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Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor - Chapter 5 - Zenith Novels

Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 5

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editors: Fire, Wise

Chapter 5: Don’t Block My Path

After taking in the faith energy from more than 20 people, Yan Huang was in a good mood.

The sun set and the moon rose. The beautiful evening glow lit up the clouds in the sky, making them pink in colour. Yan Huang closed his eyes feeling for the distribution of spiritual power around him. He found a place with dense spiritual power and headed in that direction.

Yan Huang unknowingly walked out of the downtown area. He arrived at a beautiful suburban area.

A mountain around 2000 meters above sea level was in front of him. A spacious road winded its way up the mountain. There were 4 lanes on each side of the road. Numerous expensive cars were driving up the mountain to the extravagant villas situated in the middle of the mountain.

As the night sank in, the lights lit up and the middle portion of the mountain turned colourful. Yan Huang could easily see the pavilions and fountains build on the mountain.

He kicked his leg on the ground flying up to the top of the mountain.

His memory stirred. This was the most famous attraction of the Jiangnan city, Nine Dragon Mountain. It was a Class 5A tourist attraction spot. No wonder the environment here was so beautiful and the spiritual power was so dense.

At the same time, the villas situated in the middle of the mountain were the most famous and expensive housing estate in the Jiangnan city. People that lived here were wealthy or powerful or both. This was where the top-tier people in the city lived.

Expensive cars drove along the road while Yan Huang flew directly to the top. His vital spirit enveloped his body and formed a thin layer of vital spirit shield. It prevented the trees and branches from injuring him.

Yan Huang was fast. The cars needed 10 minutes to reach the middle of the mountain, but Yan Huang only needed a minute.

When he reached his destination, the view in front of him changed. There was a huge misty and shimmering lake in the middle of the mountain. It was calming and refreshing. This was the well-known Nine Dragon Lake.

Yan Huang nodded in satisfaction. This was a good location. The environment here made it suitable for congregating spiritual power.

Yan Huang walked a few steps and found the spot where spiritual power was at its peak. This was a piece of flat land overlooking the Nine Dragon Lake. One look and you could take in the entire Nine Dragon Lake with your eyes.

Yan Huang crossed his legs and sat down. He practiced his ‘Yan Huang scripture’. The spiritual power in the air started gathering around him, its density increasing. It was 10 times stronger than the spiritual power at the rubbish dump!

The faith energy in his body started flowing through his meridians at a very fast speed. With the help of this faith energy, Yan Huang was able to absorb the spiritual power at a much faster pace.

This was another function of the faith energy. The stronger it was, the faster he was able to cultivate.

As Yan Huang was cultivating seriously, he suddenly heard a soft voice coming from the forest behind him.

“Grandfather, someone took our spot,” It was a small girl’s voice. She sounded indignant.

“Haha, granddaughter, this place does not belong to anyone. Whoever is that comes first will get it first. There is no such thing as taking our spot. Come on, we will come here earlier tomorrow.” The voice of someone old but strong replied the little girl.

Yan Huang flapped his ears. When he realized that they had no intention of disturbing him, he went back to focus on cultivating.

He heard their footsteps moving further. Before he went into serious cultivation, the conversations between the two people kept floating into his ears.

“Hmph! That person is so young and looked so ordinary. He looked almost the same age as me. What does he know about cultivation? He must be in a daze. Such a waste of the precious cultivation spot.”

The girl continued speaking, “I just got enlightened and wanted to come here to cultivate with grandfather. However, someone took the best spot.”

“Granddaughter, it doesn’t matter what that person is doing there. We need to have manners. The place is not owned by anyone. Anyone can use that place. Don’t make a fuss.”

“I know,” The girl pouted and replied.

The moon set and the sun rose. Yan Huang had spent an entire night cultivating at the Nine Dragon Lake.

At this moment, an old man and a young girl came out of the forest behind Yan Huang.

The old man was wearing a white practice robe, his silver hair was neatly combed to the back of his head. He was old, but he was in good health. His face was bright, and he stood upright like a pole.

The young girl beside him was around 17 years old. She was filled with the energy and vibrancy of a teenager. She was also wearing a white practice robe but it seemed tight on her. Her figure was quite good.

A few meters behind them, a fierce-looking man in a black suit followed them. He looked like their bodyguard.

The two people walked towards the empty land, and the young girl saw Yan Huang first.

She shouted, “Grandfather! That person is still there!”

“Huh?” The old man was shocked too. He woke up at dawn today in order to get this spot but the same person took it first, again.

“Grandfather, I think that he doesn’t know how to cultivate at all. No one will cultivate for a whole night. He must be here to just stone or play with his phone.”

The old man frowned uncontrollably. He was amazed too. The length of cultivation depended on the physique of a person, as well as on their psychological strength. He had reached the 2nd level of Qi cultivation but the longest he could cultivate was for 4 hours.

This young man looked like he was cultivating. The old man hesitated for a while, but he still maintained his decision and shook his head. “Little Wu, seems like we are late today too.”

“Ahhh, I am so angry!” The young girl gritted her teeth as she looked at Yan Huang’s back view. Her knuckles cracked as she clenched her fist.

“It’s fine. Little Wu, you just got enlightened. Let’s go to the back and I will teach you how to cultivate.

The young girl called Little Wu was furious. She stomped her foot on the ground, but she knew that her grandfather was a stubborn person. He meant what he said and was a righteous person. If that person got the spot earlier than them, it meant that the spot was his.

The young girl had no choice but to listen to her grandfather. She walked out of the forest unwillingly.

After the young girl and the old man left, Yan Huang suddenly opened his eyes and a white mist shot out of his mouth. The mist shot into the Nine Dragon Lake and formed huge waves in the lake.

“Not bad. This place allows me to catch up with my cultivation speed from my previous life.” Yan Huang nodded his head happily. After one night of cultivation, the amount of vital spirit in his body had slightly increased.

If he could find some arrays to carve or had some herbal medicine which could facilitate his cultivation, he would be able to increase his speed even more with the help of the faith energy. With that speed, he would reach the middle stage of foundation building in another three months. This was much faster than in his previous life.

“Buzz.” His phone rang. A new message popped up.

Yan Huang took his phone. This message was sent by his tablemate, Zhang Ziyun. There were two messages.

The first one was sent yesterday night at 11 pm. “Old Huang, are you fine? If you haven’t died, reply to me! The old witch in our dormitory will be closing the gates in half an hour. Hurry up and come back.” Zhang Ziyun was not only his tablemate, but he was also his roommate.

The second message was just received. “Old Huang, are you really dead? How can you not come back the entire night? Today’s morning class is given by our teacher-in-charge, Lan Zhirou. You must come to the lesson no matter what. If not, she will call your parents!”

Yan Huang typed, “Okay.”

After he finished his cultivation, Yan Huang slowly walked out of the forest and prepared to go to school.

Outside the forest, the old man and the young girl were fighting with each other strangely.

The young girl was holding a three-inch sword while the old man shot darts at the young girl. His hand moved quickly and the darts shot out continuously.

The young girl moved her sword around as the darts attacked her. The sounds of the darts hitting the sword filled up the air.

The 17 years old young girl actually managed to dodge all the darts with her sword!

Every time the young girl managed to dodge a dart, the smile on the old man’s face would grow wider. In the end, the old man smiled and said, “Little Wu, take my last attack, the Heavenly Angle Petals!”

The old man shot more than ten darts simultaneously. All of them were aimed at the young girl.

The young girl looked serious. She wielded the sword in her hand and prepared to block all the darts.

At this moment, the young girl got a shock. A person had suddenly appeared from the forest and was walking forward without noticing the darts at all.

“Be careful!” The old man had also seen the person and shouted anxiously. “Be careful! Go down to the floor! Get down!”

In order to make it more real, these darts were made using pure metal. If they pierced into a human’s body, a bloody hole would be formed.

Yan Huang ignored the two people that were practicing and continued walking forward with an indifferent face.

Little Wu was mad. She felt that she was going crazy!

She shouted at the person furiously, but this stupid person which took her cultivation spot just ignored her like a deaf. If he just ignored her, that would be fine. However, he was walking forward like an idiot!

“You stupid person. If you want to die, die somewhere else. Don’t involve us!” Little Wu was so angry her tears came out. If the person died here, her beloved grandfather would become a murderer.

There was no way they could save him now. The metal darts shone with a cold light. They were only a few meters away from Yan Huang.


The air was suddenly filled with the sound of the wind.

Little Wu was stunned. She froze on the spot as her mouth dropped in shock. She was speechless.

The young boy, who was around the same age as her, was still walking straight, but his left hand moved at the speed of lightning and formed lingering shadows in the air.

Then, the ten darts rested in his hand. Not a single one was missing.

The sunlight shone down and a golden shine appeared on the earth.

The young man’s right hand was in his pocket. He opened his left hand the darts fell onto the ground.

Yan Huang didn’t shift his gaze at all as he said coldly, “Don’t block my path.”

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