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Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 51 - Zenith Novels

Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 51

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editors: Fire, Wise

Chapter 51: Why Aren’t You Playing?

The five people from Class 10 were stunned. They felt a sense of uneasiness.

As expected, after Wang Tianfu and Duan Feng got dejected, Class 1 took control of the competition and Class 10 was beaten up badly. After the first interval ended, the score was 23 versus 3.

Yes, Class 1 had 23 points while Class 10 only had 3 points. They were 20 points behind class 1.

Jin Rui’s performance during the first 10 minutes was amazing.

He was formidable like a dragon. He was powerful but agile.

When he was getting the rebound, his ‘skinny’ frame didn’t lose out to Wang Tianfu’s bulky physique at all. Their muscular bodies collided with each other with a loud thud.

Unexpectedly, Wang Tianfu, who was almost 100kg, got knocked back. His arms were bruised from the collision.

When dribbling the ball, the bulky Jin Rui was actually much faster than the lean Duan Feng. No matter what direction Duan Feng dribbled his ball, Jin Rui was able to stick close to him like a leech. When Duan Feng took a shot, he would jump up and smack the ball down.

The first 10 minutes was like a personal show for Jin Rui. Out of the 23 points, 18 points were taken by Jin Rui.

As for the 3 points Class 10 got, it was due to a lucky throw by their class monitor, Wang Yingkai.

The referee blew his whistle. The entire basketball court erupted with a loud cheer.

The ladies were especially excited. They looked as though they were on drugs. Their eyes were shining brightly as they stared intently at Jin Rui.

They knew that their male idol was good at basketball but they didn’t know that he was so impressive.

Oh my god, look at Jin Rui’s muscles. Look at his fit body and his enchanting eyes. Look at how handsome he was when he took a shot. Oh my god, my heart is dying.

On the other side, Wang Tianfu, Duan Feng, Chen Biao, Wang Tianfu, and Xiao Ping stood frozen on the spot. Their faces were pale. Duan Feng legs were trembling.

All Duan Feng could think of was Jin Rui’s impressive performance just now as well as how he blocked him just now. Jin Rui was too scary!

In the middle of the first interval, Duan Feng was already going to give up. He kept feeling that there was someone following him. No matter how he defended, Jin Rui’s hand would always appear.


“Jin Rui is amazing!”

Every time Jin Rui scored some points, Yan Yuhan would get excited and cheered for him. The accessories on her hair kept making noises.

Even Zeng Caixuan and An Ya kept their gazes on the handsome man on the court.

After the first interval ended, Yan Yuhan glanced at Yan Huang and scoffed, “Tsk tsk, this is what you call a male idol.”

“If you want to woo a girl, you must do it yourself. Don’t ask someone to help you.”

“Yuhan!” An Ya stopped her. “Yan Huang really helped me block the metal plate that fell from the sky yesterday.”

Yan Yuhan rolled her eyes. “An Ya, I went to take a look at the metal plate. It weighs almost two tons. If it fell from the sky, the impact it creates when it landed would be too much for a human body to handle.”

“That’s right.” Ruonan frowned too. Her family opened a martial arts centre so she practiced martial arts before. She knew that based on what An Ya said, Yan Huang had to reach the dark state of internal energy.

Indeed, he fought with 10 strong hunks at the Imperial Flourish Hotel before. It showed that he knew some martial arts.

However, Yan Huang was just an 18-year-old high school student. Even if he practiced martial arts from young, it would be impressive if he had reached the open state of internal energy. How could he have reached the dark state?

A martial arts expert was able to open a centre and train disciples. They were respected by the country too. Ruonan’s father was 50 years old this year. He practiced martial arts from young but he only managed to reach the dark state of internal energy recently. Even if this was the case, he was still well-respected by all the wealthy and powerful families in Jiangnan city.

“An Ya, what you said is too unbelievable.” Ruonan looked at Yan Huang. She was unable to believe it.

“Yes.” Yan Yuhan crossed her arms and looked at Yan Huang with contempt. “The sky was so dark that night. This person might have used a paper plate to carry out his act. His aim is to woo you.”

“My dear.” Mu Xiaoqiao couldn’t help but held An Ya’s hand as she glanced at Yan Huang with disdain.

“You are too kind. So what if Yan Huang saved us before. We can just treat him to a meal and send him some gifts.” “I have done my research. His parents are workers. With his family background, he will never be able to become our friend.”

Zeng Caixuan shook her head as she glanced at Yan Huang. Mu Xiaoqiao’s words were brutal but it was the truth. Yan Huang was too far from their circle.

“Well…” An Ya looked at Yan Huang hesitantly. Yan Huang maintained a cold face. He had no reaction. She sighed. “Okay.”

“That’s right!” Yan Yuhan shouted. She jeered at Yan Huang blatantly without showing any signs of mercy. “He doesn’t even dare to go down and play basketball. How dare he say that he can handle that heavy metal plate. No one says such an unbelievable lie.”

Yan Huang frowned. This was the third time Yan Yuhan provoked him today.

At this moment, there was a commotion in the crowd. A figure slowly walked towards them. He was like an emperor. No matter where he went, the crowd would clear a path for him.

This person was Jin Rui.

Jin Rui walked towards Yan Huang. Yan Yuhan and the other girls started screaming.

Jin Rui gave a perfect and bright smile. He just finished playing a round of basketball so the manly aura around him was strong. The ladies around him looked at his muscles sticking out. Their faces turned red.

“Big Brother Jin, why are you here?” The arrogant Yan Yuhan immediately turned into an obedient girl when she saw Jin Rui. Even her voice became sweet.

“Big Brother Jin!” The other four ladies called him too.

Jin Rui gave a handsome smile. “I was still thinking why you all are not sitting on our side.”

“We just came here to speak to this person,” Yan Yuhan answered Jin Rui sweetly. Then, she turned and resumed her manly behaviour. “Come on sisters, let’s go back to our class.”

Just as the five girls were about to leave, Jin Rui glanced at Yan Huang indifferently. There was a glint in his eyes.

He seemed to be joking as he said, “you are from Class 10, right? Why aren’t you playing?”

Jin Rui appeared nonchalant when he said this but his eyes were glued to Yan Huang.

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