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Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 53 - Zenith Novels

Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 53

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editors: Fire, Wise

Chapter 53: I’m An Honest Person

Screams erupted in the basketball court. Everyone stared at the young man standing in the middle of the court in astonishment. Even those ladies who kept cheering for Jin Rui stopped what they were doing.

Yan Yuhan trembled in anger. The accessories on her hair knocked into each other and made noises. She gritted her teeth and glared at the young man. “Yan Huang, why are you so arrogant?”

Zeng Caixuan was stunned for a moment too. Then, she closed her eyes. She didn’t want to look at Yan Huang.

Yan Huang, how are you better than Jin Rui? Why are you fighting with him? You are good at fighting but Jin Rui is not bad too. He managed to get a black belt in taekwondo at a young age. Black belt!

Most importantly, Jin Rui was the leader of the Jin Lin organization. He is someone who could enter Jiangnan University easily in the future. He was the young master of the Jin family too. It is stupid of you to offend him just because you want to win against him!

On the other side of the basketball court, Jin Rui was astounded when he heard what Yan Huang said. He stood still for a moment before walking towards the middle of the court with a smile.

The two of them stared at each other in the middle of the court.

“Do you know who I am? How dare you only use one hand? How dare you have a one versus one match with me,” Jin Rui emphasized his words.

Yan Huang maintained an indifferent expression. His hands were still behind his back and there were no emotions in his eyes. “I’m not interested to know a nobody who is going to die soon.”

“Haha!” Jin Rui laughed. He stared at Yan Huang and coldly said, “Let’s not talk about my results or my family background. Just with my basketball skills, I’m able to win against you easily.”

“Do you know that I’m the champion of the basketball competition last year for the entire city?”

“Nobody, you talk too much.” Yan Huang remained nonchalant.

“You!” Jin Rui was furious.

“Fine, I shall satisfy you. Let’s have a one versus one match,” Jin Rui said angrily. He turned and spoke to the rest of his classmates, “Luofeng, go back. I will battle with this bastard alone.”

Yan Huang shouted at his teammates without even turning. “Get back!”


Wang Tianfu was indignant.

Duan Feng almost vomited blood.

“Yan Huang, what right do you have to ask us to go back? Are you going to play this match alone?” Wang Tianfu shouted furiously.

“That’s right!” Duan Feng shouted, “This is a class competition, not your personal show.”

At this moment, Jin Rui turned and looked at Wang Tianfu and Duan Feng. He glared at them. “Get out!”

“Erm, I’m sorry, boss!”

“We’re sorry. We will go back immediately.” Wang Tianfu and Duan Feng obediently left the court.

Wang Yingkai looked at Yan Huang and shook his head. They were already humiliated. Why was Yan Huang trying to embarrass himself further?

“How do you want to compete?” Jin Rui narrowed his eyes and looked at Yan Huang coldly.

“We will play the same way as what you all were playing just now.”

“Sure,” Jin Rui agreed readily. He turned and said to the coach. “Referee, clear the scored. We will be having a one versus one battle for 10 minutes.”

“No need,” Yan Huang replied readily, “I will let you have a 20 point advantage. We will continue from here.”

His words created an uproar among the crowd.

Yan Yuhan was no longer angry. She just stared at her cousin flabbergasted. She wondered if he was sick or crazy.

Zeng Caixuan lowered her head instantly. She said to her friend sitting beside her, “From today onwards, don’t tell anyone that I know Yan Huang. I can’t afford to embarrass myself.”

Even An Ya, who had confidence in Yan Huang at the start, smiled awkwardly.

Chen Biao looked at the people staring at him as though he was an idiot. His face turned red. He covered his face with his hands and muttered to himself, “Brother Yan, Brother Yan, are you being too arrogant?”



Jin Rui laughed. He was certain that this young man whom he thought was his rival in love was actually an idiot.

Even the referee was speechless. His mouth corners kept twitching.


The match started. The referee threw the ball into the air.

Jin Rui, who was 1.8 meters in height, gave Yan Huang, who was 1.7 meters in height, a cruel smile. “Young man, let me make you into the biggest joke of the Jiangnan First High today!”

After shouting, Jin Rui shot into the air. When he jumped, Yan Huang was still standing on the ground stupidly. Jin Rui started to look down on him even more. This idiot was indeed a sheep in wolf’s clothing.

The audience around started jeering and laughing at Yan Huang.

Jin Rui caught the ball and landed on the ground. He dribbled the ball and ran towards the net. To him, the results of this match were obvious.

“Huh?” While Jin Rui was enjoying the cheers around him, everyone suddenly turned quiet. It was as if someone pressed the mute button.

Jin Rui was stunned. He realized that the ball didn’t rebound back to his hand.

He heard the sound of a ball bouncing on the ground behind him.

Jin Rui looked down in astonishment. The ball in his hand was gone.

He looked back. Yan Huang was dribbling the ball towards the other net.

Jin Rui was dumbfounded.


“Oh my god!” The entire basketball court gasped in shock.

While Jin Rui was frozen in surprise, Yan Huang dribbled the ball and slowly ran towards the backboard. He took two steps and threw the ball right into the net.

Everyone was astounded not because Yan Huang managed to snatch Jin Rui’s ball and scored a point. It was not because Yan Huang only used his right hand to dribble the ball too. They were shocked because, throughout this whole process, he only used one finger.

Jin Rui looked at Yan Huang as he used his forefinger to push the ball up into the neck. He looked as though he saw a ghost.

Yan Huang slowly walked back to the middle of the court and gave Jin Rui a bright smile. “Oh, I almost forgot. When I was still sitting in the spectator stand just now, I said that I can defeat you with just one finger.”

“I am an honest person. If I say I will use one finger to defeat, I will do it.”

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