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Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 64 - Zenith Novels

Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 64

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Translator: Yuchaoz
Editors: Fire, Wise

Chapter 64: Offended A Bunch Of Ants



It was even more silent than just now when the silver-haired young man flew out of the room.

Weng Xiaohua and Han Xinyue had their mouths agape. They didn’t expect Yan Huang to be so arrogant too.

Zhu Yunhai was stunned too. However, there was more anger on his face.

“Bastard. How dare you scold me!” Zhu Yunhai’s face turned sinister. “Are you looking for death!”

After he finished speaking, he ran towards Yan Huang. His three sidekicks charged at Yan Huang too. They were going to win him by numbers.

“Yan… Yan Huang… be careful!” Weng Xiaohua warned Yan Huang uncontrollably. She was a hardcore fan of Jin Rui but deep inside, she was a kind person.

“You… be careful…” Han Xinyue shouted nervously too. She noticed that the red-haired man was not blocking her anymore so she quickly looked under the counter. There was a broomstick. She took the broomstick out and wanted to help Yan Huang.

She didn’t know who he was and he even stared at her just now. However, he was the only person that dared to stand up for her when Zhu Yunhai blatantly bullied her.

Hence, Han Xinyue was somewhat touched by Yan Huang.

Before she could finish her sentence, groans of pain could be heard from Yan Huang’s direction.

“Ah!” Zhu Yunhai flew into the air like a sandbag and fell outside the entrance of the shop. The silver-haired young man just stood up painfully but when Zhu Yunhai smashed into him, he fell on the ground again.

Han Xinyue was shocked. She opened her eyes wide to take another look. Yan Huang raised his right leg and kicked the other two people at the speed of lightning. The other two young men followed their boss and were thrown out of the shop.

Han Xinyue stood on the ground with the broom in her hand.

Weng Xiaohua was in a daze too.

Yan Huang placed the bottle of mineral water and the bag of biscuit on the counter. He asked Han Xinyue to count the bill for him before walking out of the shop calmly. He walked towards Zhu Yunhai and his five men.

Yan Huang saw Zhang Ziyun sitting by the table. He was focused on the paper in front of him entirely as though he was enchanted by it. The huge commotion in the shop didn’t affect him at all. He continued copying the talisman that Yan Huang drew. Perspirations dripped down his forehead.

Yan Huang nodded in satisfaction.

Based on Zhang Ziyun’s concentration and focus, it wouldn’t be difficult for him to memorize the numerous strokes of the talisman.

A talisman master was like the lawyer on Earth. A lawyer needed to memorize the various laws in the country in order to become a professional lawyer.

But, they only needed to memorize the laws briefly. When they needed to use it, they could flip through the books and look up on the details. A talisman master was different. On the battlefield, there was no time for him to flip through his book and look for the appropriate talisman.

Thus, the first step into becoming a talisman master was to memorize, memorize, and memorize.

They needed to memorize all the offense talisman, the magic skills talisman, and the defense talisman. They needed to remember all the strokes and make sure that they never forget a single stroke when drawing the talisman.

The strokes of a talisman represented the movements of nature. One could only change the movements when they reached a certain level in ability.

Yan Huang retracted his gaze. He placed his hands behind his back and walked towards Zhu Yunhai. He looked down on Zhu Yunhai and said calmly, “Did you hear what I said just now? Since you’re my grandson, if you kneel down and apologize to this lady, I’ll let you go.”

Weng Xiaohua and Han Xinyue had come out of their shops too. Weng Xiaohua still had tears on her face. She was still astounded as she looked at Yan Huang. Han Xinyue was looking at Yan Huang with the same look. When she turned her gaze to Zhu Yunhai, she gritted her teeth. Anger was almost bursting out of her eyes.

Zhu Yunhai climbed up from the ground. He saw Yan Huang in front of him so he thought that he could sneak an attack on him. He reached out and wanted to grab Yan Huang’s lower part of the body.

Zhu Yunhai smiled coldly. No matter how strong Yan Huang was, she was confident that Yan Huang would cry in pain when he grabbed that part. He always succeeded when he used this method.

“Hmph!” Yan Huang lifted his right leg and stomped it on the floor like an eagle hunting for its prey.

Crack! Yan Huang stepped on Zhu Yunhai’s hand. The brittle bones smashed into the concrete floor and broke.

“Ah!” Cold sweats appeared on Zhu Yunhai’s forehead. He cried in pain.

“Ah! Brother! Please let me go!”

“I was wrong. I was wrong.”

Zhu Yunhai gave up on resisting. He knew that he met a hard opponent today. Hence, he immediately kowtowed and apologized.

Zhu Yunhai bowed down to Han Xinyue and Weng Xiaohua and said, “Xinyue, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I won’t dare to do it again. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”

His sidekicks looked at Yan Huang frighteningly and crawled over too. They knelt and kowtowed to Yan Huang and Han Xinyue. “Brother, I’m sorry. Sister Xinyue, I’m sorry. We were in the wrong today.”

“Yes.” Yan Huang lifted his legs.

The five people staggered up from the ground and left in a flurry. Suddenly, they heard Yan Huang saying indifferently, “Did I say that you can leave?”

“Brother… brother, what’s wrong?” The five people smiled bitterly as they turned and looked at Yan Huang.

“You smashed their things. Are you not going to compensate?” Yan Huang looked at the five young men and asked.

“Huh?” The five of them got stunned. Zhu Yunhai reacted the fastest. “Yes, you’re right. We need to compensate. We will compensate.”

“Yes, yes!” The other four young men hurriedly took out their wallets. They managed to gather a few hundred dollars. They placed the money carefully on the counter before running away haggardly.

Weng Xiaohua looked at the money. She didn’t know if she should keep it.

She walked to Yan Huang hurriedly. “Yan Huang, they’re from the Brotherhood clan. You hit them and even ask them to compensate us. They won’t let you off so easily.”

Han Xinyue nodded at the side. She felt good when she watched Yan Huang beating Zhu Yunhai up. However, his brother was the boss of the Brotherhood clan. The Brotherhood clan was a strong faction in this area. They were not easy to deal with.

Yan Huang walked to the counter and paid for the mineral water and biscuits. He said indifferently, “No, I didn’t provoke anyone. I just offended a bunch of ants.”

“If they come to find you, ask them to look for me.”

“However…” Han Xinyue wanted to say something but Yan Huang had already paid for his goods and left.

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