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Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 58 - Zenith Novels

Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 58

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editors: Fire, Wise

Chapter 58: They Call Me A Meteor Or A Dragon!

For the entire afternoon, everyone came to look at Yan Huang whenever there was some rest time in between lessons. Yan Huang had become a celebrity in school.

Some of them were respected and in awe of him. Others were furious and suspicious. Everyone had different thoughts in their heads.

Yan Huang disregarded the looks other people were giving him. Instead, he listened to the English lesson and frowned as he looked at Zhang Ziyun.

If Yan Huang’s parents were below average in terms of talent in cultivation, Zhang Ziyun was worse than them, much worse.

If the maximum points for the talent were 100 points, Yan Huang’s parents had around 30 points while Zhang Ziyun had only 10 points. He might be even lower than this.

Yan Huang felt his head hurt. Should he let Zhang Ziyun learn the Green Lotus Longevity scripture too?

No! Based on his talent, he wouldn’t be able to learn the Green Lotus Longevity scripture.

If Yan Huang was still the powerful immortal emperor, he would be able to change Zhang Ziyun’s fate and used the power of heaven and earth to increase Zhang Ziyun’s potential.

If he had ample resources, he might be able to make a few immortal Dan medicine which could help Zhang Ziyun in his cultivation journey.

However, he didn’t have any of the above. He was just a youth at foundation building. The earth lacked resources as such he wouldn’t be able to get so many rare herbs and stones.

“Huh?” At this moment, the person sitting in front of Yan Huang turned slightly and passed him a pink envelope under his armpit.

Yan Huang was stunned for a moment. Zhang Ziyun was doodling on his English textbook. He was drawing their beautiful Ms. Lan Zhirou. When he saw the envelope, his eyes lit up. Before Yan Huang could react, he had already snatched the envelope over.

Zhang Ziyun opened the envelope. There was a love letter inside.

“Hmph!” A faint snort of a female could be heard in the quiet classroom.

Yan Huang shook his head. He didn’t have any interest in the love letter.

Maybe they saw someone acting already so all the other girls in Class 10 decided to follow suit.

On the podium, a balding male teacher was explaining the English test paper they took last week.

Below the podium, many people started moving secretly. It was like the beginning of a storm.

The students sitting around Yan Huang started getting busy. Numerous envelopes were being passed to them. Some were bold red in color while others were in pink. Of course, they were some black and grey envelopes too.

Yan Huang opened one of the black envelopes. It was filled with angry words and curses directed at him.

It scolded Yan Huang for defeating her much-beloved Brother Jin Rui today in front of so many people. The girl said that Yan Huang was extremely evil.

The sender told Yan Huang that he had nothing to be proud of. He only knew how to play basketball. On the other hand, her Brother Jin Rui was handsome and had a good family background. His results were amazing too. Yan Huang was short, ugly, and bad at studying. All he could do was play basketball. He had no right to be compared with Jin Rui!

Yan Huang looked at the end of the letter. Hey, this person even dared to write her name down.

The student in charge of studies for Class 10, Weng Xiaohua.

Yan Huang raised his head. He immediately saw a girl with two plaits sitting at the first row of the classroom glaring at him. She raised her two little fists and puffed up her cheeks as she gritted her teeth and stared at him. She looked as though she wanted to eat him up.

Yan Huang shook his head. Brainless fans were scary.

Yan Huang was shocked that Liu Cuihua wrote him a letter too. It was a love letter.

Yan Huang glanced at it and then ignored it.

Liu Cuihua had been observing Yan Huang from the start. When she saw his actions, she stomped her foot in anger.

The commotion in class made the English teacher unhappy. The first person he aimed his anger at was the student in charge of studies.

“Weng Xiaohua!” The English teacher pointed to a sentence on the blackboard and asked, “Stand up and explain to us what this sentence means.”

Weng Xiaohua’s face turned red as she stood up. She was embarrassed.

All her attention was on Yan Huang just now. She didn’t listen to what the English teacher said.

There was an English sentence written on the blackboard: They call me a comet or a dragon, but they can’t describe me. Weng Xiaohua stared at it with her eyes wide open. She tried to decipher its meaning. Her results were good so she could briefly understand what the sentence was trying to say. However, she didn’t know what ‘comet’ meant. Weng Xiaohua didn’t know what to do.

English was not like other subjects. She could still make guesses in the other classes but in English class, if you didn’t know what it meant, you couldn’t guess it too.

“They call me…” Weng Xiaohua stammered for a long time but no one knew what she was saying.

“Sit down. Listen to the lesson properly.” The English teacher glared at her furiously.

Weng Xiaohua sat down resentfully. She blamed Yan Huang for her embarrassment. She turned and glared at him.

“Zhang Ziyun, stand up!” The English teacher noticed this student who was secretly looking at something under the table and sniggering secretly.

Zhang Ziyun stood up and blushed. A smile was still lingering on his face.

There were too many love letters, angry letters, and challenge letters passed to Yan Huang. Some told Yan Huang that he was going to die soon.

Some complimented Yan Huang and told him that they wanted to accompany him in his future life. Others asked Yan Huang to be careful after school. They would break his leg.

The two extreme letters caused Zhang Ziyun to feel like laughing.

When the teacher called him, he got dejected.

His results were not that good. It was only slightly better than Yan Huang. His English textbook was filled with doodles of cartoon characters. Even his Chinese was not very good, much less his English language.

He stammered just like Weng Xiaohua but no answer came from him.

The English teacher was extremely angry. “The university entrance examination is coming soon. Why aren’t you worried at all! Why are you all still conversing among yourselves and passing messages around? Don’t you all have any ambitions?”

The English teacher scanned his students angrily. He looked at Yan Huang who was sitting beside Zhang Ziyun. He talked secretly to Zhang Ziyun just now too. He was a bad student.

“Yan Huang, come and tell us what this sentence meant.” the English teacher said indignantly.

All the students in the classroom turned and looked at him. Faint snickers could be heard.

Many male students felt that this was a good chance to embarrass Yan Huang.

Weng Xiaohua gave Yan Huang a delighted smile too. As the student in charge of studies, she knew the results of everyone in the class. Yan Huang never passed any of his English tests before. How could he know what this sentence means?

Zhang Ziyun was shocked too. He turned his face. He couldn’t bear to look at Yan Huang.

Yan Huang and he had similar results. Even if they copied each other’s results in an exam, none of them would pass.

However, Zhang Ziyun suddenly heard a confident voice coming from his side.

Zhang Ziyun was astounded. He saw Yan Huang standing up straight and looked at the blackboard. He was speaking in a calm voice. He released a domineering aura as he said, “They call me comet a comet or a dragon, but they can’t describe me.”

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