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Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 61 - Zenith Novels

Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 61

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Translator: Yuchaoz
Editors: Fire, Wise

Chapter 61: Talisman Master!

Monday afternoon. There was 97 days till the university entrance examination.

After school, Yan Huang wanted to go to the Nine Dragon Lake to cultivate. However, the moment he stepped out of school, Zhang Ziyun pestered him like a dog.

Zhang Ziyun opened his eyes wide like a bitter widow and said unhappily, “Old Huang, we have been friends for so many years. If you don’t teach me some invincible martial arts today, I won’t let you go.”

Zhang Ziyun grabbed Yan Huang’s hand tightly like an octopus. He looked as though he was chasing Yan Huang.

Yan Huang frowned slightly. He wanted to teach Zhang Ziyun some skills but his potential in cultivation was too low. He hadn’t thought of a way to help Zhang Ziyun yet.

It would be easy for him to just teach Zhang Ziyun a scripture but Zhang Ziyun was an important person to him. He didn’t want him to become a normal cultivator in the future.

Also, when your potential was poorer, you needed to choose your scripture more carefully.

A person with good potential could easily change a new scripture to cultivate when he realized that the current scripture was not suitable for him.

On the other hand, Zhang Ziyun was different. Based on his talent, he needed ten times the amount of time a normal person spent to learn the foundation of a scripture. If he was to realize that the scripture he practiced was not suitable, it would be a torture for him to learn a new scripture again.

The simple version of Strengthening Dan had little effect on Zhang Ziyun. Hence, Yan Huang prepared to impart Zhang Ziyun some skills after he managed to make the real version of the Strengthening Dan.

No matter how weak Zhang Ziyun’s potential was, after using the Strengthening Dan, he would be able to cultivate much easier.

“Do you have any hobbies or talents?” Yan Huang frowned. He decided to understand Zhang Ziyun’s physique first.

“Erm… hobbies?” Zhang Ziyun frowned when he heard this. He said with uncertainty, “my only hobby is drawing…”

“Talisman?” Yan Huang remembered that Zhang Ziyun’s textbooks were filled with doodles. His bed and table in the dormitory were also filled with pictures hanging all around them.

He recalled that Zhang Ziyun’s drawings would always be the top three in class every arts lesson. He had to wear spectacles not because he studied too much, but because he drew too much.

At this moment, a thought flashed passed Yan Huang’s mind. “Do you have a pencil and paper?”

“Yes.” For someone who aspired to be an artist next time, pencil and papers were necessities to him.

Yan Huang looked at his surrounding. There was a small hypermart near the school gates. Some tables and chairs were put out in front. Yan Huang brought Zhang Ziyun to a table and sat down. He took the pencil and drew a talisman on the paper.

Yes, Yan Huang thought of a direction for Zhang Ziyun when he heard about his love for drawing. He hoped that Zhang Ziyun could become a talisman master!

Talisman master was different from a normal cultivator. A normal cultivator displayed their powers using magic skills, magic instruments, or strength.

As for a talisman master, he used all kinds of talisman to display his power.

At the start, a talisman master might be weaker in terms of ability. If an assassin got close to him, he would be killed easily. However, once the talisman master grew stronger, he could write all kinds of talisman with a single movement of his finger and made use of all the power from the earth.

In other words, before a talisman master reached a certain level, he was a shotgun. He could only use one bullet at once. After he leveled up, he was a mortar. He could cause can earthquake with a single blow. All the magic skills were at the tip of his fingers. It was frightening!

“Come.” Yan Huang passed the pencil and paper to Zhang Ziyun. “Draw this talisman. You must draw it in a single stroke and your movements must be smooth. There must be no stopping in between. If not, you will fail.”

Zhang Ziyun looked at Yan Huang, stunned. If Yan Huang didn’t play basketball with one hand today, Zhang Ziyun would have left. He might even scold Yan Huang and tell him that he was an idiot.

Zhang Ziyun looked at Yan Huang in disbelief. “Are you sure you want me to draw this illegible word?”

“Yes.” Yan Huang replied, “as long as you are able to draw this, I’ll teach you invincible skills.”

Zhang Ziyun glanced at Yan Huang. He gritted his teeth and took over the pencil.

Yan Huang looked at Zhang Ziyun intently. He had to admit that Zhang Ziyun was suitable to be a talisman master.

Firstly, the requirements in talent for a talisman master was different from a cultivator. The potential of cultivating was important but the ability to draw the talisman accurately were more important. The latter was the decisive factor in deciding whether someone could become a talisman master.

Secondly, a talisman master didn’t need a strong vital spirit at the start. This was suitable for Zhang Ziyun who wouldn’t be able to gain ample vital spirit due to his poor potential.

As time went on, Yan Huang believed that he would be able to change this when he got stronger and had more Dan medicine to help him.

Cultivation was never easy. Being a strong talisman master was even harder. A talisman master needed to remember all kinds of talismans. He needed to memorize al the strokes too.

Talisman were the rules of motion of the spiritual power in the world. A talisman master’s job was to let this spiritual power be used by him. The strokes of a talisman might seem small but a single mistake would result in a difference in the motion movement and the effect of the talisman wouldn’t happen.

Most importantly, every single talisman was a complete body. From the moment the talisman master started writing, he could not stop. If not, the movement of the spiritual power would be stopped and this talisman would be ineffective.

March was the end of winter and the start of spring. Although it was still snowing in some parts of the northern part of the country, other areas were bathing in bright sunlight already.

There was no umbrella over the hypermart. After sitting on the seat for some time, Zhang Ziyun started perspiring profusely. He didn’t know if it was because he was drawing the talisman.

Yan Huang slowly shook his head. He looked at Zhang Ziyun as he attentively copied the talisman Yan Huang drew. He turned and wanted to buy a bottle of mineral water for Zhang Ziyun.

A master teach you skills but how much you understand depends on yourself.

Zhang Ziyun had to rely on himself if he wanted to become a powerful talisman master next time, Yan Huang could teach him all the talisman skills but how much he learned and understand depended on himself.

He pushed opened the glass door of the hypermart and saw two women standing at the counter. One of them had two pigtails on her head. It was Weng Xiaohua.

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