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Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 55 - Zenith Novels

Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 55

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editors: Fire, Wise

Chapter 55: Get down!

The ball entered the net.

“Class 10 scored 2 more points. 23 versus 7. The ball goes to Jin Rui now!”

Exclamations could be heard in the basketball court. When Yan Huang first scored, everyone was just surprised. Now, they were shocked.

People started discussing among themselves. Many ladies gave a confused look. If Yan Huang was lucky to score the first time, he wasn’t just lucky now.

Jin Rui took over the ball from the referee in a daze. He heard the jeers from the crowd and saw the puzzled and disappointed looks of the ladies. He felt extremely humiliated!

He was the all-rounded male idol of the school. He was the legendary scholar of the Jin Lin organization. He was the young master of an elite family in Jiangnan city. He was the epitome of perfect.

This was the first time he got humiliated in front of so many people!

“You are dead!” Jin Rui’s eyes were burning with anger as he looked at Yan Huang who was still standing calmly in the court.

Yan Huang didn’t say anything. He just stood proudly under the backboard of his team and stuck out one finger at Jin Rui. He hooked his finger at Jin Rui.

This was an utter provocation!


Jin Rui exploded in anger!

He shouted and dribbled the ball quickly as he dashed towards Yan Huang. He moved as fast as a sports car. Jin Rui was so furious he used all his vital spirit. He congregated them at his legs. His speed instantly increased exponentially.


To the spectators, Jin Rui had turned into a ghost shadow.

“Jin Rui had released all his strength!” The students from Class 1 shouted in excitement. They knew Jin Rui well.

“That’s right!” Another young man from Class 1 said, “We know that Jin Rui never used his full strength normally. I didn’t expect this Yan Huang to be able to let Jin Rui release his full potential.”

“Wow!” The ladies around them got confident of Jin Rui again when they heard this. Their eyes lit up and they started cheering for Jin Rui again.

Yan Yuhan saw Jin Rui’s extreme speed and heard what the male students said. She immediately got more confident.

“That’s right!” Yan Yuhan gritted her teeth as she glared at Yan Huang. “Yan Huang, I admit that you are quite powerful. You are able to score 4 points in front of Jin Rui. However, Jin Rui had turned serious now. I want to see how you are going to handle him now.”

Zeng Caixuan’s eyes widened when she saw the powerful Jin Rui. She was astounded.

She had never seen someone who could run so fast when dribbling a ball. He seemed even better than those NBA players.

An Ya felt her heart stopping. She looked at Yan Huang worriedly.

“Jin Rui, Jin Rui.” The ladies at the basketball court started cheering loudly for Jin Rui again. “You will score all the points, you will pass through all obstacles. You are invincible!”

The entire basketball court was filled with cheers and shouts. It was like the waves of a tsunami, continuous and forceful.

Yan Huang was like a lonely piece of rock at the seashore. He had to withstand the entire tsunami all alone.

“Ah!” Jin Rui screamed in anger.

His body seemed to turn into the waves of a tsunami. The huge force of his waves seemed to carry the entire power of the earth. The force rolled towards Yan Huang. Jin Rui wanted to slam Yan Huang to death on this seashore. He wanted to get back the 4 points that humiliated him.

“Yan Huang, let’s see how you will stop me this time!” Jin Rui shouted with bloodshot eyes.

Every time the basketball bounced on the ground, it formed a huge vibration.

Jin Rui placed some of his vital spirit into the ball when he dribbled it. Every time it landed, the vibration would strike people’s hearts like a huge drum. The deafening sound made people frightened.

If a normal person saw Jin Rui’s force of presence now, they would have already lost.

Yes, Jin Rui did this on purpose. This was a small trick. He used his vital spirit to bounce the basketball so that it could produce a huge sound.

After so many years of playing basketball, this trick always worked. Many seniors who were better than him in terms of basketball skills got frightened by this move. This crippled their fighting spirit.

In face of the cheers from the crowd and the shouts of anger from Jin Rui, Yan Huang continued to stand calmly at the same spot with his left hand behind his back and his right hand in front of him. One of his fingers was raised up. He was not affected by all the noises around him.

He even yawned out of boredom.

“Ah!” Jin Rui entered the two-point line and screamed in anger. His force of presence increased again.

He took two and a half step after the two-point line. Each step was one meter wide. At the last half a step, he leaped into the air and pounced at the backboard like a ferocious tiger.

Everyone quickly understood that Jin Rui was going to perform a slam dunk.


The audience started screaming furiously. They were extremely excited. They started shouting, “Slam dunk! Slam dunk! Slam dunk! Slam dunk!”

“Jin Rui is amazing!” Mu Xiaoqiao saw the handsome posture of Jin Rui when he leaped into the air and jumped up happily. Jin Rui’s face was so handsome. Mu Xiaoqiao’s eyes were shining.

“Jin Rui is showing his true powers!” Yan Yuhan screamed.

“As expected of Jin Rui. He is so powerful!” Zeng Caixuan looked at Yan Huang who was still standing on the same spot. She glanced back at the handsome and elegant figure in mid-air. Jin Rui was like an immortal that descended from the sky. She shook her head. “Yan Huang, although you were lucky and managed to score 4 points, the god of luck will not always help you.”

Wang Tianfu, Duan Feng, Xiao Ping, and Wang Yingkai heaved a sigh of relief. “Looks like Jin Rui finally released his true power. Yan Huang, you are good but you still lack a lot.”

It was understandable that they would speak like this. They fought with Class 1 for 10 minutes and only managed to get 3 points. However, Yan Huang only took a few seconds to gain 4 points under Jin Rui. It was a lie if they didn’t feel jealous of Yan Huang.

If Yan Huang was able to win Jin Rui in the end, did it mean that the four of them were trash?

Thus, although they were from Class 10, they still hoped that Yan Huang would lose this match.

Jin Rui looked confidently at Yan Huang who was stood frozen on the ground. He looked as though he was shocked by his aura. Jin Rui smiled.

“Hmph, I’m a legendary cultivator. How can a normal person like you fight with me?”

“Are you afraid now?”

Jin Rui disregarded Yan Huang and focused on the backboard. He raised his hand and prepared to dunk the ball into the net.

“Huh?” At this moment, Jin Rui felt something flashing passed his eyes. He saw a figure spurting up from the ground.

“Get down!” An angry howl echoed through the entire court.

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