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Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 59 - Zenith Novels

Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 59

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editors: Fire, Wise

We accidentally posted c59 previously instead of c58 in earlier chapter, Its been fixed.. Sorry..

Chapter 59: You Should Make Use Of Whatever Resources You Have

“They call me a comet or a dragon, but they can’t describe me.”

Yan Huang spoke this sentence as though he was the god of this world. His aura was majestic and domineering.

Everyone trembled. They felt an oppressive force of presence. It caused all of them to tremble furiously. They couldn’t help but feel like worshipping Yan Huang.

“Huh?” Zhang Ziyun looked at Yan Huang in confusion. “What are you saying?” “What comet? What dragon?”

Yan Huang was speechless. “I’m talking about the sentence written on the blackboard.”

The entire class remained silent for a moment. Then, there was an uproar. Those students who were bad at studying didn’t listen to the lesson properly just now so they went to ask their classmates who were listening.

Weng Xiaohua was shocked too. She quickly took out an English dictionary from her drawer. When she found the word ‘comet’ and saw that it really meant comet, she was dumbfounded. Her mouth opened wide as though someone stuffed something inside.

A few seconds later, the commotion got louder.

Everyone turned to look at Yan Huang in astonishment. It felt as though the sun had risen from the east.

Yan Huang always failed his English test but this time, he managed to answer a question even the student in charge of studies, Weng Xiaohua, didn’t know.

This was unbelievable!

The balding English teacher was flabbergasted too. As the English teacher of the class, he knew the results of his students cleary. Yan Huang only got 78 points for his English test last semester (Total points was 150. The passing mark was 90 points). He didn’t expect him to be able to translate this sentence.

The English teacher frowned slightly. Was Yan Huang listening attentively. Did he misunderstood him?

He took the revision paper and copied a sentence one the blackboard: I did my best not to hate you.

“What does this sentence mean?” The English teacher asked Yan Huang. This sentence was easier. There was no difficult words and he explained it in class before.

Yan Huang glanced at the blackboard and then lowered his head and looked at Weng Xiaohua.

Coincidentally, Weng Xiaohua turned and looked at Yan Huang. Their eyes met.

Sparks flew everywhere.

The students remained quiet. They all looked over at Yan Huang. Zhang Ziyun looked at his table mate curiously too. He didn’t know if Yan Huang managed to get the answer right by luck.

Yan Huang looked at Weng Xiaohua and said indifferently, “I did my best not to hate you.”

The students who had good results let out a gasp of surprise. Those students with poor results saw their reaction and knew that Yan Huang got it right again.

Zhang Ziyun scanned the classmates around him and then stared at Yan Huang earnestly. He scolded him, “Damn it. I thought that we agreed to be poor students together. How can you study hard behind my back!”

Weng Xiaohua was stunned and angry. She could feel the obvious look of contempt Yan Huang was giving her. He made use of the teacher’s question to mock her.

“I did my best not to hate you.”

“Ah!” Weng Xiaohua grabbed her plaits and almost went berserk.

The English teacher was astounded. He grabbed his chalk and wrote another sentence on the blackboard: You’re worth as much as dust.

This sentence was not taught in today’s class. It was taught in the last class which was on Friday.

These sentences all came from the revision paper in his hand. If the students wanted to understand what he taught today, they needed to revise what was learned on Friday so that they could link everything up.

The English teacher was testing Yan Huang to see if he really did study hard. If he revised what was taught during the last lesson, he should know what this sentence meant.

Yan Huang looked down at Weng Xiaohua who was gritting her teeth at him. Their gaze met again.

Sparks flew again.

Yan Huang looked at her and said, “You’re worth as much as dust.”

The speaker had no intention but the listener felt otherwise. Weng Xiaohua was the student in charge of studies. She was cute and her results were good. No one dared to bully her.

She sprung out of her chair immediately. “Ah! What did you say!”

Yan Huang looked down on the floor and pretended that he didn’t hear anything. He let Weng Xiaohua to continue embarrassing herself.

The entire class was stunned by what Weng Xiaohua did. They looked at her flabbergasted. Why did their student in charge of studies suddenly throw a tantrum?

“Ah!” Weng Xiaohua finally realized what she did. Yan Huang ignored her totally so she couldn’t vent her anger at all. She scoffed and sat down unwillingly.

While Weng Xiaohua was being furious, the English teacher was elated. He felt that his diligent effort in teaching finally enlightened Yan Huang. He felt comforted.

“Wow!” Zhang Ziyun was extremely astounded. His eyeballs were popping out of their sockets.

“How long have you been studying behind my back? You managed to get three questions correct. Did the sun rise from the east today? Wait a minute, let me take a look.” Zhang Ziyun walked to the window and pretended to look at the direction of the sun.

The expressions of the other students in class were changing too.

If Yan Huang was only good at basketball, it was nothing special. In their world, the university entrance examination was the thing that could change their lives. If they managed to enter Jiangnan University next time, they could learn cultivation too.

This was why most people disregarded him even though he defeated Jin Rui in basketball.

However, if Yan Huang was good in his studies too, that was an entirely different thing.

The students looked at Yan Huang with dread. They felt that another enemy had appeared on their path towards university entrance examination.

Of course, some students wanted to make friends with Yan Huang too.

Wang Tianfu and Duan Feng looked at Yan Huang in ‘fear’. He had given them too much scares today.

The English teacher looked at Yan Huang happily. The feeling and sense of achievement when he enlightened a bad student was good.

With this thought in mind, he decided to test Yan Huang again and see if he really did his revision.

He flipped through the revision paper and copied a sentence on the blackboard: You should make use of whatever resources you have. I’m willing to help.

When this sentence appeared, Weng Xiaohua and the class monitor, Wang Yingkai’s expression turned serious.

This was the last sentence in the revision paper. This meant that their teacher had not gone through this sentence yet. If they didn’t do their revision properly, they wouldn’t know what this sentence meant.

The English teacher looked at Yan Huang in anticipation. “Yan Huang, what does this sentence mean.”

Weng Xiaohua couldn’t help but turn to look at Yan Huang again. Their eyes met again and sparks flew again.

Yan Huang looked at her and gave a mocking smile. He replied slowly, “You should make use of whatever resources you have. I’m willing to help.”

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