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Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 63 - Zenith Novels

Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 63

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Translator: Yuchaoz
Editors: Fire, Wise

Chapter 63: Since You’re My Grandson, I’ll Let You Go If You Kneel

The entire shop turned silent.

Han Xinyue words were like a bee’s nest. The moment you touched it, all the bees would come out to attack you.

Zhu Yunhai’s face turned dark.

Bang! The man with silver hair slammed his hands on the counter table forcefully. He pointed at Han Xinyue’s nose and scolded her angrily, “Han Xinyue, don’t be shameless.”

“It’s your fortune that our boss likes you. If not, you’re nothing!”

“F**k you.” Another red-haired young man also pushed the metal shelf on the counter onto the floor. All of the items on the shelf were smashed on the ground and broke. A few expensive chewing gums fell and the boxes flew open. Small white pills scattered all over the floor.

“Ah!” The young men and women in the shop ran out of the shop frighteningly.

Zhu Yunhai looked at his sidekicks as they created a fuss. He didn’t say anything.

He looked at Han Xinyue coldly with anger on his face.

Ever since he met Han Xinyue in school, he had been enchanted by her. To him, she was his goddess.

Yet, this poor goddess kept rejecting his feelings!

Zhu Yunhai had tried sending her breakfast, drinks, went to look for her during lessons and gave her gifts, flowers and jewelry. He even proclaimed his love for her loudly in the main hall.

Yesterday, he went to the female dormitory and placed a flower cluster on the ground floor. He sang songs for her and confessed to her again. However, this time, Han Xinyue didn’t even appear. He was greatly embarrassed.

No matter how he confessed, whether he did it the rough way or the gentle way, whether he kept a low profile or a high profile, he was rejected by her. She rejected him for more than ten times.

Everyone had a temper. Zhu Yunhai was starting to get angry.

I’m the second boss of the famous Brotherhood clan. How can I be rejected by a lady continuously? This is humiliating.

If this lady was from a wealthy family, he was fine with it. However, Han Xinyue had a poor background.

What right does she have to reject me?

He came here today for a purpose. Either Han Xinyue obediently decided to become his girlfriend, or he would force her to be his girlfriend.


In the face of Zhu Yunhai’s provocation, Han Xinyue got fired up too.

She flicked her short hair and slammed the counter in front of her. A huge sound was heard.

She glared at Zhu Yunhai as she bit her lip. Blood was seen on her lip.

Han Xinyue trembled in anger. She knew that things wouldn’t end so easily today. But, she was not afraid. Instead, she felt relieved. She had enough!

Her eyes lit up in anger as she gritted her teeth. She said, “Zhu Yunhai, what do you mean?” “If you dare touching me today, I’ll fight you to death!”

Zhu Yunhai was shocked.

He didn’t expect Han Xinyue to be so stubborn and fierce. He had five men with him. She only had one female friend beside her. Why did she dare to provoke them?

He hesitated for a short while. He remembered how he was mocked by the other people in his clan today for not being able to handle a woman and was furious.

He looked at Han Xinyue and smiled coldly. “You want to fight with me? In your dreams! Guys, smash this shop for me.” Zhu Yunhai shouted.

“No!” Weng Xiaohua was agitated. She and Han Xinyue worked part-time here. If the Brotherhood clan smashed this shop, they would have to pay the compensation.

Weng Xiaohua rushed out of the counter and wanted to stop a silver-haired young man. The young man pushed her away with one hand.

Weng Xiaohua fell on the ground. She hurriedly picked herself up from the ground. There were tears in her eyes. She looked helplessly at the people around her and hoped that they could help her. However, the people outside the shop remained silent. They didn’t say to say anything.

She continued looking around. Besides Zhu Yunhai and his five men, only Yan Huang was in the shop.

Weng Xiaohua remembered the grudge between Yan Huang and her. She felt despair.

On the other hand, Han Xinyue stood weakly behind the counter. She was trembling furiously. She knew that her part-time job was gone. She might even have to compensate for the damage for today.

When she thought about this, she started shivering even more. She covered her face with her hand and turned her head to the side. She felt helpless and despair. Tears flowed passed the cracks between her fingers and dripped down her hand.

A red-haired man walked to the counter and blocked Han Xinyue from coming out. The other three men walked inside the shop arrogantly.

Zhu Yunhai scoffed and stared at Han Xinyue. “You have one last chance. Do you agree to be my girlfriend? If you don’t agree, I’ll destroy this shop.”

The other four men turned and scoffed at Han Xinyue too.

Weng Xiaohua wanted to dash out of the shop to look for security. However, Zhu Yunhai stopped her. He teased her, “Where are you going?”

He looked back at Han Xinyue. “You have three seconds.”




Han Xinyue leaned against the counter helplessly. Her body trembled even more. She could predict what would happen later.

Weng Xiaohua was so angry she cried loudly. She kept punching Zhu Yunhai.

Zhu Yunhai saw that Han Xinyue was unwilling to agree to him so he shouted coldly, “Smash everything!”

“Boom!” After Zhu Yunhai finished talking, a loud sound came from within the shop.

It wasn’t the sound of items falling on the ground. Instead, a silver-haired young man flew out.

He flew out of the shop and landed face first on the ground. His mouth knocked into the concrete floor and a few teeth dropped out.


Not only were the people gathered outside the shop dumbfounded, but Zhu Yunhai and Weng Xiaohua were also stunned too. They looked at the direction where the man flew out from. They wondered what happened.

The entire place was silent. The other two men had forgotten to smash the shop too.

Han Xinyue noticed the weird atmosphere and looked up. Her tears stopped flowing.

Yan Huang walked out from the passageway with a bottle of mineral water in one hand and a packet of biscuits in another. His back was straight and his hands were placed behind his back. There was a calm expression on his face.

He looked at Zhu Yunhai and said, “Since you’re my grandson, I’ll forgive you if you kneel and apologize to this lady.”

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