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Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 60 - Zenith Novels

Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 60

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editors: Fire, Wise

Chapter 60: Dragon Tiger Sect and Thousand Years Ginseng

Ah! Weng Xiaohua felt that she was going berserk. She was humiliated by a loser again and again in front of her teachers and classmates!

“I did my best not to hate you.”

“You’re worth as much as dust.”

“You should make use of whatever resources you have. I’m willing to help.”

There was nothing wrong with these three translations but Yan Huang said them while looking straight at her. That meant something else.

This was the same as Yan Huang telling her that he hated her and she was a piece of trash in front of everyone.

Very good! Very good! While Weng Xiaohua was fuming, the English teacher was elated. He felt extremely comforted.

“Yan Huang, you did well. Sit down. Please remember to maintain this learning attitude. I believe that if you continue to study hard, you’ll be able to get into a good university easily.”

Then, he lowered his head and looked at Weng Xiaohua. He frowned and reprimanded her. “Weng Xiaohua, even Yan Huang is working hard. As the student in charge of studies, you must not lag behind.”

“From today onwards, you must learn from Yan Huang, do you understand?” The English teacher looked at his students sternly. “All of you must learn Yan Huang’s good learning attitude from today onwards.”



Weng Xiaohua was already furious. When she heard the English teacher asking the entire class to learn from Yan Huang, she couldn’t hold back anymore.

A few minutes later, Yan Huang received a black envelope. Zhang Ziyun smiled and opened it. It was from Weng Xiaohua.

Yan Huang, don’t think that you will be able to attract my attention using such old-fashioned methods. Let me tell you, you are dreaming!

You will never be able to woo me successfully!


When school ended, Yan Huang’s phone vibrated. He received two messages.

One was a message sent by his bank to tell him that he had received a 200 million transfer from Mo Chongshan.

Yan Huang nodded. With this money, he would be able to buy the Flying Dragon Villa before his parents came to visit him. He could use the rest of the money to help them with their cultivation.

The second message was from Mo Chongshan.

“Master Yan, your Strengthening Dan is impressive! All of my friends had nothing but praises for it after they ate it. Many people recovered from their old illnesses and injuries. It looks as though they had a second spring.”

“Most of the herbs you mentioned have been found. Only the thousand year ginseng is left. I heard some news that a thousand year ginseng appeared at the Dragon Tiger Mountain. I’m rushing over to take a look right now.”

“Dragon Tiger Mountain?” Yan Huang frowned. The Dragon Tiger Mountain seemed to be the headquarters of the Dragon Tiger Sect which was the king of Jiangnan city. Jiangnan City and Jiangning City’s border intertwined with each other. The Dragon Tiger Sect and the Hong Clan had many conflicts.

From what Hong Xin said, the Dragon Tiger Sect had more than a hundred years of history. It was a powerful sect, The Hong Clan only came about recently. He was unable to do anything to the Dragon Tiger Sect.

Yan Huang thought for a moment and decided to disregard it. It was just a faction formed by normal humans.

Yan Huang didn’t reply to Mo Chongshan. Instead, he sent Shui Xiaolian a message. “Mother, why are you not here yet? Haven’t you finished packing?”

He received a reply soon after. “We have packed long ago. However, your stubborn father still has hopes for his family.”

Yan Huang shook his head.

When a person’s personality and world vision had matured, it would be hard for other people to change them with just a few words.

For instance, if someone was stingy and was always careful with the way he spent money, even if he suddenly struck a million dollar lottery, he would continue this habit of spending money. This was the power of a character.

Of course, Yan Huang was not afraid. He only left 6 Strengthening Dan for him. His father had felt the power of cultivation. Yan Huang believed that once he finished the 6 Strengthening Dan, he would come and look for his son no matter how unwilling he was.


In Class 1.

With the help of his teachers and classmates who consoled him for an entire afternoon after his tragic defeat at the basketball court, the handsome Jin Rui finally came out of shadow Yan Huang gave him.

“Jin Rui, it’s okay.” Yan Yuhan walked towards Jin Rui with a head of braids. She felt her heart hurt as she consoled him.

“So what if Yan Huang won the basketball competition? He is ugly and poor. He failed all his exams too. You are different from him. We are supposed to enter the Jiangnan University next time and start cultivation.”

“Yes!” Mu Xiaoqiao leaned over with branded goods all over her body. “Jin Rui, don’t think too much about it. It’s just a basketball competition.”

“Yuhan is right. Yan Huang is just a poor man who is good at basketball. Jin Rui, you are one of the top students in our school. You will become a cultivator next time.”

The short hair Ruonan chimed in, “Jin Rui, don’t care too much about the results of this competition. I feel that Yan Huang had already achieved the dark state of internal energy. That is why he was able to use one finger to suppress you.”

“The d’?” Jin Rui retracted the bitter smile on his face and started pondering about something. He knew that Ruonan’s family opened a martial arts academy so she had some knowledge about this common kungfu.

“Yes.” Ruonan looked at her friends and said, “There are three states of internal energy for people who practiced martial arts: open state, dark state, and invisible state.”

“Yan Huang should be at the dark state of internal energy now. That is why he was able to have so much power in a single finger. How can a normal person have so much energy in one finger? That’s impossible.”

“So, don’t care too much about the result of this match. Martial arts is just something practiced by a normal person. My father says that cultivation is the real deal.”

The depressed Jin Rui felt enlightened when he heard what Ruonan said.

He was confused as to why he lost to Yan Huang. After all, he had vital spirit in is body. It allowed him to have exceptional strength and speed. Yet, he still lost.

Ruonan’s words resolved his deepest concern.

That’s right! There was no vital spirit in Yan Huang’s body. He was a martial arts master.

Jin Rui felt his refreshed. His confidence resumed.

Yan Huang, I admit that you are powerful. You are a talented martial arts master. But, so what? I’m a cultivator. Just wait for me to enlighten all my senses. My vital spirit will grow exponentially and I will become even stronger. I will learn all kinds of scriptures and skills. By then, I’ll take my revenge on you.

Zeng Caixuan nodded too. This could explain why Yan Huang was able to subdue 10 muscular men in the Imperial Flourish Hotel and why he was able to suppress Jin Rui with one finger.

She shook her head and looked at the direction of Class 10.

Yan Huang, is this your backhand? “Unfortunately, Jin Rui and I will be entering the Jiangnan University next time. We will become cultivators. Your martial arts skills are nothing to us.”

An Ya couldn’t help but feel worried. She remembered how Yan Huang held up the metal plate yesterday night. Yan Huang, are you really just a martial arts master?

Jin Rui became happy again. He gave a handsome smile and said, “beautiful ladies, there will be a rare stone and jade exhibition next week. Shall we go and play?”

“Wow, really? Mu Xiaoqiao immediately opened her eyes wide. She had heard about this exhibition a long time ago. However, the criteria for going to this exhibition was high. It was extremely difficult to get an invitation.

“Sure!” The other ladies shouted excitedly too.

“An Ya, let’s go!” Zeng Caixuan pulled An Ya.

“Sure…” An Ya gave a forced smile.

After Wang Tianzong abandoned her yesterday night, she blacklisted him on her phone. That was why they still hadn’t received any invitation for the exhibition.

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