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Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 62 - Zenith Novels

Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 62

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Translator: Yuchaoz
Editors: Fire, Wise

Chapter 62: Han Xinyue, Earth Will Be Destroyed 10 Years Later

Two people were standing at the counter. One was Weng Xiaohua while the other was a pretty young lady with sharp features.

The young lady wore a shirt that had turned white from washing too much. It was an ordinary and common shirt. Yan Huang could even see a few threads sticking out.

But, the young lady looked amazing when she wore this cheap and ordinary shirt.

She was tall and lean. Her legs were straight. The white shirt emphasized her curves.

She had an oval face. Her eyes were clear and bright. The bridge of her nose was high and straight. She wore no makeup on her lips. The smile lines beside her nose could be seen faintly.

Her hair was short. It was cut till her ears and made her looked lively and neat. With the complement of her sharp features, she had the gentleness of a lady but looked strong and powerful like a man too.

The moment Yan Huang saw this lady, he frowned. He felt that this lady looked familiar.

He felt that when he was Emperor Yan Huang, he saw this lady before.

Yes. Yan Huang felt that in the 5000 years of his past life, he saw this lady before.

Yan Huang furrowed his brows deeply.

Even though he had lived for 5000 years last time, he had never heard about Earth before. He never even heard of the Milky Way. However, the universe was vast. There were many galaxies that he didn’t know.

He did hear about the galaxy closest to Earth, the Fairy Maiden galaxy, before. There wasn’t much spiritual power in that galaxy so very few cultivators came from there. As compared to the galaxy that Yan Huang came from, the Pangu galaxy, the Milky Way and the Fairy Maiden galaxy were like an unpopulated barren wasteland.

Based on his past experience, the Fairy Maiden galaxy was the first galaxy the devil clan took over. If that happened, the Milky Way had probably fallen at that time too.

Following this deduction, the Earth would be invaded by the devil clan after 10 years.

Hence, a question arose. Since earth would be destroyed 10 years later, why did Yan Huang have an impression of Han Xinyue? This was absurd!

Weng Xiaohua was furious when she saw bastard Yan Huang staring at her best friend, Han Xinyue, the moment he entered the shop.

There was a queue at the counter, so the two young ladies hurriedly scanned the QR codes on the customer’s phone and collected money from them. Weng Xiaohua glared at Yan Huang before continuing her work.

After Weng Xiaohua finished collecting money from two customers, she looked up again. Yan Huang was still staring at Han Xinyue! She gritted her teeth as she was burning with anger.

She had never seen anyone as shameless as Yan Huang.

Han Xinyue noticed Yan Huang’s gaze too. She couldn’t help but frown. After a while, she stopped frowning. She quickly controlled her emotions.

She knew that her looks and body attracted the attention of many men. She couldn’t control this. Besides looking down on Yan Huang, there was nothing she could do.

Yan Huang finally regained his senses. When he felt the sense of familiarity just now, he instinctively used his vital spirit to inspect Han Xinyue’s potential in cultivation. After examining her, Yan Huang was shocked.

Han Xinyue had the rare pure physique too!

The power of her pure physique was even stronger than Zeng Caixuan.

Within just a few days, Yan Huang found two people with the rare pure physique. Yan Huang was astounded. When did pure physique become so common?

“Brother, what do you think about the girl I took a fancy on?” Just as Yan Huang was pondering over this question, a golden-haired hooligan with earrings whistled at Yan Huang and gave him a frivolous smile.

He could tell that Yan Huang was poor. How dare he try to snatch his woman?

The people around the golden-haired man, who were probably his sidekicks, started laughing.

Yan Huang retracted his gaze. He knew that they misunderstood him. He ignored them and walked into the shop. He took a bottle of mineral water from the fridge and then went to the metal shelf and took a packet of high-calorie biscuits.

At this moment, the group of male students who looked like hooligans became impatient. They didn’t want to queue anymore. They waved their hands and pushed the people queuing in front of them away.

“Move aside. Don’t block your master,” the boys in front shouted.

The other young ladies and men saw that there were many people on the other side so they moved aside unwillingly.

One of the men recognized the golden-haired young man and got so frightened that he couldn’t speak properly.

“Hey, Sister Xinyue, our boss came to support you personally. Give us a 20% discount.” a young man with silver hair teased the young lady.

“That’s right.” The other men beside him agreed.

“Our boss is the second boss of the Brotherhood clan. Since he came personally, you must give him some face.”

“Brotherhood clan?” The other students around them turned pale when they heard this. They stared at the golden-haired young man and immediately understood who he was.

“Zhu Yunhai, the younger brother of the boss of Brotherhood clan.”

“Yes, I know him.”

Yan Huang looked at them and frowned. The Jin Lin organization and the Brotherhood clan consisted of such lousy characters?

Zhu Yunhai became arrogant when he heard the discussion around him. He smiled and he walked up. “Xinyue, I brought so many people here to support you. What do you think about that?”

Weng Xiaohua looked at her friend agitatedly. She knew that her friend had a strong character and was afraid she would offend these people. She quickly replied, “We’re not the boss of this shop. We can’t give you a 20% discount.”

“Oh, Xinyue, do you want to be the female boss? It’s simple.” Zhu Yunhai turned to look at Han Xinyue after hearing what Weng Xiaohua said. “I know the boss of this shop. Why not I ask him to give it to you?”

“That’s right, Han Xinyue. As long as you follow our boss, you will not only get this small hypermart. You’ll be able to have good food all the time.” Zhu Yunhai’s sidekicks started cheering for him.

“That’s right. Han Xinyue, why are you working hard? You’ll only get less than 3000rmb of salary. If you follow our boss, you can get whatever you want.”

The sidekicks kept shouting.

“This is enough!” Han Xinyue noticed that these people showed no signs of stopping so she got furious. She shouted angrily with a firm face, “Who wants your stinking money? If you are not buying, get out of the shop!”

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