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Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 8 - Zenith Novels

Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 8

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editors: Fire, Wise

Chapter 8: Who Is Your Master?

When Mo Chongshan had gone to the capital, Dragon city, last year, he had seen a man who had achieved the foundation building state. The man could destroy mountains with a single punch. His strength was beyond human. Hence, he knew that humans who had reached the foundation building state had the right to feel superior.

Mo Chongshan didn’t mind Yan Huang’s arrogant attitude. He felt that this was how a person with great ability should act. The greater the arrogance, the more powerful the person was.

On the other hand, Little Wu was indignant. She was only 17 years old and was undergoing her rebellious stage now. She didn’t think that Yan Huang was impressive just because he achieved the foundation building state. This was a technologically advanced era. No matter how powerful Yan Huang was, he couldn’t be compared to bullets and missiles, right?


“Little Wu, don’t make a fuss. Hurry up and bow to Mister Yan Huang.” Mo Chongshan turned around and shouted at his granddaughter.

“Hmph, I won’t” Little Wu stomped her feet in anger and rolled her eyes at Yan Huang.

“Mister Yan Huang, I am sorry. My granddaughter is a stubborn child. Please be kind and have mercy on her.”

“I never get angry at mortals.” Yan Huang looked straight ahead as he replied.

“You… you… who are you calling a mortal?” Little Wu exploded in anger.

Mo Chongshan felt his head hurt. He hurriedly asked Little Luo to drag Little Wu away. He noticed that Yan Huang didn’t look angry, so he asked carefully, “May I ask who your master is? Where did you learn your cultivation skills from?”

Mo Chongshan looked at Yan Huang in anticipation. Cultivation was an obsession for him. He felt that Yan Huang must be from an ancient cultivation family. If not, how could he achieve such a cultivation level at this age?

If he really came from an ancient family or a secret faction, he, Mo Chongshan, would be the first outsider that interacted with them. The pioneers always got the most benefits.

“Master?” Yan Huang frowned. He asked in a puzzled tone, “Why must I have a master?”

“If you don’t have a master, where did you learn all your skills from?” Mo Chongshan was stunned for a moment before he asked again.

“Cultivation is an easy thing. It is just like eating and drinking. Why do I, Emperor Yan Huang, need to recognize anyone as my master?”

“Ah!” Mo Chongshan froze on the spot. He felt as though he was struck by lightning. No words came from his mouth for a while.

“Then… how did you get your cultivation level?” Mo Chongshan asked in a daze.

“I study it myself.”

“Then… what about the Dan prescription?”

“I made it myself.”

“Ah!” Mo Chongshan was dumbfounded. His whole body was numb and his mind was empty.

“Mister… that is not right.” Mo Chongshan changed his words. “Mister, will you be willing to leave your phone number for me. I will definitely pay you a visit someday!”

Yan Huang looked at Mo Chongshan and replied, “You may.”


“Old Master Mo.” Once Yan Huang left, Little Luo hurried over. He just finished a call. “I have found what you wanted. The name is very special so there are only three people with the name ‘Yan Huang’ in the Jiangnan city. One of them is from Jiangnan First High class 10. They sent us the information. It is him.”

Mo Chongshan took a deep breath. “Okay. Don’t go and disturb him and keep everything that happened today a secret.”

“Yes, Old Master Mo.”

“Let’s go and visit old Jiang to test the Dan prescription. We will plan what to do after we visit him.”



In the early morning, the birds chirped happily and the air was filled with the fragrance of flowers. Sunlight shone on earth and everything looked lively. Yan Huang slowly reached his classroom.

The moment Yan Huang appeared, Liu Cuihua gasped in shock and hid under her table like a mouse who saw a cat. Her face turned pale.

Yan Huang glanced at her from the corner of his eyes before walking indifferently to his seat.

Just as he was preparing to sit down, a big-sized figure rushed towards him, bringing along a gust of wind.

Zhang Ziyun wanted to greet Yan Huang and ask him about his whereabouts the night before. However, before he could do it, he saw Chen Biao charging over at the speed of light.

“Old Huang, dodge!” Zhang Ziyun shouted in shock.

“Wa!” The classmates around Yan Huang screamed too.

Chen Biao was 1.8 meters in height and had a bulky physique. Yan Huang, on the contrary, was a small-sized and lean person. He was a little over 1.7 meters in height, so if Chen Biao managed to pounce on him, Yan Huang would probably get helplessly pinned on the ground.

However, Yan Huang just looked at Chen Biao who was closing in on him without any changes in his expression. His eyes were calm just like the water in a well.

“Old Huang, why are you in a daze? Hurry up and move aside!” Zhang Ziyun shouted furiously. The other students looked at the scene in astonishment as well. Some boys shouted in excitement and cheered for Chen Biao. The girls that were timider closed their eyes. They couldn’t bear to see the cruel scene that was about to happen.

The fight that didn’t start yesterday was going to happen today.

As expected of hot-blooded young boys. To them, fighting was an exhilarating thing. The boys in Class 10 were all anticipating it.

But, the next second, Chen Biao bent his knees and kneeled down in front of Yan Huang when he was just two meters away from him.

“Dang!” The sound was loud.

Chen Biao kneeled down.

He kneeled down to Yan Huang!

Chen Biao actually kneeled to Yan Huang!

The moment he kneeled down, Chen Biao cried and stammered, “Brother Yan, Brother Yan.”

“It is my fault. I am the one who was in the wrong.”

“I am not able to recognize how powerful you are and looked down on you. Please be kind and forgive me. I will never do it again. Sob.”

Chen Biao hugged Yan Huang’s feet and wept uncontrollably.

Chen Biao had seen the entire fight between Yan Huang and Leopard Hua’s men. He had been hiding at the entrance of the alley the whole time. When he had seen what happened he had almost peed in his pants. He had been so afraid he had hurried home and hid there. He had been unable to sleep the entire night.

The next morning, he immediately rushed to Yan Huang the instant he saw him and apologized to him.


Only silence.

The entire Class 10 was in silence. You could hear a pin dropping on the ground.

Everyone’s jaws dropped as they stared at the scene playing out before their eyes.

Yesterday, Chen Biao had still approached Yan Huang fiercely and arrogantly like he was going to destroy him. Why was he kneeling down apologizing to him today!?

Oh my god, what the hell was happening!

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