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Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 52 - Zenith Novels

Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 52

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editors: Fire, Wise

Chapter 52: I’ll Only Use One Hand

“Oh, are you sure?” Waves appeared in Yan Huang’s calmed eyes. He gave a cold smile.

He didn’t mind when Yan Yuhan provoked him because she was just a nobody. He was the immortal emperor Yan Huang. If he got angry because of her words, he was being too emotional.

This was a view of life. It was like those young idols who became famous celebrities at a young age. They had so many anti-fans attacking them every day. So what?

The young idols still eat and work as per normal every day. They still earn loads of money and lived a good life.

If someone got angry because of a few words, it showed that this person was narrow-minded.

If someone wanted to torture a person or kill him and his family because the person offended them, this person was not human. He was a devil.

The sun would not stop burning for a speck of dust. A dragon would not get angry at an ant. Celebrities and politicians who only lived for a few decades, would not get angry at people who provoked them. Yan Huang had lived for 5000 years. His heart was not so easily triggered.

If Yan Yuhan was a nobody, Jin Rui was Yan Huang’s descendant.

As a cultivator, Yan Huang accepted him with some reluctance.

“Big Brother Jin Rui, you don’t know.” Before Jin Rui could open his mouth, Yan Yuhan started mocking Yan Huang, “Yan Huang is a timid person. Why will he dare to battle with you?”

“Haha.” Mu Xiaoqiao came close to Jin Rui. She leaned so closely to him her body was almost touching him. She smiled sweetly. “Big Brother Jin Rui, he is just a poor loser. Why are you making things difficult for him?”

Zeng Caixuan looked at Yan Huang and Jin Rui. She bit her lip lightly and shook her head. The difference between the two of them was too vast.

“Oh?” From what Yan Yuhan and Mu Xiaoqiao said, they seemed to be insulting Yan Huang. Jin Rui heaved a sigh of relief. His eyes got brighter and his smile became more enchanting.

He looked at Yan Huang with contempt. Look, your true colors are revealed the moment I step in. How dare you woo my flings. In your dreams!

Wang Tianfu and the other basketball players from Class 10 walked over dejectedly and returned to their seats.

At this moment, the furious Chen Biao, who was arguing with his teammates, turned and looked at Yan Huang who was sitting calmly on his seat.

He was elated. He pushed Wang Tianfu and Duan Feng away and rushed towards Yan Huang.. He didn’t even continue his argument with them.

“Brother Yan, Brother Yan!”

Chen Biao shouted as he ran over hurriedly. Everyone looked at him. He ran to Yan Huang and started crying and panting in front of him.

“Brother Yan, if you don’t act now, our class will lose.”

Jin Rui and Yan Yuhan were stunned. They looked at Chen Biao, who was more than 1.8 meters in height, lowering himself and being respectful to Yan Huang. What a weird scene!

Jin Rui was calmer than everyone else. After being astounded for a moment, he resumed his bright and handsome smile. He looked at Yan Huang, who was still sitting on his seat and said, “Yes, brother. It’s a competition. Participation is more important. If you are afraid that I’m too powerful, I can cut you some slack since you are Yan Yuhan’s friend. I will not let you lose too badly.”

As for what Chen Biao said, Jin Rui ignored it. He was a cultivator who had enlightened two senses. Why would he be afraid of a mortal?

“Wa!” The ladies around them immediately shouted, “Big Brother Jin is so thoughtful! Big Brother Jin is so gentle!”

Yan Yuhan and her friends turned shy when they heard that Jin Rui was willing to cut some slack because of them.

“Cut me some slack?” Yan Huang looked at Jin Rui. He sneered. He raised one finger and said, “I can defeat your weak skills with just one finger.”

The crowd went into an uproar when they heard this.

As the male idol and celebrity of the school, no matter where Jin Rui went, the ladies would be attracted to him.

Hence, after Yan Huang said that, many ladies started screaming and glaring and Yan Huang.

“Oh?” Jin Rui was so angry he smiled. It was a big smile. “I will wait for you in the basketball court then. Don’t be a coward.”

“That’s right.” Yan Yuhan added on furiously. “What the hell is Brother Yan? You are only good at bragging. If you are really so powerful, go down and play. Why are you still sitting here? Other people might think you are really very powerful.”

Zeng Caixuan looked at Yan Huang in disappointment. She felt that he was being too conceited. He didn’t dare to play but he acted like he was a god.

“Brother Yan, are you finally going to play?” Chen Biao was delighted.

He turned and looked happily at Jin Rui.” Jin Rui, don’t be arrogant just because you are the leader of the Jin Lin organization. You are dead once you meet Brother Yan.”

Chen Biao was someone who saw Yan Huang fighting with Leopard Hua’s sidekicks in the alley. He believed in Yan Huang’s capabilities.

“Sure!” Jin Rui laughed in anger. “Your name is Yan Huang, right? I will wait for you on the basketball court. We will see who is better there.”


Amidst the huge commotion, the second interval of the competition was starting. The other four players from Class 10 went down.

The referee blew his whistle and said to them, “Class 10, you need one more person.”

“Chen Biao, what are you doing? Hurry up and come down.” Wang Tianfu looked around and finally saw Chen Biao in the spectator stand.

Chen Biao didn’t come down. Instead, another person stood up and walked down.

“Yan Huang?” Wang Tianfu and the others were shocked. He shouted indignantly, “Chen Biao, what the hell are you doing?”

Even Yan Yuhan and her friends were dumbfounded. They looked as though they saw a ghost.

Only An Ya’s eyes lit up. Yes, Yan Huang was able to block a metal plate that came from the sky. Why would he be afraid of a basketball match?

Yan Yuhan scoffed, “Hmph, Yan Huang, wait to get humiliated.”

Yan Huang placed his hand behind his back and slowly walked down the spectator’s stand.

The referee was stunned for a moment. He looked at the delicate man in front of him and frowned. “Student, do you want to change your attire first?”

“No need.” Yan Huang replied indifferently, “why do I need to change my clothes? It will end in a minute.”

Everyone gasped. They were flabbergasted. They started discussing among themselves.

“Who is this person?”

“How arrogant of him.”

Wang Yingkai felt his head hurt. Wang Tianfu, Duan Feng, and Xiao Ping jumped in anger. They pointed their fingers at Chen Biao and started cursing him, ignoring the fact that this was the basketball court and they were in a competition.

“Fine.” Wang Yingkai didn’t have the energy to scold anyone. He shook his head and looked at Jin Rui. “Forget it, since we are going to lose anyway, let him play.” His mouth was bitter.

The other three people stopped cursing. “That’s true. We are going to lose anyway. It doesn’t matter who is playing. Let’s start,” Duan Feng said helplessly.

“Wait.” Yan Huang walked towards Class 1 with his hands behind his back. When he reached the middle of the court, he stopped and continued, “Jin Rui, don’t say that I’m bullying you. I’ll only use one hand. Let’s have a one versus one battle.”

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