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Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 56 - Zenith Novels

Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 56

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editors: Fire, Wise

Chapter 56: Astounded The Audience

Yan Huang appeared in the middle of the whirlwind and spread his hands out like an eagle. He jumped into the air as quickly as a rocket.

In a blink of an eye, a figure appeared in front of Jin Rui.

It was Yan Huang.

Jin Rui was shocked. Yan Huang looked down at him sarcastically and then raised his hands. As Jin Rui stared at him dumbfounded, he raised his shining finger and aimed it at Jin Rui and his basketball.

Jin Rui was flabbergasted. He felt that Yan Huang didn’t move very fast but when his finger came down, he heard the roar of the wind.

“Get down!” Yan Huang shouted loudly. At the same time, Yan Huang’s finger tapped Jin Rui’s basketball lightly.

However, Jin Rui felt the weight of a meteorite landing in his hand.

It was as if an entire mountain fell on his shoulder.

The entire world seemed to have fallen on him.

Jin Rui used his fastest speed and flew backward. His back slammed heavily on the floor.

Boom! The sound of his fall onto the ground was clear and echoed through the entire court.

At first, many ladies were standing up and cheering loudly for Jin Rui. They jumped around and shouted at Jin Rui excitedly. They were mesmerized by Jin Rui’s handsome posture and charisma. However, now, all of them had their mouths opened wide like a duck that got slit in the throat. No sound came from their mouths.

One second ago, the basketball court was filled with screams and cheers.

The next second, there was dead silence.

After a short moment of silence, gasps were heard. The entire court went into an uproar.

“Oh my god, what on earth happened!”

“Jin Rui… my male idol… he got blocked by someone!”


Yan Yuhan froze on the spot. She looked at her cousin. He seemed so unfamiliar. He was like a stranger to her.

“Er…” Zeng Caixuan had her mouth agape. She was astounded at what happened in the court. She gasped in disbelief.

How is this possible? If Yan Huang’s first two confrontations were won based on luck, this confrontation was definitely not. This was a frontal confrontation. Yan Huang managed to block Jin Rui and even slammed him to the ground!

“Oh my god!” Mu Xiaoqiao eyes almost popped out. She kept muttering to herself. Her world seemed to have shattered.

“How is this possible… how is this possible… Yan Huang is just a poor and normal person. How could he defeat Jin Rui!” This is illogical!

Ruonan was flabbergasted too. She knew that Yan Huang’s internal energy had exceeded the open state. He had achieved the dark state of internal energy.

“Ah!” Compared to their astonishment and disbelief, An Ya was excited. She jumped up from her seat in happiness.

“Ah, Yan Huang is amazing!”

Yan Yuhan and the other three ladies turned and looked at her. An Ya quickly shut her mouth up but she was still blushing.

“Ah… damn it!” Wang Tianfu couldn’t help but cursed. He squeezed the water bottle in his hand tightly and it burst.

Duan Feng was stunned. He scratched his head with both hands. He felt goosebumps on his head.

“Wa!” Wang Yingkai was in a daze for a long time. Suddenly, he jumped up and rushed to the cheerleaders of Class 10. He shouted elatedly, “Hurry up and start cheering! Class 10! Class 10! Class 10 will win! Yan Huang is amazing!”

“Hurry up and cheer!”

Wang Yingkai quickly gathered the other representatives of the class and cheered for Yan Huang.



No one knew when Chen Biao came in front of Wang Tianfu and Duan Feng. He started shaking his butt and followed the actions of the cheerleading squad. It looked really ugly when a man like him did such feminine actions.

However, he didn’t mind.

He had smiles all over his face. He jumped around Wang Tianfu and Duan Feng while mocking them. “Hey, Fatty Wang and Skinny Duan, didn’t you say that Brother Yan can’t make it?”

“Come on, you can go and play now.”

“Go on!”

“If you have the guts, go and play now!”


Yan Huang landed on the floor lightly. He walked to Jin Rui who was badly bruised. He picked up the ball beside him and slowly walked towards his backboard. He looked as though he was taking a stroll in the garden.

The ball flew into the net.

The referee trembled as he announced, “Class 10 scored 2 points again. The score is now 23 versus 9. The ball goes to Yan Huang now.”

The referee looked at Jin Rui who was still sitting on the ground. He asked, “Student Jin Rui, do you wish to continue fighting?”

Jin Rui was still unwilling to admit defeat after the first two round but now, he was in a daze.

He couldn’t believe what happened. His jump seemed like nothing but he used the power of his vital spirit. With the help of his vital spirit, he would have broken a wall down if he bumped into one.

Yet, in front of Yan Huang, he was like nothing. He wasn’t as fast as him and his strength was weaker too. He got defeated with a single finger!

Jin Rui looked at Yan Huang in shock. What kind of power is this? Why is he able to defeat me with just one finger? How frightening is his power?

Jin Rui didn’t sense any vital spirits in Yan Huang’s body. If not, he would have guessed that Yan Huang was a cultivator too.

Could it be… Jin Rui suddenly thought of a possibility. Could it be Yan Huang was a stage higher than him? Could it be that he had already reached foundation building

When the difference in the levels of cultivation was too vast, a cultivator would not be able to sense another cultivator’s vital spirit.

No. Jin Rui rejected this idea the moment it appeared.

He knew all the foundation building masters in the Immortal dragon nation. He knew that Yan Huang was not one of them. All the foundation building masters were older than 50 years old.

He was able to enlighten two senses because he had the help of a vast amount of Dan medicine and multiple cultivators guided him. He enjoyed these privileges because he was the son of the vice mayor of the city. With his speed of cultivation, his masters complimented him and said that he was a rare talent in cultivation.

Yan Huang was just a poor and normal man. How could he get so many resources!

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