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Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 6 - Zenith Novels

Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 6

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editors: Fire, Wise

Chapter 6: Pay Money? Do You Know Who I Am?

“Clang!” The sword in Little Wu’s hand dropped onto the ground. The metal body of the sword fell onto the black bricks making a clear sound. It was the only sound that could be heard.

Little Wu was aghast.

The old man was also dumbstruck.

The man in the black suit stared in bewilderment.

All three of them stared openmouthed at the young man. They were speechless!

The bodyguard received the most shock. He looked at the young man walking away steadily and his leg shook. A chill ran down his spine.

The first state of cultivation is the Qi cultivation. There were 5 small states in Qi cultivation: enlightenment of eyes, enlightenment of nose, enlightenment of ears, enlightenment of mouth, and finally, the breakthrough.

The old man and young girl were the most powerful and wealthy people in the entire Jiangnan city. They had a lot of connections and resources, so they were able to practice cultivation. Little Wu was still young so she only managed to achieve enlightenment of eyes.

The old man had poor health so he was barely able to enlighten two of his senses so far.

However, the man in the black suit was different. He was specifically selected among the few thousand soldiers in the Jiangnan city as the one with the greatest talent. He had enlightened all his four senses and he was only waiting for his breakthrough now.

Once he achieved his breakthrough, he would have become the youngest foundation building cultivator in the entire Immortal dragon nation. A bright future was waiting for him.

However, he knew he was unable to do what the young man just did. 

He could dodge all the darts but he couldn’t catch them within such a short period of time. Yan Huang caught the darts when they were within arm’s length and this speed was something he could not achieve now.

How high was his cultivation level? How confident was he?

When he spoke that last sentence to them, he sounded like a high and mighty immortal. He was cold and indifferent. He was arrogant and didn’t care about what happened around him. 

Yan Huang had seen the two people practicing with the metal darts the moment he came out of the forest.

However, he just wanted to walk straight. 

I just want to walk straight!   

I am Emperor Yan Huang. Why must I move to the side?

They are just three little kids in the Qi cultivation state. Who are they for me to change my path because of them?

I have never done it before and will never do it in the future either!


After walking out of the forest, you would see a private garden belonging to the Nine Dragon Mountain housing estate. It was a huge garden with all kinds of small mountains, running tracks, basketball courts, tennis courts, and many other facilities.

Old people and young men did their morning exercises in the garden. At the side of the garden, there was a row of small restaurants. Yan Huang saw the restaurants and walked towards them. 

After cultivating for one whole night, he was really hungry.

On the other side, the three people finally regained their senses. However, Yan Huang was already gone. He walked into a restaurant.

“Little Luo!” The old man shouted anxiously. His heart pounded furiously as he stared at Yan Huang with an excited and obsessed look. 

“Old Master Mo, I am sure that he is at the foundation building state.” The man in black called Little Luo knew what the old man was thinking and replied to him immediately.

“Foundation building!” Old Master Mo and Little Wu had already thought about it but when they got a confirmation, they couldn’t help but gasp in shock.

Little Luo was chosen by the nation 10 years ago when spiritual power appeared on earth again. He started cultivating in the army. After 8 years of cultivation, he had not reached the foundation building state. 

However, he was still seen as a genius in cultivation by the nation.

People that reached the foundation building state were mostly old men, people from ancient family lines or secret factions.

But today, a 17 years old foundation building state young man appeared in front of them. How could he not be shocked?

His granddaughter was also around the same age, but she only enlightened her eyes. She was still far away from the foundation building state.

“Come, let’s go and greet this master!” Old Master Mo had experienced many things due to his age, so he was able to regain his composure quickly. He tidied up his clothes and walked towards Yan Huang. He had even started calling Yan Huang master!

When spiritual power appeared 10 years ago, all kinds of weird and strange people started popping out in the world. Interesting phenomenons started to happen too. The nation had started organizing the artifacts dug out and, after some experimenting, found that some of them could help with the cultivation process.

This was an exciting and fast-changing era. Old Master Mo knew from his experience that in the future, cultivators would rule the world!

It must be a gift from heaven for him to meet such a talented young man.

Along the way, everyone bowed and greeted Old Master Mo. They tried to talk to him but he appeared to be in a rush. Old Master Mo was an amiable person, but today, he just nodded at them slightly and rushed towards Yan Huang.

The people in the garden were stunned. They realized that Old Master Mo was walking towards a young man, so they got curious and followed behind him.

Yan Huang walked into the restaurant and immediately smelt the fragrance of meat. There was a woman that looked around 40 years old sitting behind the counter. She was patting the back of a little boy who kept coughing. She looked at the little boy in concern.

“Handsome young man, what would you like to eat? Do you want to try our speciality, the mushroom pork bun?” The woman saw a customer coming and immediately greeted him enthusiastically.

The people that lived here were all not normal people, so the woman treated them very well. She didn’t dare to offend any one of them.

“Very well.” Yan Huang nodded his head and took the pork bun that the woman was holding in her hand. He took a bite. The bun was delicious. The fillings were huge and the bun skin was thin. 

“Cough…” The scrawny little boy continued coughing fervently. His voice was hoarse and his face turned red from the coughing. Yan Huang looked up and glanced at him.

Yan Huang slowly ate a few more buns. Then, he wiped his hands and walked towards his school. There was some distance between this place and his school. If he didn’t leave now, he would be late.

“Hey, handsome young man, you did not pay!” The woman chased after Yan Huang before he could walk further. “4 meat buns is rmb10!”

Yan Huang frowned as he turned. He was used to being an emperor so he said instinctively, “Pay money? Do you know who I am?”

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