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Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 49 - Zenith Novels

Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 49

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editors: Fire, Wise

Chapter 49: How Dare You Woo Five Of My Flings!

The five women surrounded Yan Huang. All the people around them looked at them.

Yan Yuhan frowned as she sized up Yan Huang. She looked as though she was looking at an artifact which just got dug up from the ground. This person seemed like a stranger to her.

In her impression, Yan Huang was always timid and shy. He would never dare to talk when they were having dinner today.

Now, he scolded his relatives at the dining table and even saved four of her best friends.

She didn’t believe him.

Yan Yuhan felt that the sun must have risen from the west. She didn’t believe anything.

Her cousin had been timid for 18 years. How could he suddenly become a powerful martial art master within a single night?

Yan Yuhan guessed that her cousin must have found someone to take his place and acted like him.

The other four ladies looked at Yan Huang with complicated expressions too. No matter what, Yan Huang did save them.

Zeng Caixuan looked at Yan Huang. Her feelings were complex. She was grateful to him for saving her life but she didn’t like his cold attitude towards her.

Her father owned a foreign trade company. She came from a wealthy family.

She was also a young lady. However, Yan Huang left her in the car for half an hour. He even asked her to sleep on the floor when she was wet all over. So evil.

Zeng Caixuan was a logical person. She knew that Yan Huang didn’t belong to her circle. She would definitely enter Jiangnan University next time and become a well-respected cultivator.

As for Yan Huang, he would probably have to go out and work after the university entrance examination. They would never have any future.

An Ya was looking at Yan Huang too. She couldn’t help but remember how he flew towards her and saved her yesterday night. He was so handsome and powerful!

However, why did you treat me so coldly after you finished saving me?

You even blamed me for wetting your clothes. You really don’t know how to treat a lady well.

Ruonan and Mu Xiaoqiao shook their heads at Yan Huang. Yan Huang saved them but he didn’t have a good background.

He was not handsome or wealthy. His parents were workers who got a salary of a couple of thousands per month. How could they live on that income?


At 12.55 pm, the participants from Class 1 came in as though they were the protagonists. They walked in from the other end of the basketball court. The person in front was a tall and handsome young man. The moment he appeared, the entire basketball court started screaming. It was crazy.

The shouts felt like an earthquake.

“Jin Rui!”

“Jin Rui!”

“Jin Rui, Jin Rui!”

“Jin Rui, I love you!”

“Jin Rui, you are so handsome!”

“Jin Rui, I want to give birth to your children!”

Even the eyes of the five ladies beside Yan Huang were shining brightly.

As a lady who liked money, Mu Xiaoqiao started panting heavily. After what happened at the Imperial Flourish Hotel, her relationship with Yang Wenrui turned awkward.

Mu Xiaoqiao thought about finding a different boyfriend. Jin Rui was a good match.

Only An Ya looked at Jin Rui for a short moment before looking back at Yan Huang.

Yan Huang saved her two times. This feeling was too hard to dispose off. Even she didn’t know that she cared about Yan Huang this much.

Jin Rui was 1.8 meters in height. He wore a white basketball uniform with gold edges. His arms and calves were bulging. He looked muscular and formidable.

Jin Rui’s features were handsome. They were angular. His eyes were enchanting. They looked like stars in the night sky. It shone brightly and were very attractive.

This was Jin Rui. Tall, handsome, formidable, charismatic.

Male idol suited him perfectly.

Zeng Caixuan turned around and compared Jin Rui and Yan Huang. However, she turned back almost immediately.

Indeed, Yan Huang was good at fighting and saved her life before. So what?

As compared to Jin Rui, Yan Huang was nothing!

Whether it was the looks, character, results or family background, Yan Huang couldn’t be compared to Jin Rui.

One was a golden dragon. The other was an eel playing in the mud. The difference was vast.

The moment Jin Rui appeared, Yan Huang narrowed his eyes.

He was right. Yan Huang felt a familiar vital spirit in Jin Rui’s pectoral region. He had succeeded in the enlightenment of the eyes and enlightenment of the nose. His third sense was going to be enlightened soon too.

Yan Huang sighed. It was a good decision to get Mo Chongshan and Hong Xin on his side.

He would not be able to collect all the rare resources he needed for cultivating all alone. If he didn’t have Dan medicines and arrays helping him, his speed of cultivation would get slower and slower. He might even be caught up by these wealthy young men.

In the basketball court, Jin Rui was not affected by the screams and shouts around him. He waved at the crowd like a celebrity. He enjoyed this feeling.


“Jin Rui is smiling at me. Oh my god!”

“Hurry up and catch me. I’m going to fall from his charm.”


Jin Rui waved both of his hands and wore a smile on his face. He admired the ladies as they screamed at him. This feeling was invigorating.

“Huh?” Jin Rui suddenly saw five familiar figures at the spectator’s stand.

Jin Rui was shocked. They were his five flings: Yan Yuhan, Zeng Caixuan, An Ya, Ruonan, and Mu Xiaoqiao. They were surrounding a young man.

Yan Yuhan was leaning very close to the young man too!

Jin Rui wouldn’t mind if it was just Mu Xiaoqiao. She had a boyfriend after all. However, Yan Yuhan, Zeng Caixuan, Ruonan, and An Ya didn’t have one.

He had done his research on them. They were all virgins. His heart was burning with anger.

“Luofeng!” Jin Rui pulled the man beside him. He pointed at the direction with his chin. “Do you know the person sitting beside Yuhan?”

“No. He looks unfamiliar. It’s my first time seeing him.” Luofeng shook his head. “He should be from Class 10. He is sitting at Class 10’s seat.”

“Why, are you jealous?” Luofeng teased him.

“Why would I?” Jin Rui immediately started smiling when he heard this. “Why would I be jealous of a nobody?”

“Haha, that’s right.” Luofeng replied, “You are an all-rounded male idol of all the ladies. Other people should be jealous of you.”

The bell signaling the start of the competition sounded. Jin Rui looked at Yan Huang darkly.

“Class 10?” How dare you woo five of my flings! You all will be dead!

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