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Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 7 - Zenith Novels

Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 7

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editors: Fire, Wise

Chapter 7: Old Master Mo

Yan Huang got a shock himself.

Then, he immediately remembered that he was just a foundation building state teenager. He was not the powerful and famous leader of the human race, Emperor Yan Huang, anymore.

However, since he had spoken, it was impossible to recall his words. I mean what I say. I will not take back my words!

The atmosphere turned a little awkward. Yan Huang looked at the woman with a stoned expression. The woman was shocked by Yan Huang’s ‘impressive’ speech.

She had been selling buns for more than 20 years and this was the first time she heard such a straightforward and confident reason for not paying the bill!

“Handsome young man, I don’t know what your status is but you need to pay after you buy something.” The woman had many experiences interacting with people, so she regained her senses quickly and smiled apologetically.

“You know that my little stall doesn’t earn much. I only earn a few cents from each bun. You are a wealthy person. Please pay the bill and don’t bully normal citizens like us.” The woman was pleading towards the end of her sentence.

Bully? Yan Huang raised his eyebrows as he looked at the woman in front of her. He then turned at scanned the people that gathered around him.

Will I bully a mortal? I am Emperor Yan Huang! You are the one that is humiliating me.

Because of Old Master Mo, Yan Huang had garnered a lot of attention. Now, he had a conflict with the woman from a stall, so everyone in the garden had come over.

“Why is he bullying a person who sells buns?” “Whose child is this? What is with his upbringing?”


Old Master Mo, Little Wu, and Little Luo saw this scene and felt weird. A teenager who reached foundation building state was actually trying to eat two meat buns without paying? This was so embarrassing!

“Hmph!” When he heard the conversations going on among the crowd, Yan Huang strode into the stall and stood at the counter of the bun stall. He glanced at the little boy who was still coughing and wrote something on a piece of paper on the counter.

The woman looked in disbelief at Yang Huang. She didn’t know what this young man was trying to do again. Is he planning to draw a $10 bill for her?

She was puzzled. If he could stay in this Nine Dragon Mountain garden, why couldn’t he pay for his bun? Was it like what television dramas always show? Wealthy people had too much money, so they felt an emptiness in their hearts, causing them to become weird people.

“Has your son been coughing for more than three months?” Just as the woman was letting her imagination go wild, she heard the teenager speaking to her.

She gasped in surprise. “Yes… how did you know?”

“His hands and feet will turn cold at 3 am every day and his heartbeat will be irregular, right?”

The woman covered her mouth in astonishment. She opened her eyes wide as she replied, “Yes… his hands will turn into ice every day at 3 am.”

“Follow this Dan prescription and let him drink it with three bowls of water. It must be consumed twice every day and he will fully recover in a few days. If he continues to eat this, his body would grow stronger too. Take it as my payment for the buns. There is no need to thank me.”

Yan Huang wrote a few more words on the paper before throwing the pen down. Under everyone’s gaze, he blatantly left the garden.

Everyone burst into an uproar. The people that lived here were the most powerful and wealthiest people in Jiangnan city. They knew about cultivation, so when they heard that what he wrote was a Dan prescription, they couldn’t contain themselves.

“It is a Dan prescription?!”

“Can it strengthen the body?!”

Old Master Mo’s eyes lit up instantly. He looked at the commotion in the crowd and coughed quickly. Little Luo understood his intention and rushed out. He stopped in front of the woman who was holding the Dan prescription in a daze.

“Ah, hello!” The woman saw the man in front of her and immediately replied respectfully. She had been working here for over ten years, so she recognized the man. She knew that he was a bodyguard of someone important.

“Lady boss, I will pay for his bill. You don’t have to give me any change.” Little Luo took out an rmb100 bill and stuffed it in the woman’s hand.

“Thank you, thank you!” The woman was elated and she quickly thanked him.

“Lady boss, can you give me the paper he wrote?” Little Luo smiled as he took a corner of the paper Yan Huang wrote on. His tone was a little firmed.

“Ah!” The woman instantly let go of the paper. “Sure.”

In her mind, an rmb100 bill was worth more than a piece of paper.

On the other side, Yan Huang, who had reached the foundation building state, heard the conversation. He couldn’t help but sneer and shook his head.

“Mortals are mortals. They can’t recognize a priceless prescription.”

The moment he saw the young boy, he knew that his body was weak by nature. His meridians were infected with cold energy and that was what caused his illness.

The Dan prescription he gave the woman was a simpler version of the ‘Strengthening Dan’. This Dan could strengthen one’s body and cleanse their body of toxins. After changing it, its effects were milder, so a normal human could eat it too.

Yan Huang believed that if the little boy ate the Dan for three to five months, he would be able to reach the Qi cultivation state, gaining eye enlightenment would not be an issue for him.

However, the woman sold the Dan prescription for rmb100!

“Mister! Mister!” Old Master Mo glanced at the Dan prescription that Yan Huang wrote and immediately chased after him. He was elated and shocked.

Old Master Mo had been cultivating for many years. He was obsessed with it. He remembered all the cultivation techniques that the country passed down to them. He also remembered those simple methods that were shared among the people. As for the different Dan prescriptions, he had memorized all of them.

Hence, when he saw the Dan prescription that Yan Huang wrote, he was dumbfounded. He knew that Yan Huang had reached the foundation building state so this Dan prescription must be true!

“Yes, what is the matter?” Yan Huang looked at the other party and replied nonchalantly. To him, it didn’t matter who got the prescription. These people were all unimportant to him.

“Mister!” Old Master Mo panted heavily. His face was red and his voice was shaking. “My name is Mo Chongshan. I would like to get to know you. It is my honour to meet you here today.” Old Master Mo even bowed to Yan Huang.

“Grandfather!” Little Wu was shocked. She wanted to hold Mo Chongshan up but Mo Chongshan stopped her.

“Hmm.” Yan Huang stood with his hands behind his back. He was satisfied with Mo Chongshan’s attitude.

“My name is Yan Huang. What do you have to ask me?” Yan Huang said calmly.

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