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Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 9 - Zenith Novels

Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 9

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editors: Fire, Wise

Chapter 9: Teacher, I Am Hugging You

Yan Huang was shocked when a faint yellow faith energy flew over from Chen Biao’s body and landed on his pectoral region.

The faith energy in his body awakened immediately. It rushed and swallowed Chen Biao’s faith energy.

When Yan Huang was fighting Leopard Hua and his gang yesterday, he had seen Chen Biao. However, by the time he finished fighting, Chen Biao was gone.

He didn’t expect Chen Biao to give him a surprise today by voluntarily becoming his believer and giving him his faith energy.

But, he didn’t plan to let him off so easily. Nobodies are supposed to give me their faith energy.

“Kneel down and sing ‘Zheng Fu’,” Yan Huang said calmly.

“Wa!” The whole class was in an uproar. Everyone looked at Yan Huang in surprise. Liu Cuihua stuffed her face into her hands in embarrassment when she heard this sentence.

Chen Biao instantly started singing the song. He saw what happened to Leopard Hua yesterday. He didn’t want to be slapped by Yan Huang, so he decided to sing before he got hurt.

Chen Biao’s out of tune voice echoed throughout the Class 10 classroom. People from the other classes heard the commotion and came over to look at what was happening. They were astounded when they saw this funny scene.

As Chen Biao sang with more sincerity and his voice got louder, more faith energy started flowing out of his body. Yan Huang nodded in satisfaction.

“Call me father and then roll out of my sight,” Yan Huang said indifferently.

“Wa!” This time, not only the students from Class 10 were shocked, but everyone outside the classroom was stunned too. Liu Cuihua covered her head.



Chen Biao shouted without any hesitation. Then, he shrunk into a ball and rolled towards his seat…

Everyone was dumbfounded.


Lan Zhirou wore a tight office lady dress which showed off her curves. When she walked towards her classroom, she realized that there were countless students gathered outside her class. Someone tone deaf was singing something and his voice sounded through the entire corridor. She got a huge scare.

Lan Zhirou immediately thought of something frightening!

Was someone confessing his love in front of so many people?

Lan Zhirou shook in anger. What the hell were her students doing? Are they rebelling?

How could they fall in love at such a young age? They should be studying!

Do they know who their teacher-in-charge was? So angry!

“Move aside. Everyone, go back to your own class!” Lan Zhirou shouted loudly as she squeezed through the crowd and entered her classroom.

She saw a boy kneeling on the floor. He was hugging another boy’s feet while singing the song sincerely. After he finished singing, he called the other boy ‘father’ obediently.

“This…” Lan Zhirou furrowed her brows. She didn’t know what was happening. She muttered, “This… this is not love at a young age. Is this… g*y?”

Chen Biao and Yan Huang were brought to the teachers’ office.

“What are the two of you doing?” Lan Zhirou’s face was cold as she asked them curiously.

Yan Huang looked straight ahead and replied without any expression, “Nothing. I just got myself a son.”

“Yes!” Chen Biao nodded furiously. He agreed with what Yan Huang said. “Teacher, it is all my fault. It has nothing to do with Brother Huang. I forced Brother Huang to be my father.”

Lan Zhirou was stupified.

“You all…” Lan Zhirou didn’t know what to say. “You recognized a son and you recognized a father?”

“Yes. This is the truth.” Chen Biao nodded and replied obediently. He looked at the teacher as though he was praising her and complimenting her cleverness.

“…” Lan Zhirou was speechless.

“Ring…” The bell signaling the start of the lesson rang. Everyone in the office went for their lesson. In an instant, only Lan Zhirou, Yan Huang, and Chen Biao were left.

Lan Zhirou leaned against the air cushion chair. She looked at her students with confused eyes. Her head hurt so much.

“Sigh…” Lan Zhirou let out a deep breath. She looked at the calm Yan Huang and then turned to stare at Chen Biao who was standing improperly and smiling.

It looked like Yan Huang was the mastermind. Lan Zhirou placed her finger on her nose and said weakly, “Chen Biao, you can return to class first.”

“Okay!” Chen Biao immediately agreed. He walked two steps away before turning back and asked, “Teacher, when are you releasing my father?”

“Get out!” Lan Zhirou sprung up from the chair and shouted in anger.


Once Chen Biao left, the office turned quiet again. The clock on the wall was slowly moving its hands.

Lan Zhirou took the glass of water on the table and gulped it down.

Yan Huang glanced at her. He nodded in satisfaction as he said, “This chest is not bad. She has the right to sleep with me.”

“What did you say?” Lan Zhirou asked after she finished her drink.

“Nothing. I just said that you are quite pretty.”

“You… you!” Lan Zhirou felt the anger that just died down flaring up again. Her cheeks turned red in anger.

“Yan Huang, do you know that the university entrance examination is in a hundred days time? Why do you still have the time to be funny?”

“Do you know what kind of person Chen Biao is? He is a delinquent. He has already given up on the university entrance examination. You cannot mix around with this kind of person.”

“I know. I am not going out with him,” Yan Huang said.

“That’s good.” Lan Zhirou nodded her head. She wanted to continue lecturing him but she heard him say, “He is not worthy.”


Lan Zhirou realized that she made a mistake. Lan Zhirou pulled the chair back. She placed her long legs which were wearing black leggings together and crossed her arms under her chest. She rubbed her eyes and looked at Yan Huang curiously.

Lan Zhirou noticed that Yan Huang had changed.

As compared to the quiet and timid Yan Huang who always spoke softly, the Yan Huang standing in front of her appeared arrogant and haughty.

He seemed to be taller and more muscular too.

“You…” Lan Zhirou couldn’t get any words out of her mouth. It was a good thing that Yan Huang changed. He would not be so easily bullied anymore. However, he changed too much. He became more rebellious, more arrogant, and even knew how to talk back to her. This was not a good sign.

The office was silent. Lan Zhirou was wearing a black office lady outfit. She had a black suit on her body with a white lace shirt inside. As she leaned against the chair and straightened her back, her firm and full chest pressed against the white blouse, causing her white blouse to get tighter.

She was also wearing a black short skirt. She had black stockings on her long legs, and they were waving in front of Yan Huang. The legs looked sexy and seductive.

Yan Huang felt his heart pounding. He took a step forward and said, “Teacher, your chair is breaking.”

“Huh?” Lan Zhirou was deep in thought so she couldn’t react in time. “What is breaking?”

As she asked her question, Yan Huang flicked his right index finger and vital spirit flowed out of his finger. “Pa!” The vital spirit hit one of the legs of Lan Zhirou’s chair.

Lan Zhirou’s chair broke…

Lan Zhirou screamed as she started falling due to the balance loss. However, the next moment, she was in the arms of a gentle, strong, and manly man.

“Teacher, don’t worry. I got you.” Yan Huang reached out and gave Lan Zhirou a princess hug.

Lan Zhirou blushed. This was the first time she had such intimate interaction with a man. She could feel the masculine aura coming from the man. She felt shy.

“Yan Huang, you, your… your hand… ahh!” Lan Zhirou suddenly screamed in embarrassment and anger.

Yan Huang’s hand was on her butt!

“I’m sorry. I didn’t notice it as it was an emergency.” Yan Huang smiled awkwardly. He placed Lan Zhirou down gently.

“As expected of a servant girl that can sleep with me. The feeling is not bad.” Yan Huang complimented her in his heart.

Yes, he did it on purpose.

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Dude keeps getting too full of himself and forgets he is only at foundation building… He needs a wake up call

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