lan Zhirou’s stressful orders. Even the twice weekly sports classes had been taken away by her under her tyranny. So naturally, after hearing that there would be a basketball match, all the boys and girls in the class cheered in excitement. How could they not?

After the class finished, everyone immediately started a discussion, guessing which class they would be against in the afternoon.

“As long as we don’t go against class 1 then there is nothing to be afraid of!” The fat but muscular Wang Tianfu sat behind Yan Huang and discussed the placements and strategies with a few other tall boys in the class.

“That is right,” Duan Feng responded confidently. “Apart from the elite class 1, there are no other classes that we should fear!”

Wang Tianfu and Duan Feng talked loudly, this immediately made others echo in support. Some girls even looked in their direction with blinking eyes, making Wang Tianfu and Duan Feng even more proud.

At this point, the big man Chen Biao rushed to Yan Huang’s side and started to praise him with an ass-kissing expression, “Brother Yan, are you going to participate in the afternoon match? If you participate, it doesn’t matter if we are going against class 1 from our school, we will even win next month’s city basketball championship!”  

Wang Tianfu and Duan Feng were both sitting behind Yan Huang. They immediately laughed uncontrollably after hearing what Chen Biao said.

“Chen Biao, no one cares if you want to call someone a dad and praise him, or if you want to sing the song ‘Conquer’ in front of the whole class. No one cares about that.. But we have a class basketball match this afternoon, and it represents the collective honor of our class. It is not just about you.” Wang Tianfu looked at him and sneered.

“That’s right, and he calls him Brother Yan, what a joke!” Duan Feng agreed.

“Wang Tianfu, Duan Feng!” Chen Biao’s face suddenly darkened, changing immediately from a smile to a scowl.

“What?” Wang Tianfu and Duan Feng looked at Chen Biao daringly, rolling up their sleeves and asked, “Are you trying to fight us?”

The two boys were both from families that were rich and powerful. And because they were also  tall, muscular and strong, of course they were not afraid of Chen Biao, a lowly hooligan.

“Ok, you two have some guts.” Chen Biao grinded his teeth in anger.

“Let it go,” Yan Huang shook his head lightly. “Why does it matter if I participate and win the match, it’s just a game for children.”

“Yes, yes.” Chen Biao immediately agreed and smiled at him. He had seen Yan Huang’s skills, of course he knew about Yan Huang’s abilities.

Even though playing basketball is not the same as a fighting match, but they are not so different. Besides, Yan Huang’s speed is faster than lightning, if he dribbled like that, how can anyone stop him?

Of course Yan Huang will say that playing basketball is a game for children.

“Haha!!” Wang Tianfu laughed even louder this time. “I have seen a lot of people boasting before, but never someone who was so excessive.”

“That’s right!” Duan Feng was also laughing uncontrollably, even his tears had come out. “Yan Huang, don’t say I didn’t warn you, class 1 is the most elite class of Jiangnan First High. Besides, with core members of the ‘Jin Lin organization’ in class 1, their basketball skills have always been the best in our grade”

“With a small body like yours, make sure your bones don’t get fractured when someone bumps into you just as you go up!”

“Exactly, exactly.” All of the surrounding students looked at Yan Huang and immediately shook their heads. They thought that he was excessively boastful and too shameless.

There was a saying that where there are people, there are rivers and lakes. This was the same for Jiangnan First High where the most powerful groups were the ‘Jin Lin organization’ and the ‘brotherhood clan’.

The Jin Lin organization came from ‘Jin Lin (*meaning gold scaled fish) from the middle of the lake’. Jin Rui, a straight A senior who always came on every exam, was the one who named the organization. He wanted to go to the country’s elite university, to be exposed to cultivation techniques and become powerful, just like the gold scaled Jin Lin fish that became a powerful dragon when it was exposed to the wind.

Jin Rui was a legend from Jiangnan First High. He was exactly like someone from a legend, tall, super rich, and so handsome. Not only did he have a powerful family, he was also a straight A student with a very handsome face! Almost a perfect character. According to his mid-term grades, it was certain that Jin Rui would get in Jiangnan university with a mark that would be a few dozen points higher than the requirements. It was unbelievable!

When the Jin Lin organization was founded, it attracted many people who also wanted to get into Jiangnan First High, and it formed a powerful force. The school could see that under the leadership of Jin Rui, the members from the Jin Lin organization had steady improvements in their grades, so they decided to ignore what the organization did.

Additionally, the Jin Lin organization was also known as the super millionaire clan, as most of its members were from super rich families of Jiangnan First High.

It was embarrassing for Yan Huang’s two dormitory mates, Wang Tianfu and Duan Feng, as they were not qualified enough to become members of the Jin Lin organization, they could barely even be considered as peripheral members.

There were two criteria you had to fulfill if you wanted to become a member of the Jin Lin organization. One, your grades must be very good, with a chance of getting in the country’s elite university and two, your family must be very rich and able to provide the organization with money for various tuition. 

As for the other powerful group, the ‘Brotherhood Clan’, a bad way to put it was that it was a group of poor people. Their families were all ordinary, but they were cohesive, strong-willed and courageous. Within Jiangnan First High, they were almost good enough to compete against the Jin Lin organization.

“Let alone the Jin Lin organization, even if the Dragon Tiger Sect were in front of me, they will need to kneel before me obediently,” Yan Huang said indifferently.



Everyone around took in a deep, cold breath and looked at Yan Huang with shocked faces!

Unlike Jingnan First High’s Jin Lin organization and the Brotherhood clan, who fought a little and brought some small entertainment to the school, the Dragon Tiger Sect was Jiangnan city’s real gang, almost like a local emperor.

Maybe if the core members of the Jin Lin organization all get into the elite university and all become cultivators, only then do they stand a chance against the Dragon Tiger Sect.

But Yan Huang talked about the great powerful Dragon Tiger Sect as if it was a kitten or a puppy, that they will need to kneel before him!

At this moment, some loud noises and footsteps passed through from the classroom corridor.

“Jin… Jin Lin organization!” A boy ran through the door with a pale face and yelled out in a panic. “Members of the Jin Lin organization are coming! They have especially said that they will make a visit to class 10!”

Wang Tianfu, Duan Feng and others were shocked. They were not expecting the group to arrive as they were just talking about them.

But the two rolled their eyes to the side, looking at Yan Huang who was sitting still. With a faint smile on their faces, they laughed. “Yan Huang, didn’t you say that if members of the Jin Lin organization came before you, they will need to kneel?”

“Well, now is the time to let us see what you can do, haha!” Duan Feng and Wang Tianfu laughed and said in a mocking voice.

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