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Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 54 - Zenith Novels

Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 54

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editors: Fire, Wise

Chapter 54: Met A Ghost Today!

“Oh my god!” Yan Yuhan stared as Yan Huang casually took over Jin Rui’s ball, then casually balanced the ball with one finger towards the basketball net, she couldn’t stop herself from yelling out in shock[1. Testing]!

“Was my eyes blurry, was my eyes blurry just then?!” Yan Yuhan shouted while he grabbed Zeng Caixuan.

Zeng Caixuan’s didn’t react even though Yan Yuhan grabbed her arm and shook it continuously. She covered her mouth with her hands in shock, and couldn’t believe what Yan Huang just did. Then she looked incredulously at Jin Rui, who was dazed and standing in the middle of the court, as if he was dreaming!

That happened too fast. I just saw a shadow of Yan Huang, and the basketball had somehow transferred from Jin Rui’s hand into his. Then he just slowly dribbled the ball towards Class 1’s basketball net, as if he was taking a stroll!

“F**k!” Ruonan couldn’t help it and swore, it was a contrast as she wore short hair that reached her ears which made her look clean and neat. Her heart tumbled violently. This Yan Huang had hidden talents, did he already surpass the dark state of internal energy? Oh my god…

“Ah!!” Mu Xiaoqiao screamed, her eyes bulged out as if they were going to jump out!

She trembled and said, “How can this… How can this… Yan Huang is just a poor loser… He… How can he take Jin Rui’s two points!!”

An Ya also covered her small mouth in shock, her beautiful eyes blinked continuously. But after the shock, she was secretly feeling a little pleased. “Of course… Of course Yan Huang has hidden talents, he is impressive!”

The whole court was so silent that you could even hear a pin drop!!

Most of the girls were shocked with their eyes wide open and completely speechless, as if their necks were strangled!

Not only were students from Class 1 shocked, the boys and girls from Class 10, and Yan Huang’s deskmate, Zhang Ziyun, were also stunned as if they saw a ghost when they watched Yan Huang shoot the ball into the basket with just one hand!!

“Old Huang… Old Huang… When did you become such a boss?” Zhang Ziyun’s eyes were bulged out like a pair of goldfish eyes.

In the silent seating area, there was only the sound of one person who laughed pleasantly, and it spread through the entire court!




The one with the unique laughter was Chen Biao!!

Chen Biao ran around the seating area and celebrated in joy, he was just missing a flag!

With a smug face, he ran towards Wang Tianfu, Duan Feng, the class president Wang Yingkai and Xiao Yingming, who were all so stunned that you could fit an egg into their mouth. Chen Biao laughed loudly and looked at the four people in front of him with contempt. “I told you, you should have recognized a buddha and prayed when you saw one, but you were all blind!!”

“As long as Brother Yan plays on the court, we will win no matter what, Jin Rui is just a small piece of nothing!”

“What did daddy tell the four of you so many times already? But you four idiots just won’t listen, won’t listen!!”

“Ahaha, now you deserve it, you deserve it now!!”

The whole court was silent, Chen Biao’s unique laugh and his smug words spread rampantly through the audience.

Wang Tianfu and Duan Feng gave each other a difficult look and both gulped in quietly.

“Umpire.” Yan Huang looked at the umpire who was standing like a sculpture and said indifferently.

“Ah??” It was like the umpire just woke up from a dream. “What happened what?”

“Blow the whistle.”

“Oh oh!!”


“Class 10 scored two points, the score is now 23 to 5. It’s Yan Huang’s turn to attack!”

“Oof!!” Jin Rui just came to his senses and took a deep breath in, finally taking Yan Huang seriously. He was puzzled, when did Yan Huang take the ball from his hand?

“I never knew that you would hide your talents so well!” Jin Rui was a seasoned basketball player, and recovered himself very quickly. “Your name is Yan Huang right, I’ll remember you and won’t underestimate you anymore!”

Yan Huang replied indifferently. “In my eyes, there is no difference if you underestimate me or not.”

“Arrogant!” Jin Rui could not help but yell out. “Come, if you manage to attack, I’ll reward you with a big shot.”

“Ha~” Yan Huang stretched his mouth open just slightly and sneered.

With a push downwards, the ball bounced off the ground. Yan Huang then lifted one finger and used it to bounce and dribble the ball towards Jin Rui slowly.

Jin Rui was in a slight squat position, like a violent bear guarding its ground, his electric eyes stared at Yan Huang’s every move closely. However, Yan Huang dribbled the ball forward with the light tap of a single finger, as if he was just taking a stroll without any pressure.

“It’s ok it’s ok!!” In the sitting area, Yan Yuhan shouted as if he was encouraging herself. “Jin Rui was cut off by Yan Huang only because he had underestimated him momentarily!”

“Mm-hmm!” Zeng Caixuan tightened her fist and nodded in agreement, her sense told her that Yan Yuhan was right.

Jin Rui was definitely strong and muscular in appearance, he was over 1.8m tall, with strong legs and defined muscles. In front of Jin Rui, not to mention other things, Yan Huang was already a head shorter!

Although Yan Huang had advanced to the foundation building state and his body was much stronger than before, but in all honesty, his frame was as skinny and weak as a little girl when compared to Jin Rui’s sturdy body!

Jin Rui didn’t know why, but he felt pressure all over his body, even when he was facing a weak and girly looking Yan Huang. It felt as if he was not facing a human, but an ancient T-rex!!

Yan Huang was clearly still relaxed as he slowly walked over in small steps, but Jin Rui would take a step back when Yan Huang took a step forward; if Yan Huang dribbled and took two steps forward, Jin Rui would take two steps back!

Unwittingly, Yan Huang had easily walked past the middle of the court over to Class 1’s side. When Jin Rui saw the two-point territory under his feet, he finally had a rude awakening. Damn, I can’t go back anymore!

Sure enough, Jin Rui suddenly saw that Yan Huang squatted down slightly, with a tap of a finger, the basketball immediately and obediently jumped to the tip of his finger as if it was a fairy. He is ready to shoot!

Jin Rui was stunned, he threw himself at Yan Huang like a black bear jumping onto a tree! At mid-air, Jin Rui looked down and saw that Yan Huang was grinning. He made a fake move with his right hand!

Yan Huang twisted his right hand and pushed his finger behind him, causing the ball to follow and circle around him once and finally back in front of him!

As Jin Rui jumped too suddenly, he fell onto nothing and had to take two steps forward to steady his body!

However, Yan Huang dodged Jin Rui from behind and dribbled two steps forward slowly. With his raised fingertip and the sound of Fweuu, the ball had comfortably landed into Class 1’s net again.


The sound of audience breathing in cold air had once again filled the quiet basketball court. 

They looked at Yan Huang, then looked over at Jin Rui. They are sure of one thing, they’ve really met a ghost today!

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