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Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 57 - Zenith Novels

Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 57

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editors: Fire, Wise

Chapter 57: You Can’t Even Beat Me When I Used Only One Finger

For the rest of the competition, the basketball court was dead silent. Everyone was looking at the competition with their mouths agape and their eyes wide-opened. It lasted for 10 minutes. In the end, everyone’s mouths were dry.

The cheers for Jin Rui only happened at the start of this 10 minutes. After that, there was no sound. The atmosphere of the basketball court was stifling. It was hard for people to breathe properly.

Jin Rui experienced the taste of despair.

No matter how he tried to score, no matter how fast he was or how much power he used, a finger would always be following him around like his shadow.

This was not a finger, it was a closely-knitted net. Even when he struggled furiously, Yan Huang could easily pin him on the ground.

Yan Huang didn’t just catch his rebound like what he did to Duan Feng. Instead, Yan Huang smashed both him and the basketball onto the ground.

The crowd was in such astonishment no sound came from them.

Every time Jin Rui took a shot, Yan Huang would appear suddenly above him and threw him onto the ground forcefully. This process kept repeating.

The process was the same and the results were the same. The only difference was, Jin Rui resisted harder and harder each time.

Of course, no matter how much he struggled, it was useless.

The referee blew his whistle and the second interval ended. The crowd woke up from their stupor in an instant.

They looked at the score in a daze. 23 versus 30.

Class 1 had 23 points while Class 10 had 30 points.

That meant that in the second interval, Jin Rui didn’t score at all while Yan Huang scored 28 points. He managed to turn the tide easily.

The competition ended. Yan Huang took the basketball and stood under Class 10’s net. He placed the ball on his forefinger and then pushed it into the air.

The basketball shot out of his finger, bringing the wind with it. It accurately landed in Class 1’s net.

The crowd remained silent!

The crowd remained silent!

Yan Huang clapped his hands calmly to show that this magnificent feat was nothing to him.

He disregarded everyone and walked out of the basketball court. Before he left, he spoke to Jin Rui in a slow tone, “Is this the all-rounded male idol, the talent in basketball?” His voice rang loudly through the entire court. It was deafening. “Hmph, you can’t even beat me when I used only one finger.”

It was as though an earthquake happened in the court.

A few ladies who were deeply in love with Jin Rui burst into tears.

Yan Yuhan, Zeng Caixuan, Mu Xiaoqiao, and Ruonan stood frozen at their seats. Their faces were pale. Yan Huang’s words were like a hammer. It hammered all their arrogance and dreams away.

On the other hand, An Ya was blushing furiously. She looked at Yan Huang as he left. Her gaze was filled with admiration and surprise.


Wang Tianfu accidentally burst the water bottle in his hand. Water flowed out of the bottle.

“Ouch!” Duan Feng used too much force and unintentionally pulled his hair out. His blood was freezing! His blood was freezing!

The handsome and elegant Jin Rui was lying on the floor of the basketball court like a pile of dirt. Then, he vomited a mouthful of blood.


“Old Huang, Old Huang!” The moment Yan Huang came out of the basketball court, Zhang Ziyun rushed towards him like a gust of wind. Excitement was all over his face. He looked as though he was high on drugs.

Last Friday, when Yan Huang used one hand to grab Chen Biao’s finger and made Chen Biao submit to him, Zhang Ziyun was already flabbergasted. Now, after Yan Huang used one finger to subdue Jin Rui, Zhang Ziyun was ready to go on all fours.

“Yes, what is the matter?” Yan Huang turned and asked. Zhang Ziyun was Yan Huang’s best buddy. Even when Yan Huang just got reborn and was at his lowest point in life, he didn’t leave him. Hence, Yan Huang had a very good impression of him.

“Old Huang, did you learn some amazing skills behind my back?” Zhang Ziyun was extremely excited. “I feel that you became really powerful these few days.”

“Yes. You should get used to it soon.” Yan Huang paused and continued, “I will continue to become even more powerful. If everything goes as planned, I will become more and more powerful.”

“Wa!” Zhang Ziyun screamed. “Not only did you secretly learn some amazing skills, you even learned to be thick-skinned!”

“I didn’t secretly learn it. I learned it blatantly,” Yan Huang replied.

“Really?” Zhang Ziyun widened his eyes. “I was just kidding. What skills did you learn? Can you teach me?”


“Really?” Zhang Ziyun felt that Yan Huang was tricking him since he agreed so easily. However, based on Yan Huang’s performance, he was really strong. He could jump a few meters in height and leaped a few meters with just one step. He was like those martial arts master in a drama.

Zhang Ziyun was dumbfounded. Last time, Yan Huang was a weak and fragile person. When did he become so powerful?

After observing him for a few days, Zhang Ziyun had to admit that Yan Huang really became stronger.

Everyone had a hero dream. Zhang Ziyun had one too. He was skinny and weak so he always got bullied but it made his hero dream stronger.

Now, Yan Huang suddenly became so powerful. He was like the male protagonist in dramas. After the male protagonist fell down a cliff or dropped into a well, they would find some secret martial arts scripture and turn into martial arts experts in a blink of an eye.

Hence, Zhang Ziyun hoped that Yan Huang could teach him some skills.


“Really?” Zhang Ziyun asked again.


“You are not kidding?” Zhang Ziyun was suspicious.

“You don’t have to learn if you don’t want to.” Yan Huang rolled his eyes and left.

“Wait!” Zhang Ziyun chased after him hurriedly. “Old Huang, what kungfu did you learn? Is it something like the Nine Yin Skeleton Claw, the Jade Girl Scripture, or the Sunflower Bible?”

“I will not castrate myself!”

“If you want to castrate, I will not stop you. I will find some time to see what scripture is suitable for you.”

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