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Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 48 - Zenith Novels

Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 48

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anslator: Yuchaoz

Editors: Fire, Wise

Chapter 48: Basketball Competition

Yan Huang’s episode ended quickly.

Everyone was anticipating the basketball competition in the afternoon.

After the fourth lesson ended, Lan Zhirou came to the classroom.

“Teacher, hurry up and tell us who we are competing against in the afternoon!” Wang Tianfu couldn’t control his emotions anymore. He wanted to go to the basketball court and subdued some opponents. He wanted to score for his team and enjoy the cheer from the crowd.

“Yes, teacher. Who are we competing against!” Duan Feng shouted excitedly.

The other students were enthusiastic too. Their excitement could be seen clearly on their faces. Class 10 was ranked number three in terms of basketball. They were very powerful.

Lan Zhirou looked at the students and smiled brightly. “The details for the competition are out. Our opponent is Class 1.”

Lan Zhirou knew that Class 1 was ranked number one in basketball. That was why she was so happy.

That way, her class 10 would only need to play one match. They could use the rest of the time to revise. Hahahaha!

“Ah!” The students felt as though a bucket of cold water was poured on them.

Wang Tianfu and Duan Feng froze on the spot.

Everyone was frozen.

They were shocked.

Lan Zhirou’s smile got brighter. “Play well. Just like what I said, winning is good but it’s okay even if we lost. It’s just a basketball competition. The process is more important.”

“Okay. You all can go and have your meal. We will gather at the basketball court at 1 pm.”

“Classmate, ask those people who are supposed to participate in the competition to change their attire and appear there on time.”

“Okay, that’s it. End of lesson.”

Lan Zhirou left happily. She almost skipped her way to the office, leaving her students who were depressed in the classroom.

In the school canteen. When Zhang Ziyun heard their competitor, he was sad too.

“Yan Huang, why is our class so unlucky? Why is our opponent Class 1?”

Yan Huang responded half-heartedly. “Is Class 1 very good?”

Zhang Ziyun nodded seriously. “Class 1 is not very good. The one that is impressive is the Jin Lin organization.”

“The Jin Lin organization again?” Yan Huang narrowed his eyes.

“All the people that entered the Jin Lin organization are genius!” Zhang Ziyun’s eyes were filled with respect. “During the mid-term exam last month, around half of the members in the Jin Lin organization scored more than the minimum score for entering Jiangnan University.”

“Oh?” People that entered Jiangnan University would have a chance of becoming cultivators. Yan Huang got slightly interested in the Jin Lin organization.

“The founder of the Jin Lin organization, Jin Rui, is an exceptional genius. He is known as the perfect role model.”

“He is handsome, has good results, plays basketball well, and even got the black belt for taekwondo.”

“Damn it. He is all-rounded. If he is not a genius, no one is.”

“Also,” Zhang Ziyun purposely lowered his voice. “Jin Rui’s father is the vice mayor of Jiangnan city. He has a good family background. He is from a wealthy family.”

Zhang Ziyun couldn’t help but raise his hand and knocked his chest.

“What is this? As compared to him, we are nothing.”

“We are both humans. Why is our difference so big?” Zhang Ziyun knocked on his chest. He felt frustrated!

“Vice mayor?” Yan Huang started to understand some things.

Jin Rui probably had already started cultivating.

Even the daughter of the Minister of Defense, Little Wu, managed to enlightened one sense. Jin Rui should have enlightened at least two, right?

The answer was obvious. This perfect role model was not a genius. He was a cultivator.

As someone who enlightened two senses, his memory would increase exponentially. He could easily memorize a simple book. Also, because of the vital spirit in his body, he would be stronger and more agile. It was easy for him to learn any martial arts skills.

Yan Huang gave a small smile. He wanted to meet his ‘all-rounded role model’ who deceived so many people.

Everyone had waited in anticipation for the competition in the afternoon.

However, the moment afternoon came, they no longer felt this way. Every single passing second was torture to them.

A basketball competition was a way to show off your skills. No one wanted to be beaten badly by their opponent.

Soon, it was 1 pm. A huge crowd had already gathered at the outdoor court. It was filled with people like sardines in a can.

At first, not many people came to see this competition. However, when they hear that Jin Rui was participating too, everyone rushed over without thinking.

If you looked carefully, you would notice that the number of females in the crowd was more than the number of males.

Zhang Ziyun gritted his teeth jealously. “Girls. Sob. Why aren’t there girls looking for me?”

“Sob. I’m sad…”

Everyone at the basketball court was excited. Only the men from Class 10 looked depressed.

When the girls in Class 10 heard that their opponent was Class 1, they decided to betray their class. After all, their male idol was more important. If their class lost, it was fine.

Wang Tianfu and Duan Feng looked dejected too. They felt that everyone was looking at them pitifully. They were going to humiliate themselves later.

At 12.45 pm, the students from Class 1 entered the court.

Yan Yuhan walked in arrogantly. Zeng Caixuan, An Ya, Ruonan, and Mu Xiaoqiao were behind her.

Yan Yuhan’s aura was strong and frightening. The people around them moved away instantly.

Coincidentally, Yan Huang was sitting on her path. When Yan Yuhan walked over, she saw him instantly. She wore a pair of sunglasses and had her hands in her pocket. She walked towards Yan Huang and looked down at him provokingly.

Yan Huang frowned slightly. This was the second time Yan Yuhan came to provoke him.

Yan Yuhan raised her chin and turned to look at Zhang Ziyun who was sitting beside Yan Huang. “Hey you, move.”

Zhang Ziyun quickly gave up his seat.

Yan Yuhan pointed to other men sitting beside Yan Huang. “Go away.”

Five empty seats appeared beside Yan Huang.

Yan Yuhan sat down beside him without any hesitation. She lowered her head and revealed her eyes.

She scoffed at Yan Huang. “You don’t even dare to enter the court. How dare you say that you can defeat 10 men at once?”

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