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Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 47 - Zenith Novels

Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 47

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editors: Fire, Wise

Chapter 47: Fake Woman Yan Yuhan

A few tall and handsome male students walked in first. An arrogant lady dressed in flashy clothes followed behind them.

The woman placed her hands in her pockets and chewed a piece of bubble gum. She swayed her way into the room like a defiant child. She was dressed colorfully. 

Her hair was tied into many braids. Each braid had a piece of shining accessory attached to it. As she walked, the accessories made much noise.

The moment Yan Huang saw her, he knew who she was.


She was his second uncle, Yan Mingzong’s daughter, Yan Yuhan!

His oldest uncle’s son, Yan Xiaowu, was in his third year in university. Yan Yuhan and Yan Huang were both in Jiangnan First High. His fourth uncle’s son, Yan Xiaowu, was in middle school. He would enter high school next year. 

Yan Huang guessed that Yan Yuhan was here to look for him.

Yan Pengfei was Yan Yuhan’s idol. She might look like a rebellious child, but the moment she went home, she would turn into an obedient girl.

She was rebellious and wild but she never forgoes her studies. It was said that during the middle term exam, her scores were enough to get her into Jiangnan University. This made his second uncle very proud.

Yan Mingzong was excited for his daughter too. As long as his daughter entered Jiangnan university and got in touch with the arts of cultivation, he would not need to bear with his oldest brother anymore.

Since Yan Yuhan’s score was higher than the minimum score to enter Jiangnan University, she naturally joined the Golden Unicorn team.

Everyone in the Golden Unicorn team had a strong aura. When they walked in, the entire Class 10 turned quiet.

Yan Yuhan looked around the classroom. Soon, she noticed Yan Huang. He was sitting at his seat silently with no expression on his face.

This was her first time finding Yan Huang in her three years in high school.

Yan Yuhan didn’t want to recognize Yan Huang as her cousin. He was bad at studying, had no abilities, didn’t look handsome, and was timid.

When she met him in school, she would pretend that she didn’t know him.

Yan Yuhan’s force of presence was like a queen. She walked arrogantly towards Yan Huang. Those people that were in her path quickly dodged to the side in fear.

When they saw Yan Yuhan moving towards Yan Huang, the students from Class 10 finally understood that the Golden Unicorn team was here for Yan Huang. 

Wang Tianfu and Duan Feng couldn’t help but sneer.

Who asked you to boast?

Didn’t you say that even if the Golden Unicorn team came, they would have to kneel in front of you? Fine, let’s watch your performance now!

The other students in Class 10 waited in anticipation. Everyone heard what Yan Huang said just now. Was he going to pay for his words so quickly? 

Yan Yuhan came in front of Yan Huang. The young men behind her wore evil smiles on their faces. They were looking forward to the show too.

“Yan Huang…” Zhang Ziyun looked at the people in astonishment. His hands were sweating. Why was his tablemate so unlucky these few days? He offended Chen Biao and Leopard Hua. Now, the Golden Unicorn team came.

Brother, I think you should visit the temple.

Boom! Yan Yuhan raised her leg and stepped on the chair beside Yan Huang. She looked down at him.

“Yan Huang,” Yan Yuhan opened her mouth. Her voice was low and hoarse. It made her sound like an experienced old boss.

Her beautiful eyes were looking straight at Yan Huang. “I heard that you were very arrogant after you came back the day before? You said that my parents were piles of rubbish. You are bold!” 

The entire class went into an uproar. Their eyes widened.

Yan Yuhan had a bad temper. She was known as the female boss of the school. She also had the support of the Golden Unicorn team. They couldn’t believe that someone as timid as Yan Huang would scold this lady’s parents. Was he looking for death?

Even Zeng Caixuan covered her mouth with her hands in surprise.

Wang Tianfu and Duan Feng were stunned for a moment. After that, they started smiling coldly. No one can help someone who wants to commit suicide.

Yan Huang, don’t be so proud. There will be someone who can subdue you!

Zhang Ziyun felt cold sweat on his back. His tablemate was a troublemaker.

Yan Huang remained nonchalant in front of Yan Yuhan’s threat and his classmate’s jeering. He said calmly, “I’m a reasonable person. If I said that they are rubbish, they are rubbish.”

A commotion arose in Class 10 again! 

Yan Huang dared to scold Yan Yuhan’s parents right in front of her face. 

The four young men standing behind Yan Yuhan were furious. Their faces turned black as they got closer to Yan Huang.

“Get out!” Yan Yuhan suddenly turned around and shouted at the young men.

When she turned back, her eyes were red. She almost lost control of her anger. She slammed her hands on Yan Huang’s table and glared at him deadly. She whispered, “I will let you go this time because you are my cousin.”

Truthfully, as a rebellious person, Yan Yuhan didn’t have much sense of belonging to her family. She didn’t like her oldest uncle who was arrogant and haughty. She didn’t like her lazy fourth uncle too. 

Hence, even though she looked angry, she wasn’t.

She was just furious that Yan Huang scolded her parents.

Yan Yuhan spoke a normal voice, “however, stay away from Zeng Caixuana and An Ya. Don’t try to play any tricks. They don’t know much about you but I do.” 

Yes, this was the main reason why Yan Yuhan came to look for Yan Huang.

“Also, if you dare to talk bad about my parents or me, you are dead!”

“Let’s go!” Yan Yuhan stared at Yan Huang and left angrily.

The four young men behind her were confused for a moment. This didn’t make sense. Their lady boss didn’t touch Yan Huang at all. She only threatened him. 

The other students in Class 10 were puzzled too. Did she leave after saying a few words?

“This brat is too lucky!” Wang Tianfu and Duan Feng were dumbfounded. Yan Yuhan was known for her bad temper. They didn’t expect her to let Yan Huang off with just a few words.

Zhang Ziyun heaved a sigh of relief too. He wiped the cold sweat on his forehead. His beloved tablemate escaped a crisis again!

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